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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ivory_Aura
Owner: luna_velvet
Breed: Mynci

About Ivory_Aura:
Ivory wasnt happy.
She sat on the armchair in the front room sulking, her little bottom lip sticking out and wobbling as a little tear ran down her nose.
As her brother Dante entered the room, she made a loud sniffing noise and wiped her face on her sleeve.
"What is the matter sis?" asked Dante, with a slight hint of concern in his voice.
"Oh, nothing really!" answered Ivory, as she slowly stood up and walked over to the window to gaze outside.
Dante walked over to where she stood and put a loving arm around his sister and squeezed her tight.
"Look, if there is anything i can to help do please let me know, i dont like seeing you down."
Ivory looked at him and sighed, "Its nothing really, i just wish i had an something interesting to tell like you and the others."
Dante now stood and looked out of the window, and saw exactly what his little sister meant.
"Well, maybe i will have a word with mum," he said cheerfully while turning to Ivory "I am sure she will have something in mind that will make you special!"
This made Ivory smile broadly, she knew that her brother wouldnt lie to her, so she felt happy knowing that soon she would have something special to tell people about herself.

Meanwhile, Dante had taken his other 2 sisters, Aalina and Dreagan to one side and spoke to them about Ivory's troubles and they had all decided to talk to their mum about it.
After a little chat, they came to the conclusion that Ivory could do with a colour change, so their mum took a trip down to the bank to withdraw the money she had been saving secretly for quite a few months, then visited the Hidden Tower in Faerieland and made an extra special, secret purchase.

A few hours later, their mum returned with two big boxes in her arms and a huge big grin on her face.
"Im home!" she called out as she made her way down the hallway into the kitchen.
Placing the boxes down on the kitchen table, all four pets surrounded her, all sporting great big beaming smiles, especially Ivory, who knew the contents of those huge big, brightly coloured boxes were for her.
"Thankyou so much mum, these gifts are brilliant!" she said while looking up at her mum joyfully, "Can i open them now, please?"
"Of course you can my darling!" replied her mum, handing her the smaller box of the two.

Ivory placed the box on the floor and opened the lid slowly, and out jumped a cute little white Snowbunny with a twitchy nose and sparkly blue eyes.
Ivory cried out with joy, "Oh mum, she is beautiful!"
"Well, i thought she would be a perfect pet for you!" said her mum "Look after her long enough and we will get a cute little avatar to use!"
Ivory was over the moon and hugged the little Snowbunny, which licked her cheek.
"Awww, she likes you!" said Aalina excitedly.
"Come on Ivory!" pleaded Dreagan "Open the other box!"
She placed the little petpet down on the floor and opened the other box slightly, peeking inside.

She let out a squeal of delight as she realised what was inside.
It was a paint brush!
And not just any paint brush, a Royal paint brush! She could quite not believe her eyes.
She jumped up excitedly and hugged her mum tightly.
"Thankyou so, so much mum, i love you!" cried Ivory "Can we go to the Rainbow Pool now, PLEASEEEEE?!"
"Of course we can!" replied her mum "Get your coats kids, its chilly outside!"

A few hours later, Ivory was in her bedroom stood in front of her full length mirror admiring her beautiful reflection.
She smiled as she creased out the wrinkles in her long, flowing burgandy kimono and arranged the dainty little crown that sat on top of her lovely, groomed purple hair.
Finally, she had something to feel special about, this was the best gift ever, and she couldnt wait to go out and let everyone know she felt special at last.

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