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Pet Name: Cursed_Foreva
Owner: foreva_cursed
Breed: Bori

About Cursed_Foreva:
Ever since Altessa was born she wanted to be a faerie. She loved visiting the healing springs, if only to get a quick glance at the water faerie and would beg to visit faerie land on a regular base. And only recently did Altessa get her wish to be a faerie, though not the way she intended.

It had been cloudy since early in the morning, and not to long after breakfast it had begun to rain. Altessa, who had been looking forward to a trip into Neopia Central, had slouched off to her room as soon as the sky let out its first spout of rain. "I'm sorry Altessa, I promise we'll go as soon as it stop raining" said her mum, giving Altessa a small smile, hoping to reassure her.

After sulking for a while in her room, which only ended up being two minutes, Altessa left the gloom and headed to the kitchen where she could hear her mother banging around.
"Mum?" asked Altessa as she poked her head into the kitchen, her amber eyes taking in the mess that seemed to have swallowed their kitchen. "Hey honey" said her mum, smiling from under the flour that covered her face, "what are you cooking?" asked Altessa knowing she would find out later when it was slopped onto her plate, they ended up eating out most nights anyway. "Um...a cake" said Altessa's mum with a frown as she looked down at the bowl in her hands. "A cake?" repeated Altessa, now looking interested, moving forward to have a closer look, leaving small foot prints in the flour covered floor.

"What flavor?" Altessa asked as her mum continued to frown into the mixing bowl. "Well it was going to be chocolate..." trailed off her mum before she bent down and showed Altessa the bowls contents. Altessa wrinkled her nose, instead of a nice runny brown liquid the bowl was full of something orange and lumpy, and it didn't even smell like chocolate, more like her mums socks.
"Are you SURE it’s chocolate?" asked Altessa, giving her mum a knowing look before she laughed, "Its ok um, you'll get it right someday" she said sweetly, making her mum smile. "Thank you Altessa, now why don't you go find something to do, I think I might need to clean the kitchen up a little bit" said her mother, casting a glance around the room. Altessa left quickly, agreeing with her mum completely.

Altessa decided to go see what her brother, Andrei was up to. "Watcha doin'?" Altessa asked as she slipped into her brother room, sitting down on the smooth rug that covered his bedroom floor. "Counting" Andrei replied, frowning as he tried to keep track of the number though finding it hard now that Altessa had let herself into his room. "Watcha counting?" Altessa asked, tilting her head to one side, "Snowballs that I won from playing Snow Wars" said Andrei, putting the colored snowballs back into the box he had placed on the floor. "Oh, can I help?" asked Altessa, hoping she could, just for the sake of having something to do. "Since when have you been able to count?" asked Andrei, smiling smartly at Altessa who blushed.
"Ok so that’s four wet snowballs and..." Altessa didn't hear how many other snowballs Andrei had as she had left his room to go seek something to do else where.

Altessa smiled as she came to their extra room, where mum kept a collection of things they didn't need, but she had not wanted to throw out. Surely she'd find something interesting to do in here.
When Altessa finally got the door open (she only had paws and claws!) she gasped at the sight. The room was full to the roof with boxes. Altessa excitedly opened the nearest box, then cried out when she found it was full of scary meepit lamps, their eyes seemed to stare at her as if they were real. And she could have sworn one had blinked.

After pushing that box aside Altessa reached for another one, which was full of poisonous jelly her mum seemed to want to keep, something about never knowing when they'd come in handy.
Altessa spent a while digging through the boxes of different shapes and sizes until she came across her mums old Christmas decorations. Altessa pulled out a few dusty stockings and a mug with "merry Christmas" printed on the side, the box was big and she was having trouble reaching into it to get to the other items located deeper in the box. Altessa stepped onto the tips of her feet and before she could regain her balance the box tipped and landed on top of her.
"Mum?" It was dark under the box and Altessa could feel something poking into her hind-leg, "Mum?" Altessa said a little louder, as she started to panic, what if her mum couldn't find her and she was stuck in this dark box forever?

"Andrei have you seen Altessa?" Andrei shook his head, having finished his snowballs he'd moved on to reading his defender of Neopia comics. "Not for a while" he answered, looking up from his comic book. "Hmm" said his mum, keeping worried, she'd check every room and couldn't find Altessa.

"ALTESSA!" yelled her mum, cupping her hands around her mouth, hoping to turn up the volume of her shouts, "ALTESSA!" "MUM!" her mum opened the spare room door and looked around, "MUM!" her mum spotted an over turned box. "Altessa" Said her mum, turned the box over, Altessa emerging from the pile of Christmas decorations. "Are you ok?" asked her mum, before she started to giggle "what?" asked Altessa, pouting. "Look" said her mum between giggles as she pulled over an old looking mirror.

Altessa smiled, she was wrapped in faerie lights, "Mum!" she said happily, "look, I'm a faerie!"

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