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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: lalanthier_neo
Owner: griffenhawk99
Breed: Lupe

About lalanthier_neo:
"Hahaha! What is a mere young lupe like you doing fighting me? Balthazar?" laughed the hulking huge lupe, he stood over me, laughing. He was about to strike me for the last time, but I wouldn't have it! No way! I would be like Jeran, or Tor or like King Altador! I wouldn't give up no matter what, not this time, not ever! Suddenly I felt a bunch of power surging through me, and it was when Balthazar wasn't looking that I took out my Wand of Nova that I struck him down.

His laugh turned into a yell and then a moan... then... silence. The crowd cheered and Levana, my master came running up to me whooping with joy, laughing and celebrating, holding a huge trophy.

Well... thats what I dreamed happened in the battledome anyways, in reality, it was very different.


"Hahaha! Young little lupe can't hit me!" taunted the annoying chia clown! I was so weak, I could only barely defeat him. I fought him so many times already and yet sometimes I lost! LOST! That thought made me mad and I began firing my 'Ultra Bubble-Beam' like crazy, spraying it everywhere with my shield up. I healed myself occasionally.

"Can't hit me! Can't hit me!" I heard the infamous clown say, as he bounced around the arena laughing. I growled angrily, trying to calm myself when I heard someone yell.

"BEHIND YOU!" and before I knew it, i felt a huge spray of water on my back and then I was flung upwards and crashed onto the ground, winded and dazed. Now I knew what it felt like to have the living daylights knocked right outta me. I groaned, the crowd cheered and boo'd... I heard a few giggles and laughs here and there and it made me even more mad. Mad at myself and at the crowd and at everyone.

"Don't give up Lanth!" I heard Levana say at the sidelines, my angry thoughts made me wish she would just be quiet and stop treating my like a little baby, but deep down I felt terrible. In my anger I had totally forgotten about why she had brought me to the battledome, because I asked her to, because I wanted to have fun. I glanced up at the Chia Clown who was still giggling and thought about what to do.

"Do you give up?" I heard a voice whisper beside my ear, the judge for the battle, a old Kyrii stood just in the shadows so no one could see. I shook my head as I sat up.

"Not yet..." I mumbled, gripping my Lightning Gun and Ultra Bubble Beam, and making sure my shield was safely secured onto my arm, i stood up. There was no way I could lose to this darn clown!

"Oh, so I see the little lupe got up!" he cackled, I ignored his taunts.

"You're not gonna get up the next time I hit you!" I growled at him, grinning. I could feel the excitement finally pumping through my veins. The instincts of a wild lupe soon took over and I wasn't just Lalanthier_neo the lupe, I was a wild fighter of the battledome. The next few moments happened fast. I remember getting thrown through the air, and then charging at the annoying yellow clown and then roaring and then a loud 'Oomph' and then cheering.

I felt bewildered as the Kyrii handed me a little trophy which read, "For Strong Will and for Never Giving UP". I looked at the Kyrii and then at Levana who smiled at me from the sidelines, waving at me and giving me one of her cheesy thumbs-up signs. I smiled back and held up the trophy.

That night as I lay in bed, I dreamed about the battledome. I heard the roaring crowd, and I looked down as Balthazar and the snowager all the other fierce battledome opponents lay down before my feet, unconscious. I dreamed that I was given a huge trophy because I had defeated everyone, and I knew that someday, I would make that hopeless dream, come true.

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