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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Mystyqee
Owner: mistyqee
Breed: Aisha

About Mystyqee:
"Pet Spotlight entrant number 442, sit down, please."

A pale pink Aisha obediently sat up from the vast queue of pets and stood behind the desk of the spotlight judge, watching him. The judge, a green Xweetok, looked up from his assessment papers. "Please, Ma'am, take a seat."

The Aisha frowned slightly. "You're not going to stand up in the presence of a lady before she is seated?"

The Xweetok tilted his head slightly and raised an eyebrow, pondering whether the Aisha was perhaps joking. His expression answered the Aisha's question, so she sat down by herself. The Xweetok buried his head in the paperwork once again and returned to his usual dull, monotone voice.

"Name?" he asked.

The Aisha shuffled uncomfortably. "Mystyqee," she said. "Though you may perhaps call me Lady My, or perhaps Miss, if that is your preference."

The Xweetok hastily scribbled down half the sentence, and then paused for a moment, forgetting the rest, and moved on, shaking his head. "Species?" he asked.

The Aisha was getting impatient. "Aisha. Though I am not of nobility, I can assure you that I pertain all the mannerisms one would expect fro-"

"Aisha. Got it," the Xweetok said, moving on to the next question. "Hobbies," he stated, not really asking with proper tone for a question, but in a fashion that demanded it.

Mystyqee stood up, frustrated. "Young sir," she said, frowning, "you may be accustomed to treating such other common pets in this manner, but you possess no knowledge of behavioral skills in the presence of a lady!

"I have educated myself and elevated my social status so I would not have to endure such torture as how you have just treated me. If you had been taught any way to treat others with respect, clearly you do not show it!"

At this point, a White Kougra, who had been sitting at the front of the line of pets, sat up and walked calmly over to the desk. Smartly dressed, he bowed to the Aisha, and turned to the Xweetok himself, who by now was a tad flustered, trying to figure out what exactly Mystyqee had said, and whether he should be insulted.

"Young man," the Kougra said, nodding to the Xweetok. "I believe I might be able to handle this situation a tad better than you may. If you should like to take a short recess, and return in perhaps five minutes, then I believe I shall happily deal with this young lady."

Both Mystyqee and the Xweetok looked at him in amazement. The Xweetok then snapped out of it, and shoved his assessment papers into the Kougra's paws. "She's all yours, buddy!" he exclaimed, hurrying out the door. The Kougra sat down behind the desk and read the sheet briefly.

"I do apologize for that minor mishap," he said. "Miss Mystyqee, now that we have things sorted, I would like to know what a lady such as you does in her spare time. By your diction, one would think perhaps you indulge in reading?"

Mystyqee smiled in delight. "Why yes!" she said, happily. "I pride myself in my intelligence, which is currently 'Ultimate Genius (398)'. I find history most fascinating of all, and though I have read many books on the subject already, the fact is that there are simply so many books out there on the subject, that one simply could not read all of them in the one lifetime!"

The Kougra nodded, writing notes down on the assessment page. "Tell me," he said, "if of course, you don't find it too forward, about your family."

Mystyqee sighed. "Unfortunately I have one sibling, a sister. A twin sister, actually. Though we look nothing alike. Our paths have led us to different places. While I chose the refined life of an aristocrat, she chose the life of a pirate, disregarding all respects to practical society and manners, pillaging, stealing, and all that nonsense."

She looked away, frowning, with sad eyes. "I do worry about her, of course. I haven't seen her in many years... I suppose it would be nice to know she is safe."

The Kougra noticed this was making her uncomfortable, and moved on. "Perhaps we may also discuss your accommodation, then, Lady My?"

The Aisha looked up, no longer lost in her thoughts. "Oh, of course," she said. "Well, I live in a stately manor, on a hilltop on the border of Neopia Central. It's quite divine, with lavish gardens and rose beds, complete with Ivy growing up the outdoor walls.. and the view of the sunset in the summer afternoon is really quite lovely, too.

"I have been given rooms for my library, as well as a small plant laboratory. I've been reading the books Growing Exotic Plants and Basic Potion Brewing, so I thought I might perhaps dabble in some potionry, with some home grown herbs and plants. I always enjoy having company over for tea in the outdoor dining area overlooking the garden."

She frowned again. "Unfortunately, at the moment I find myself sharing my house with a small Aisha by the name of Tangeriiine. Though she is certainly well behaved for a child of her age, she is still rather curious and outgoing. Always intrigued about my dress collection," she said. "I think she just needs reminding of whose house she is in, and that she should respect her host a little more so."

The Kougra paused from his writing. "And whose house might it be?"

The Aisha stopped. "Well... I suppose it may not be my house either, but in my defense I had already established myself and been the sole occupant for quite some time before she even arrived!"

The white Kougra finished writing on the page, arranged the papers neatly, and left them on a pile on the desk. "I think we have enough written here," he said calmly. He stood up from his chair, and watched as Mystyqee also stood. He took her hand, but did not shake it up and down. "Thank you, Lady Mystyqee, for your time. I will ensure your answers will be directed to the proper people, and they shall send a letter of response in due time. Please, have a pleasant evening."

The Aisha smiled, and curtseyed. "Thankyou for your hospitality, good sir, and I wish the same onto you!" she said, walking past the line of pets and exiting through the door. The green Xweetok returned, and resumed his slumped position in the chair. He turned to the White Kougra.

"Thanks for dealing with her. I owe you one!" he said. "Sometimes the attitudes on the pets we get here are unbearable!"

The Kougra smirked. "Right nutters they are. Delusions of grandeur. Think they're better than ev'ryone." He snorted and looked back to the line of waiting pets, glancing at where his position in the line once was. There were still about ten pets in front of him in the queue.

He turned back to the Xweetok, and eagerly pounded his hands on the desk. "Right!" he said. "Am I next?"

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