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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Aoxi
Owner: eevetta
Breed: Ixi

About Aoxi:
Believer checked over her video cam to see if everything was in place. Giving her pet the 'green lights', her Ixi wagged her short tail and took deep breaths. She smiled at the camera and began her speech.
Hello everyone (waves), and thanks for taking the time to get to know me. My name's Aoxi, and I'm a Faerie Ixi.

('LOL RHYME!' her brother Gelert, Luhmo said to the camera. Annoyed, Aoxi threw a bone at the offender. Said offender was soon happily munching on his new chew toy. Believer sighed. Aoxi turned back to the camera.)

I'm sorry about that, folks. Anyways, I'm Believer's first neopet, so that makes me the eldest of all 16 of her pets. *whispers* And not to gloat or anything, but I'm also her favorite. (Believer gives her a sharp look and Aoxi nervously gives a laugh.) *regular voice* Um, well, I do wonder how she manages to take care of all of us, considering our different personalities. Some of us are more demanding than others--

(sneezes come from the background)

-- but Believer's managed to always make them feel satisfied with what they have - I'm telling no names now. Now more about myself. Since I'm the eldest, I'm given the most responsibility, and no, I'm not talking about our monthly house bills -thank goodness. The others can be a handful, and despite Believer's ability to appease my other siblings, it can be a bit stressful for our loving owner. So it's my job to make sure everyone stays in line and doesn't cause trouble that can give our owner an early panic attack.

(Her owner sighed and mumbles a 'so true' under her breath.)

I admit, I'm a mother hen, to a fault. Even to Believer.

(Believer nods at this, as well as two of her younger siblings that pass by.)

Seriously, I sometimes think that I would be the one to have the early panic attack rather than my owner. Compared to the stress of her worrying about our budget, and her indecisiveness on what color to paint us pets and our petpets, her days are like swapping at a little Flightning Bug.

I get carried away with my fussing, even if an injury was a simple scratch. My siblings get really annoyed about this, but they do appreciate me caring for them. But seriously, Believer's daily routines are NOTHING compared to my days. Here, I even made a list of the everyday scenarios with my siblings. Mind you this isn't in any particular order.
* Brush Dandy's mane and tail (making sure not even a single strand of hair is out of place, lest you face her wrath)

* Tend to Luhmo's wounds since he's accident prone (remember to always keep a first aid handy on you)

* Help Rakkuen with his berry hunting (making certain that he was actually paying ATTENTION to what he's doing. I didn't want to end up doing all the work)

* Go ice-skating with Zafa in Terror Mountain's Happy Valley (even sitting on our very soft sofa hurt after that)

* Pick flowers with baby Kazuuhi so she doesn't end up crying for not having a neopet playmate (she has a mighty pair of lungs when she wants to use them)

* Aid Sora with her courgette field (older sibling or not, she'll claw you if you end up ruining even a single courgette--- oh the PAIN!)

* Chase after a dirty Sunkken who refuses to take a bath (I know Armin dies in the game when he's in water, but c'mon, it's only a bathtub!)

* Relax with Aivrina on puffy clouds (the most relaxing time of the whole day; at least Believer doesn't throw a fit when I'm only on one spot)

* Sing duets with Holiptune and his Carmariller (well, I have no complaints about using my voice, but do we have to sit on lilypads while we sing?)

* Get Kiirous some ice cream, he loves it (we never have coupons for Mr. Chipper, so he had to make do with the ones being sold in Neopia Central since complaining wouldn't do anything)

* Join Lassona in a friendly game of Archery (she's a bit of a poor sport so if she loses, better run like the wind unless you want a temper tantruming Flotsam aiming arrows at you)

* Play tag with Bakkufan up in the clouds (Believer always faints when she sees us up there hoping over large gaps; at least it's better than a panic attack)

* Take photos of Chistana in different outfits ('one of these days I'll win the beauty contest', or so she says; she has determination, I can give her that)

* Go shop with Jirehli for more dark clothing and trinkets (I really really hope she never meets a dark Faerie; she admires them for their sense of style)

* Bake/buy goodies for Kimounno so her sweet tooth can be sated for the day (it has to be fresh and not a day old; her stomach's very sensitive)
Well, isn't this a tiring day to have? And to think I have to do all these things nearly every day of the week.

Even missing one event can lead to a disaster, like that time Luhmo got stuck under a tree root when I decided to read a book instead, or when I didn't manage to catch Sunkken in time and he accidently dirtied one of Chistana's clothes left on the floor (poor thing, he had a hoof black eye for a week), or when Kiirous got sick eating a Blueberry Fish Pop he bought from an Ice Cream vendor in Neopia Central because I was taking a nap that afternoon and he had yet to know about gross food popsicles, or that time when Kimounno threw up her dinner when she was given day old cookies from the cookie jar. Oh, and there was this one incident with Believer and my brown crayon...
"Whoops, I'm sorry, Aoxi, but it seems I've ran out of battery," her owner called out. Funny, she sounded nervous. Wait a minute, WHAT!?

"What do you mean it's out? It was just full this morning; I made sure of that!"

"Exactly as I said, it's all out. Well anyways, I'll go and send this now." And with that, Believer zipped down the hallway and into her room, ignoring the curious glances of some of her pets.

Aoxi blinked. Then frowned.

Believer did that on purpose! She gave an angry stomp and went after her owner. Oh well, so much for finishing her speech for the Pet Spotlight.

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