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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Fycious
Owner: toffee_apple12
Breed: Flotsam

About Fycious:
So if your willing to know more about me read on...
I enjoy swimming and tasting exotic foods from mystery island. Im your average neopet at times, I enjoy eating at the pizza shop while staring for hours at the many usuki dolls in the usuki palace. I have begged my owner plenty of times to change her lupe gallery into a usuki one but many times she has said 'NO' with a firm voice, knowing she wouldnt dream of discarding her lupe gallery I arrange special times each week to visit various usuki galleries and shops.

Now heres a story about how I became part of Annies family and how I became a royal flotsam...

Believe it or not a royal like me was found in the pound. Thats right you heard me, I was found in the pound
At the time I was a red xweetok struggling to find friends and a family, I ate cheap meals twice a day with other orphans and played hopscotch in the afternoons
Meanwhile my owner was debating with herself whether she should adopt a third pet or create a third pet. She soon came to the idea of pound surfing for a while, a strange act done by alot of neopians these days in search for another pet

She refreshed over and over and couldn't find a pet to her liking until the nurse showed up and presented her with a few young orphans, one of them happened to be me. It was 11pm NST at the time and I was feeling dizzy and confused being dragged out of bed, half an hour later from the corner of my eyes I could see a girl signing papers and whispering my name to the nurse.
Dazed I fell asleep on the nurses hands and the last thing I remember seeing at the pound were the cold eyes of the meepit clock tick tocking...

The next day I awoke to new surroundings, the first thing i saw was a young lupe peering curiously down at me. He blinked and poked me on the nose giggling with excitement, he hurried away and moments later he came back with a blumaroo just a few years older than him.

I assumed it was just some strange dream and i fell back into a deep sleep while in the background i could hear the lupe still giggling and causing mayhem while his brother i assumed was telling him off

Again i woke up to a new face, this time not so sudden. It was a girl,she looked young and in her hands she was holding a bottle of what i thought was milk,i stared at her not quite knowing what to say or do.Slowly she pushed the bottle into my hands,i started sipping at it and soon couldn't stop myself gulping down the fresh warm milk,i came to realize everything inside these skyblue walls couldn't hurt me unlike the dark purple walls of the pound.

Later Annie (my new owner i had learnt) introduced me around and explained to me that i was to be living here until the day i died.Happily i leaped onto the velvet couch knowing i now had a family to eat with and sleep with.

As the days,weeks and months past i lived happily with my family,going out for walks by the beach,eating at various neopian restaurants and socializing with other pets.One day we were left alone at home and Annie left on 'none of your beeswax' (well thats what she said *shrugs*),later that night i heard her tiptoeing up the stairs with what looked like a giant box.The next day we all woke up nice and early to see the sunrise,after breakfast she took us to the rainbowpool and a flotsam transmogrification Potion and a *gasp* Royal Paint Brush

Stunned,i breathed over the 3 items.Slowly she poured the Transmogrification Potion down my mouth. As it slid down my throat i could feel the vile liquid spreading through my body.I shivered and Annie hugged me,i felt much better near her.As if her warmth and happiness was being transferred to me.I waited anxiously as she held the paint brush near me,i could feel its magic tingling as if i had the pins and needles.

Then came that magical moment,one stroke of her hand and suddenly i looked down at myself and i saw a shimmering coat and above my face i could feel the golden crown perched upon my head.I came to realize..i was now a royal flotsam,not a red xweetok anymore,or a green uni.'A royal flotsam' i whispered to myself.I wandered over to a small pond filled with aquatic petpets and for the first time i saw myself as a glistening, elegant flotsam.

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