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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: MurtaghScar
Owner: lupegirl10811
Breed: Lenny

About MurtaghScar:
You are wandering alone through the Haunted Woods, rather bored. So far, all you've come across have been ghosts, Neopets dressed as Halloween creatures, and odd looking petpets. You are a real horror lover and adore being scared, but so far The Haunted Woods have been nothing but dissapointment.

Just as you are heading onto the path back to the Neopia Central, you think you see a shadow move swiftly, from the corner of your eye. Thinking its just another one of those ghosts, you continue walking, ignoring the faint cackling you hear in the distance.

Finally, you can't take it anymore. You stop right in your tracks and yell at the top of your voice,"Whoever is laughing better stop!" Your only answer is more laughing and a shadow appearing behind you. The hairs on the back of your neck rise suddenly, and you turn around, finding yourself face-to-face with a Mutant Lenny.
"I was beginning to wonder if you noticed me." He says to you with a smirk. You fold your arms over your chest and give him a narrow look. "What do you want? Neopoints? Items? Well, guess what? The ghosts took them so I am fresh out of everything."

The Lenny grins to himself and then answers,"I want nothing more than your time.How often is it that a Neopian will talk with a Mutant pet and not be afraid?Quite rare, I believe. So,I wish to chat with you."

You really don't see anything wrong with this. Afterall, this could be much more interesting than what you've already seen.You tell him you two might talk for a bit. The Lenny is pleased and leads you to a nearby stump. You take a seat and the Mutant bows to you happily. "I am MurtaghScar and am quite pleased to meet you."
You introduce yourself and then the lenny begins his story.

"I was born into the world of Neopia as a red Kougra. My parents quickly abandoned me to care for my younger siblings so I was left alone. In those few first hours of my life, I came across a fiery tempered,but loving teenager. She was kind to me and we quickly formed a tight bond. She became my owner and I became the youngest pet in my new family; now with an older brother and sister."

He stops for a moment and you notice his gaze has seemed to drift from looking at you, to looking at the past. "I was always feeling inferior to my siblings though, and all of the other painted pets in Neopia. I was just a plain red Kougra, and even though my owner didn't seem to mind, I did. Finally, my owner began to realize how distressed I was becoming and talked with me. 'Murtagh' she had said,'If you could be any type of pet with any type of color in all of Neopia,what would you choose?' I had thought quickly,as I always do. I was always fond of the Darigan color, and Fire aswell. But then it hit me. I had remembered the other day when we had come across a Mutant Techo. He seemed so interesting despite his odd color and I felt myself wishing to be like him."

"But I didn't want to be a Techo.There were too many of those creatures, and I longed to be different. I told my owner this and she thought aswell.'How about a Mutant Lenny?' she asked me. I thought of this and found myself loving the idea.Lenny's were smart,strong creatures and a Mutant one would surely be just as well, if not better. So it was decided. Lupegirl took me to the auctions where we purchased a Lenny Transmogrification Potion and as soon as we won it, I drank it down quickly."

He stops for a moment and sucks in a deep breath. Then with a grin he continues. "So I changed. I instantly loved my new look and felt the pride come from Lupegirl. My brother didn't seem to mind and to my surprise, my sister loved the look! And she was a baby,so you'd think she might be afraid, but she wasn't. But of course, there were always those who were. The other owners of Neopia looked at me with disgust,but my owner just kept her head high and smiled at me fondly."You are a great pet,no matter what your color,Murtagh.So don't listen to those who tell you differently."

"I agreed with this and still do. Even though the other Neopets might gag at the sight of me, I could care less.All that matters is my family,and they love me no matter what." You see pride in his eyes and smile. He may be an odd looking bird, but he is indeed a fine creature.Mutant or not.

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