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Pet Name: Bandingo322124
Owner: housers4
Breed: Mynci

About Bandingo322124:
Fishing (mis)Adventures

One beautiful morning on Mystery Island, the sun was shining bright in the sky with a few clouds lingering from the storm the night before. The air was fresh and clean and you could still smell the rain that had fallen over all the island. Bandingo woke up with a smile on his face and thought to himself 'I think I'll go fishing today'. Bandingo enjoyed fishing more then anything else ... well almost anything else. He did enjoy a good wild party when the opportunity arose, he was afterall an Island Mynci, and they were known for being wild, around Neopia. Bandingo hurried over to Neela's bed in the corner. Neela is Bandingo's best friend, his petpet, an island snorkel. Now Neela wasn't the most intellegent, but she was very loyal and had a way of always making Bandingo laugh. She was mostly white with a few yellow markings on her front and back ends. She had the most adorable little white spots on her cheeks - which puffed out like she always had a mouth full of popcorn. And of course, Bandingo couldn't help but smile whenever he looked at Neela and saw the lei of flowers around her head crooked and slightly crumpled. His bed, as usual, was a mess. Neela had tossed and turned all night long trying to get comfortable. She much preferred to sleep at the foot of Bandingo's bed, but that just wasn't possible these days. Neela was just getting too big. Her round little snorkel body was taking up more then just the foot of the bed. When Bandingo found Neela burried under the covers, he quickly shook her awake. "Come on Neela wake up! I want to go fishing today!" Bandingo practically screamed at her. Neela, stretched and yawned, and said in a sleepy voice "But ... um ... Bandingo, you never catch anything good!" Bandingo wasn't about to be put off by the harsh facts of his underwater fishing trips from the past, he wanted to go and nothing would stop him. "Well why don't you come with me?" he suggested. "Maybe you'll bring me some good luck today!" Neela considered this for a moment, while she stretched and yawned, before answering, "I don't know about bringing you luck, but I would like to take a swim today." Bandingo giggled at the swimming comment and began to pack up his fishing gear. He had a brand new fancy fishing pole he had gotten for Christmas that he hadn't used yet. He also grabbed his lucky fishing hat, his basic fishing set and some special bait - gummi worms! Neela wandered over to the dresser and immediately reached in to grab her tropical swim suit and sea shell print beach towel. They were her favorite items and she always kept them in the same spot in her dresser so she could easily find them. "Are you ready to go, Bandingo?" Neela asked, starting to get excited about a day of swimming at the underwater fishing cavern. "Yep I'm all set Neela, let's go fishing ... oh and uh swimming too!" Bandingo added with an eye roll. He never even tried to pretend to understand Neela's addiction to swimming at the cavern. To Bandingo's thinking, there was just so much else to do there. He just assumed it was a snorkel thing - sort of like a pig who liked to wallow in the mud - and left her to enjoy it. After a long walk down to the caverns, Bandingo and Neela found a nice comfortable spot to settle into. The caverns were beautiful this day. The water was calm and crystal clear. It lit up the walls with small twinkles where ever the sunlight streamed in. The air was cool and relaxing and the caverns even had a certain smell to them. A smell of something special in the air. It was a perfect day to be in the caverns for both Bandingo and Neela. Bandingo cast his line into the water as Neela jumped in with a huge *splash*! Soon Bandingo felt a tug on his line. "This is it, I just know it, Neela!" he yelled. Neela turned to watch what was reeled in ... an old soggy boot! "Another boot, huh, Bandingo? Guess it just isn't your day, my friend." Neela said, trying to hide her laughter. "I'm not giving up yet, you just watch and see what I can catch today!" Bandingo replied. Neela just giggled as she went back to swimming in the cool calm water. After awhile it was time for lunch. Bandingo dug out his favorite treat, a slice of banana and kiwi pizza! 'mmm this is good' he thought to himself. He dug a little further in the basket and pulled out two cherry neocola's, one for him and one for Neela of course. He tossed Neela her food, a meaty pastry, as they settled in to enjoy a quiet lunch. "So what exactly do you think you'll catch today, Bandingo?" Neela asked, again trying to hide her giggles. "I'm not real sure to tell you the truth." Bandingo answered, "But I'll know it when I reel it in." After lunch, and an unplanned snooze in the cool breeze of the caverns, Bandingo woke to a hard tug on his fishing line. "Hmm? What?" he thought in his half asleep mind. "Oh my line! My line!" he yelled out. Soon Bandingo was reeling in hard, pulling and fighting back against the line that seemed to desperately be trying to get away from him. "Neela .... Neela ... look! I have caught something big! Come help me reel it in! Neela! Neela!" Bandingo yelled, echoing against the cavern walls. Bandingo looked around for his friend, quickly, as he still struggled with the line. 'Where is that snorkel when you need her?' he thought to himself. "Probably off swimming again." he said aloud with a huff. Neela was nowhere to be seen. Neela had indeed gone swimming again. She had slipped in at the other end of the caverns so as not to wake Bandingo from his nap. But something very unexpected had happened as she was floating along in the peaceful waters. Neela had become tangled in something and it wouldn't let her go. She had dove under the water to try and get herself loose, but the harder she pulled, the harder whatever it was seemed to pull back against her too. Neither Bandingo or Neela realized what had happened. Neela had become tangled in the fishing line and Bandingo had caught her!! Soon Neela was being pulled to the surface of the water and as soon as Bandingo saw her he began to laugh. "But, Neela," Bandingo said thru his tears of laughter, "I wanted to catch a FISH!" Neela also began to laugh as she spun herself around in circles on the fighing hook, "But Bandingo, look, you DID catch a fish!" And just then Bandingo caught a good look at the snorkel's curly little tail. Attached was a lesser spotted fish, wiggling along with all the commotion. Bandingo untied Neela from the line and as they walked home in the sunset they both giggled about what the day had brought to them. Fun, friendship, laughter and an unbelievable fish tale to tell all of their family in Neopia. **The End**

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