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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Gio_OO4
Owner: giana_
Breed: Tonu

About Gio_OO4:

"La, la, la, la, LA!" shouts a Faerie Tonu, who's rather stupidly dressed in a tutu with little wings stuck to the back. She screams the last "la" and twirls around, ending it with a curtsy that shakes the stage. This Tonu is one of many trying out for Pet Spotlight, and because it's Tonu Day, everyone knows that only a Tonu can win.

"Um... very good," says one of the judges, a Ghost Jetsam who looks rather disturbed. The second judge is a Blue Skeith. He looks bored to tears and says nothing.
The third judge, a Striped Eyrie, appears to be very strict. She raises her eyebrows, but then merely pushes her glasses up higher on the bridge of her beak, and consults a paper lying before her. "Very well, the next contestant is-"

"Excuse me," says a quiet voice coming from behind the Judges' table. The three judges and all the Tonus seated, waiting for their turn to audition, look around. Only the Faerie Tonu, who stands pouting in the corner because the judges did not appreciate her act enough, doesn't look.

Standing near the door way is a young Mutant Tonu, who now looks thoroughly embarrassed to have everyone focusing on her. "Um..." she tries, blushing furiously, "I, uh, brought some- some Coconut Tonu Cakes for everyone."
For the first time, they notice that she holds a wicker basket in her mouth, and inside small white cakes are piled high. "I-I made them myself," she continues nervously, when no one says anything.

"You wouldn't, say, be trying to get us to favor you so that you have a better chance of winning Pet Spotlight, would you?" asks the Striped Eyrie, her eyebrows raised again.
"Oh! N-n-no, of course not!" gasps the Tonu, now looking like she thinks it would have been a better idea not to come at all, "I just wanted to drop these cakes off."

"That's a nice thing to do," says the Ghost Jetsam. "Precisely," cuts in the Striped Eyrie, fixing the young Tonu before her with a piercing gaze. "So, why did you do it?"
"Well, see, um... this is my first Tonu Day- I'm not even a month old yet- and I was really hoping to meet some other Tonus, because I don't have any friends. I thought that I could bring some cakes for everyone, and meet some of them after auditions are over."
She looks a bit more confident after this speech, though not much.

The Jetsam is smiling now, and the Skeith looks at the cakes with an interest he hasn't shown all day. Even the Eyrie's fierce gaze has softened.
The Jetsam is the first to speak. Facing the other two judges, he says, "I think we should let her audition."
The Mutant Tonu's mouth opens in surprise, and she starts to protest.
"Oh, no, no, no, no. I-I couldn't", she mumbles, now redder than a tomato.

"Oh, go for it!" shouts a Spotted Tonu sitting in the front row. "Yeah, you can do it!" a Shadow Tonu adds.
"Go on," says the Eyrie, and so the Mutant Tonu walks nervously up to the front of the stage, basket forgotten in the corner.
"I-I don't know what to say," she finally admits, flustered.

"Just tell us about yourself, and what you like," encourages the Jetsam. "And your name," he adds.
"Oh right. Um," she flushes. "Well, my name is Gio. I'm my owner's youngest pet. She says I'm her lucky pet, because I'm her seventh. Well, see, she- uh, she calls all of us her Lucky Seven, and she says with out me there would only be six pets, so when I was born I made us lucky. Oh gosh, that's so stupid of me... obviously there would be only six pets..." she realizes she's rambling, and blushing again, continues quickly.

"I really love my owner and everyone I live with... they are all so different, and I love them all for different reasons. I mean, there's Ganty... she's a Purple Jetsam. She helped me bake these cakes, which is the only reason they came out so good. Ganty's a really good cook. And then of course there's Winterfang, and Dragrror, and Emerald... but the two Neopets I'm closest to are FV and Gooseberry Valen... they are the two youngest boys, and most of the time I'm with them. They're kind of like my- my protectors. FV gets me and Gooseberry into a lot of trouble sometimes, with all of his crazy plans, but he's a lot of fun too. And Gooseberry is so goofy and clumsy," she says, and giggles suddenly, as if remembering one of their recent adventures. "Gooseberry's kind of clueless sometimes, but he's very sweet, and always happy."

"And then... there's my owner, Giana, or Gia for short. I love her a lot, because she takes such good care of all of us. And I get sick a lot... FV calls me 'sickly', but Gia says I'm 'fragile', because she thinks that sounds nicer. Well, I know there's no chance I could win this spotlight... but if I ever do one day, Gia will be so proud of me. And I really want to make her proud, because she's the best owner ever. So Gia, Winter, Dragrror, Emerald, Ganty, Goosberry, and FV, even though I know I can't win, this audition is for you."

And with that she runs off, embarrassed, wondering who will win Pet Spotlight, and wondering why she auditioned. She never imagines that it might be her.
But, it is :)

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