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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Sherlock_____Holmes
Owner: eevee1234_2
Breed: Lupe

About Sherlock_____Holmes:
Well, this is me. Sherlock_____Holmes, Private Investigator. I still remember how it started...

It was my first birthday, and my owner bought a detective kit just for me. Since it was a mystery theme, I had to put on a mask.

Anyway, my brothers and sister thought of some fun case for me to solve. They scattered a few clues around our house and had to let me find my missing gifts.

"Sherlock! Your gifts, they're missing!" Rouge shouted. I ran to the living room and saw that all my brightly wrapped gifts were missing.

"Alwight, who took them?" I demanded.

"Not I." said Rouge.

"Not I." said Roc.

"Not I." said Damien.

"Fine! I'll find them mysef!" I groaned loudly as I walked to the table in the center of the living room. I took my detective kit and took out my magnifying glass, some powder, and some tape.

Following what I read in the Lupe Mysteries book, I threw powder all over the table and sure enough, I found some fingerprints. I snapped off a bit of the tape and stuck it on the table. Using my gloves, I pulled the tape and kept it inside the evidence bag.

"Your paws, pwease." I said to my siblings. They held out their hands and allowed me to observe them.

Much to my dismay, the fingerprints didn't match the sample. "Fine, the twee of you awen't in the wist." I said to them as I left the room.

I pretended to walk away, but I just hid behind a plant. While I tried to listen to them, something shiny caught my eye.

I looked at the plant and saw a necklace hanging on one of the branches. I took a closer look at it and saw that it was golden and had a paw print on it.

The paw print was large, that belonging to an adult lupe. Other than Roc, Lee has this kind of print, but he wasn't at the house. He was in the backyard.

The backyard! Of course! That was where the party was being held. I took the necklace, placed it inside one of the other evidence bags and walked out of the house.

"Happy Birthday Sherlock!" the guests shouted.
I wasn't in the mood to play around. I have to find those presents.

"Will all the adult wupes step foward?" I asked the crowd. Lee, Kero, and Lockon stepped forward and held out their paws- as if they also planned it along with my other siblings.

"Never mind. May I know who owns this neckwace? It isn't nowmal for a necklace that nobody owns to end up inside my house. Espescially if everybody is outside from the beginning." I said, holding up the necklace. A red xweetok, who I easily identified as Ophelia, stepped forward.

"Aha! You took my pwesents!" I shouted.

"Nope. I carried them out here and left them at the treehouse, just as I was told by a child." she said softly.

"Who told you to?!" I demanded. I felt a yellow bori paw and a blue lupe paw on both of my shoulders. I turned and came face to face with a young bori and an elderly lupe.

"You shouldn't talk to a lady like that." they both told me.

"Hmph." I turned to Ophelia and said, "Sorry, Ms. Ophelia." My cheeks turned red hot as I left.

I sat down behind my treehouse and thought deeply.

A necklace that belonged to somebody who helped with the theft of my presents, and the suspicous innocence of my older siblings.Something was up.

If I find out the mastermind, I might find my presents.

Mastermind? There are only two persons that I know who are that good in masterminding schemes. I jumped up from my seat, ran down to the living room, entered the cabinet inside, stumbled down the stairs and found myself in the basement...

And my presents. "Charlie, Eevee, you could come out now." I shouted. No reply. I continued walking down the basement when I found everybody.

"Surprise!" they shouted.

Charlie and Eevee walked out of their hiding spots and patted me at the head.

"That's my brother. I knew you could solve it." Charlie said.

"That's my Lupe. Now guess how did the guests go from up there to down-" Eevee began.

"Elementary, my dear owner. Charlie is a genius in science and therefore could make holographic representations of the guests- actually to the point of making me confuse them with clones." I said. "And..."

"Yes?" the guests leaned forward expectantly.

"This is the best detective birthday party ever!"

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