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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Eylora
Owner: ginger23456
Breed: Cybunny

About Eylora:
“Do you think people would be interested in a boring baby like me, though?” Eylora asked me, rather gloomily, when I suggested she write for the Pet Spotlight.

“Of course!” I chimed. “Baby Neopets aren’t as boring as you think. Especially Baby Cybunnies”, I added.

“Yay-eee” she chirped. “I’ve got loads of stories to tell about my cool adventures and they’re all really exciting, so I’ll write about them all!”

I interrupted her for a second and suggested that she find the nicest story and to write about that. She disagreed at first but, after a warm glass of milk and a cookie, she finally agreed with me and had already started to jot down her story on a piece of paper. Here is the finished result. Eylora and I all hope that you enjoy this story as much as Eylora enjoyed writing it.

It was a warm June day and I was picking flowers for my owner, Ginger. There were lots of different varieties and colours and it was such a delight to my eyes. I picked a few blue ones that glistened in the sun, a few yellow ones and, to finish off I plucked two bright purple ones from the ground and tied the stems together with grass to make a bouquet. I was sure that Ginger would love it and I felt really proud of myself.

I could smell cookies being baked from somewhere. The smell must have been carried by the wind and it smelled lovely. I loved cookies and I knew that Ginger loved them too, so I thought I’d bake her some. She was out all day but would be back home in the evening. This was great news for me because it meant I had time to prepare. I hopped home quickly but then something occurred to me when I reached the front door. I didn’t know how to bake cookies!

I started to panic and I dropped the bouquet of flowers. A hoof scooped them up from the floor and it belonged to my sister, Alizabella. She said it was lucky that they hadn’t been damaged and I was really thankful. I asked her if she knew how to bake cookies and she said that she did and that she would help me make them.

I placed the flowers into a vase full of water to keep them fresh and placed them on the kitchen table. They looked really pretty still and I was very glad about it. I would have been really upset if they hadn’t have been. Me and my sister sat down at the table and she placed a cook book on there and opened the pages. I looked at the pages and felt really hungry because all of the recipes looked delicious. There were different kinds of cakes and breads and there was a lot of sweet food. She opened another page and I saw the most delicious cookies! They had a round shape but they weren’t properly round. They looked a little bit like blobs of paint but cookie coloured. They had chocolate chips on them and they also looked quite fluffy, like I could sink my teeth right into them. I really wanted mine to turn out like that. It would make Ginger very happy.

We read the recipe, the ingredients and the cooking instructions together very carefully so that we made sure that we wouldn’t make any mistakes. When we had finished, my sister got all the ingredients from the cupboard and all of the equipment. We still needed a bowl and so I got my favourite one from the cupboard. It was my favourite because when Ginger made chocolate cakes, she always let me lick the chocolate from the bowl. It was very yummy but that is from a different story. I hopped onto the counter with the bowl in my paws and placed it down. Alizabella smiled at me and told me that I was strong for doing such a thing. I giggled and we then started making them. We mixed all the ingredients together and it felt all gooey in my paws. It was a nice feeling and I just knew that these cookies would turn out good. After we mixed it all up, we scooped out handfuls, flattened them out into cookie shapes and put them onto a baking tray. We also added chocolate chips so that the chocolate would melt into the cookie. Alizabella said they would taste better that way so that’s what we did.

Because I’m a baby and was even younger when this story happened, Alizabella was in charge of baking them because she said she didn’t want me to get burned accidentally. I agreed with her and I sat on the table with my nose twitching at the lovely smell. I looked at the flowers again and they still looked as beautiful as they did before I dropped them.

Half an hour later and the cookies were done! Alizabella put them on the table and I had a look at them. They looked beautiful. They were golden brown in colour and fluffy looking just like in the book! I was very pleased with myself and also to my sister and I thanked her by giving her a massive hug. We left them to cool and decided that we would tidy up the house for Ginger. I didn’t enjoy doing this but to make me determined, I thought of Ginger. I love her very much and wouldn’t want her coming home to a mess.

We were done an hour later and we heard a knock at the door. Candy, my brother, opened the door and Ginger stepped inside. She took one look at the cookies and screamed with joy. It turned out that these were her favourite type of biscuit! She loved the flowers too and gave me a big hug. We all sat round the table and Ginger decided that we could share the cookies and have a nice talk about the day. This is one story I will never forget and I will cherish it forever and ever and ever.

The End.

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