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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Sufuju
Owner: peristalsis
Breed: Buzz

About Sufuju:
You relax on the crowded beach of the Mystery Island when a particular vacationer catches your eye. An elderly Buzz slowly makes his way along the shore, his tattered wings barely keeping him aloft. The scars on his once blue carapace, which has faded to a near-gray, speak of many Battledome losses and ill-fated run-ins with the Snowager. In truth, you’re a little frightened of this Neopet; the strange twitching in his right eye and his bulging left eye do little to help the cause. Still, you feel obligated to make room for him on the sand next to you.

The Buzz immediately glares at you. “So you think I’m too old to find a spot for myself, do you? You don’t think an old codger like me is capable of taking a nice flight on the beach without taking a nap halfway through?” Nonetheless, he descends onto the bare spot of warm sand you’ve created for him. “Larvae these days. You just don’t appreciate the wisdom of us ‘old’ folk, even when we’ve done so much to improve the world you live in. I was around when this island was discovered. By Neopia Central, of course, not by the natives. I’m not that old. What do you think of that?”

Without waiting for you to respond, or even seeming to care if you show interest, the Neopet continues his musings. “In fact, I haven’t always been a Buzz. I was born a Flyeye.” He articulates the last word especially carefully, pronouncing it “fly”, and for a moment both of his eyes open as far as physically possible before resuming their twitching. You further question his sanity. “No, no, not a household insect. I guess a young whipper-snapper like yourself might not know what a Flyeye was. Well, I was a giant eyeball...with WINGS.” His wings hum slightly as he states this. “Better wings. With feathers.”

“Yes, I was happy during my life as a Flyeye, until one fateful day when my life changed forever. I woke up one morning and found that my vision wasn’t what it was supposed to be. My entire body...head...eye...Well, whatever you would call it, it hurt all over. Thinking I’d come down with a bad case of Neggitis or some other horrible disease, I raced toward the hospital. I didn’t get very far. My eyesight grew dimmer and dimmer and my limbs were on fire. Then I realized I didn’t have any limbs, and I got even more confused. In my blindness and panic, I fluttered into the Money Tree and knocked myself out cold.”

“When I came to, I realized I had changed dramatically. I was now a Buzz, a mere shadow of my former self. My owner explained something about some site update, whatever that is --You young ‘uns and your technology! Like that space station. No good could come of it, I tell you! Anyway, I’ve never been able to see the same since. It was weeks before I could go outside and not fly into a wall. It was hard getting used to having legs and teeth and depth perception. I tried not using my body for awhile, but that didn’t turn out so well, especially when I needed to use the bathroom.”

“Eventually, I did accept my new form. After all, opposable thumbs have their uses. I only tear up when I go to the Haunted Woods and somebody orders the Mashed Eye Potato. Or the Jellied Eyeballs, or the Glaring Eye Wrap. Really, I should just stay away from the Haunted Woods entirely. I was going to write a book, rife with metaphors about human nature, about my traumatizing transformation into an insectoid creature and the pain it caused my family. ‘Metamorphosis,’ I was going to call it. I even sent a draft in to the Neopian Times, but they told me that some Kafka guy had already taken the idea.”

With that, the Buzz leans back and lets himself sink even deeper into the sand. Both of his eyelids seem to be growing heavy. “No, you don’t even know how good you have it! Back in the day, we had no fancy free omelette; we had to go spend our hard-earned Neopoints at the food store. And we had to walk there ourselves, 20 miles, uphill both ways. And...” The only sound that follows is a faint, buzzing snore. You think it a good time to make your escape.

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