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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Tiinishiaah
Owner: allyg8tor
Breed: Aisha

About Tiinishiaah:
“Sorry, all sold out!” the Lupe looks slightly smug, and you imagine that she got a better deal on the Magical Blue Krawk Plushie than you were offering. You sigh and look around, realizing that all the valuable items are gone. Turning to her, you ask, “When’s your next restock?” She laughs, and turns away from you.

Hoping to snatch up something valuable from the next restock, you wait around. When your stomach rumbles, you open your backpack and grab a rainbow doughnut from it. Just as you’re about to bite into it, you see a sudden movement from the box of plushies in the corner. Curious, you head over to investigate. You push a green Yurble plushie aside, and then see an Aisha’s alien ears. The plushie looked somewhat rare, and was buried in this box of cheap ones so was probably looked over. Excitedly, you tug on the alien ear sticking up, but it doesn’t budge. Annoyed, you keep pulling.

“STOP THAT!” a voice echoes through the toy shop. Startled, you drop the doughnut you were holding into the box of plushies. Almost immediately, a plushie Aisha pops out of the box of plushies and grabs the doughnut, then returns to the bottom of the box.

“Come back!” You’re curious, and bored from waiting for a restock for so long. To your relief, she pops back out of the box, a doughnut in her paw and a plushie Yullie in her mouth. She pulls the Yullie from her mouth and holds it in one hand as she chomps on your doughnut, then replaces the Yullie to her mouth after she is done chewing. She has big, pink eyes. They’re different from normal Aisha eyes, or normal plushie Aisha eyes for that matter. Above her eyes is a patch- it’s a pink star and it’s the same color as her eyes. She looks at you, confused at why you called her out. She has a very expressive face for a plushie, though you’re not sure quite how that could be possible.

“What are you?” you ask, astounded.

“I’m real.” She glares at you, then throws the doughnut back at you. “I suppose you’re like the rest of them, then? ‘You’re a plushie!’ ‘You’re stuffing and cloth!’ ‘You can’t eat!’ ‘You don’t have feelings!’ Yes. I suppose you must be just like the rest of them.” She sighs, chewing on the Yullie’s tail.

“I can tell you’re real,” you say, mostly out of pity, but also because she does seem more real than any other plushie pet you have come across. “I guess I meant to say who are you?”

She looks pleased. That’s good. Pulling the Yullie out and holding it in one paw, she begins to speak. “I’m Tiinishiaah. Just call me Shiaah, though, my name is a bit of a mouthful.” She sits on the box of plushies she was previously inside of. “You want to know what I was doing in there? Well, I was hiding. I like to come here sometimes. Most pets do, you know. Unfortunately, I picked a bad time. It was during a restock, and a few Neopians mistook me for an actual plushie, like you did just now.” She puts the Yullie back in her mouth.
“Shouldn’t you be happy you’re plushie, though? Isn’t it an expensive paint brush?” You ask, not sure why she would be unhappy with her status.

Shiaah laughs, causing the Yullie to fall from her mouth into her lap. “Let me ask you something. Would you be happy if you suddenly became a plushie?” She pauses, and you ponder for a moment. Then she keeps going. “The Plushie Paint Brush does something to us. I mean, besides changing our appearance. That’s obviously going to happen, I mean it is a paint brush… You would hope it would change the pet’s appearance. Anyway, I’m rambling. It does something to us. It dulls our brains. It makes us… Fake.”

You look at her, skeptical. She can tell. You probably have a very expressive face, too. “Don’t believe me? Those plushies the Snowager hoards? They’re real pets turned plushie- and they’ve become too plushie. They’ve succumbed to the paint brush in so many ways that they cease to have a brain or personality. They become an actual plushie. I’m still real, though. I have a brain. I can talk. I get hungry. I know I’m real.”

“I don’t think a paint brush can do something like that. How do I know you’re not lying to me?” You watch her as she pulls a stitch in her leg tighter. Suddenly, you believe her. You don’t know why, but you do. “Well, what happened to you? If you hate being a plushie so much, why don’t you get a basic color paint brush and paint yourself at the rainbow pool?”

She glares at you again, much harder than she did the first time. “Don’t you think I’ve thought of that? I’ll answer your first question, though. What happened to me. Well, you see, I used to be a wocky. I was a pretty wocky, painted purple. I loved my fur. I was happy with life. Unfortunately, my owner wasn’t. She had an expensive taste for colours, and wouldn’t rest until I was plushie. I used to sneak into my adopted sister’s room and cry to her, tell her I didn’t want to be plushie, that I wanted to stay purple and that I loved it. She would comfort me and tell me that I would love being plushie once I was painted. I believed her, so I didn’t tell my owner that I hated the idea. I didn’t tell her how scared I was. I was scared with good reason, too. I remember the day she changed me… She didn’t even use a paint brush. No, she was too cheap for that. She used a Plushie Aisha Morphing potion. I’ll admit, I was excited about being an Aisha… But not about being plushie. I was dreading it. Anyway… One day I was playing with my brothers and sisters. My owner came home, very happy, and I knew it was time. She put her backpack on the floor and pulled out the potion, handing it to me. I knew I would have to drink it. I couldn’t stand the idea of her getting angry because I wouldn’t, so I drank it.” She shudders.

You feel very sympathetic for her. “What was it like?” You ask, curious about the rest of her story.

“Horrible. I always knew it would be bad… I never thought it would be that bad, though. It tasted awful, to begin with, but then all my fur changed to cloth, and I felt meaningless, mindless, and… Well… Like a plushie.” She looks around.
You follow her path of view and see several skieths unloading toys and bringing them into the shop. You’re extremely excited, as you’re the only one there and get first dibs on the restock. You look back to where the Aisha was sitting, and see that she’s gone. You turn and see the door closing as she leaves. She heads toward the wising well, the Yullie still hanging in her mouth.

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