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Pet Name: Scorchy_989
Owner: brad_333
Breed: Scorchio

About Scorchy_989:
Hello my name is Scorchy. You might know my three brothers Brucey, Sharkyz and Blueymarooie who were painted far earlier than I. Brucey was painted first which was a good time to do so as the Christmas paint brush were only 30,000NP. Recently I won a gold paintbrush from the fruit machine which I sold for a hefty amount of NP.

A couple of years of success later success allowed me to purchase an electric and a Rainbow paintbrush for 510,000NP. And now very recently I was painted with a grand fire paintbrush but how did I afford this you might ask? No I it wasn’t by immense luck no, no, no it’s not as if I just found it on the ground. Instead I worked day and night for this moment. I played games that pay well and are simple to play. (YAWNS). Well I dearly hope you enjoy reading my success story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Well it was a great day in Neopia Central, hundreds of pets were dashing through the street with their owners but Scorchy was running into shop after shop alone, neopoints jingling in his pockets. Item after item he would purchase in the shops spending thousands of neopoints, Toys, collectible cards, books, food. Grabbing a huge plate of food while outside his three brothers were holding a toy of their choice and walking towards the shop. After gulping down his last sandwich Scorchy licked his fingers and then his owner and his three brothers came through the door.
“Time to come home Scorchy” said Brad.
“So how many neopoints do you have left?” Scorchy went pale and reached into his pocket, and pulled out just a few neopoints.
“How could you have spent that much money, you’re not getting any more loans for the rest of the week Mister.”
Scorchy looked at his brothers, Brucey was holding a huge book, Sharkeyz was cuddling a blue kacheek plushy and Bluey was eagerly tearing open a booster pack.
“Well how come you gave my brothers a lot of money then?”
They earnt it by themselves, they were playing games while you were out spending money.
“Sorry, Brad, well let’s go home shall we?” Scorchy apologised.
On the way home Scorchy led the pack, he wanted to get home straight away before anyone else and flop back on his bed. Out of nowhere came a red glow. And “Flash” out came the fire faerie.
“You have a new quest” it boomed. “You need to bring me a flotsam sweater.”
“Ooh can I buy one?” Scorchy begged.
“No, remember Brad said you’re not getting any more loans” said Blueymarooie
Scorchy had no choice but to cancel the quest.
When all of them had arrived home Scorchy jumped right into his bed and picked up his favourite toy. Later that day Scorchy turned on his t.v. and his favourite show “The adventures of Jake Explorer” was on. Brucey walked past his room “Scorchy, where did you get that t.v.?”
“Ah Brad bought it for me.”
“Tsk, tsk, tsk” Brucey mumbled
As soon as Scorchy’s t.v. program ended it was time for dinner. At the dinner table Brucey looked down at his plate, a big bowl of soup was put before him. Brucey began to whisper to Sharkyz and Bluey and they soon began looking down at their plates, sad and depressed. After dinner it was a boring time until it was night.

Scorchy was tight under his warm blankets when the door slowly creaked open and standing there in a small amount of light and standing there were his three brothers Brucey, Blueymarooie and Sharkyz.
“Excuse me ‘bro but we’re afraid of something. It seems that you’re turning into a slacker depending on Brad’s hard work for everything.”
“That’s not right, I’m not a slacker I work hard all the time.”
“When was the last time you tried to earn some neopoints?”
“That’s simple, when I ah, eh, ah, get out of my room” shouted Scorchy angrily.
The three of them left the room, Scorchy turned of the light and eventually went to sleep.
He had a very strange dream that night, a dream that would change his life for ever.

He dreamed that they were sleeping on the cold hard streets. Bluey was a regular blumaroo, sharkyz was now back to the colour red and brucey was back to blue. Tears were coming from all their eyes.
“I wish I was painted rainbow” Bluey wailed.
Soon after Brad came around looking miserable.
“How much money do you have?” Sharkyz cried.
Brad uncurled his hand showing just a few neopoints.
Everyone burst into more tears. He noticed they were so poor that they needed to scrape off the paint and sell it just to buy food. Scorchy awoke from his sleep in a flash and he himself had tears in his eyes.

He stared up at the ceiling the dream continually flashing in his mind. He turned on his night light. He made his way to the cupboard he opened it and out slid a thin piece of paper. This was a list of all his high scores.

Scorchy stared with fright and astonishment to see how terrible he was. He scrunched up the paper and threw it across the room. He now decided he would not rely on Brad anymore. Silently Scorchy tiptoed to his wardrobe, picking up a jumper and a pair of pants. Stealthily Scorchy sneaked through the rooms. Finally arriving at the door Scorchy unlocked the door and squeaked the door open. He closed the door gently and sprinted out into Neopia central with only small light to guide him.

Trying to be really careful not to be found Scorchy was hoping that he wasn’t found missing at home or he’d be in deep trouble. Shortly after leaving the home he found gaming central. Entering the huge building Scorchy found a vast amount of computers with a disc tray with every game in Neopia. Scorchy sat at a computer and slid a disc into the slot. Game after game he would play disc after disc he would insert. After playing all the games Scorchy noticed he had a talent for Mootix Drop, Bouncy Supreme, Jelly Blobs Of Doom but most of all he was great at Volcano Run.

He played these games trying to get his highest score ever and with practice he scored 2x what he would usually get. After earning 3,000NP from each game Scorchy finally built up the courage to enter but would he make a fool of himself? he kept asking himself. It was a grueling hour. Win,lose win,lose he would try his best and sweat broke out on his forehead but eventually scorchy came out on top winning a rare piece of a Tyrannia world challenge map. Glancing at his wristwatch. It was 7:00 Am. It wasn’t long until his family would wake up for breakfast he dashed out and ran back home.

Scorchy kept repeating his schedule night after night and hiding all his money in a trapdoor under his bed. He kept doing this for days even weeks until he earnt 500,000NP. Proudly Scorchy entered the trading post made an offer for a fire paintbrush and quickly ran back home.

The next day Scorchy woke up feeling proud. He quickly jumped out of bed, ran through the house going berserk. Charging through the front door, not stopping until he reached the Trading Post. Bursting through the door Scorchy ran to a door. He closed his eyes and slowly opened the door to the “offers you have made” section. To realize his 500,000 neopoints were gone but in it’s place was a grand fire paintbrush. Opening up the glass case Scorchy picked it up and once again ran back home. At the door were his three brothers and Dad. “
“Where have you been Scorchy?” asked Brad
“What have you got behind your back?” shouted Brucey
Every night since two weeks ago I have been secretly playing games to earn some neopoints and after so much work I finally got enough neopoints to buy what I have been dreaming of. From behind his back Scorchy pulled out the fire paint brush.
Brad asked “Did you rob my bank account to buy that paint brush?”
“No, I played games and I earnt this all by myself.” said Scorchy proudly.
“I don’t believe you.” said Sharkyz.
Fine I’ll go get painted by myself at the rainbow pool.
“I believe you Sharkyz” said Brad.
Scorchy started running towards the pool.
“Wait for me.”, “Wait for me too” they called out to him.
Scorchy arrived at the rainbow pool, his family behind him. Scorchy dipped the tip of the paintbrush and touched his scales with the paintbrush.
The pattern began to spread all over his body, his body turned black and his wings to fire. He was beautiful and as soon as the last drop of fire spread over his wings the paint brush disappeared.

As you can see the point of writing this is to show that if you work hard for it and don’t beg for other peoples items, just work hard for it and your dream can be yours. It may seem unreal to earn so many points in such a short time but it’s possible, all you need to be is a hard worker, persistent and very patient.

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