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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: lil_lois
Owner: princess_ithildin
Breed: Kau

About lil_lois:
The sun sinks low over the distant horizon as you hurry through the hills of Meridell. As you climb to the peak of one hill, you stop to admire the sunset, then roll your eyes. Sunsets were so finicky and too romantic for your tastes. Sniffing in disgust, you rush up the next hill.
You lie winded, spread-eagled on your back and blink a few times to stop the stars in front of your eyes. All of a sudden, a great book crashes down on the left hand side of your head. Stunned, you can barely believe it as all around you, numerous books come crashing down, followed by pieces of parchment, gently floating down. Just as you catch your breath, a heavy notebook slams into your stomach and several pens spear the grass around your head. Not daring to move, you find yourself wondering what is going on.
Suddenly, you find yourself hauled to your feet and looking into the cheerful face of a Baby Kau.
"I'm really sorry," it apologizes. "My owner is always telling me I shouldn't try to carry so much at once." You scratch your head in confusion as it scurries around on the ground and attempts to shove everything back into a small navy satchel. Gathering up the books into her arms, she counts them and frowns.
"What?" you ask.
"I swear I had-" But you hear no more as there is a thud on your head and then darkness...
You awake to the sound of a scratching noise. Not loud and unbearable, just soft and whispering. You open your eyes to a blinding headache and put your hand to your head. It's covered in bandages. Trying to focus your eyes, you catch sight of a light blue figure sitting on a high chair in front of a desk, scribbling into a large book with a quill. On top is a plushie yullie, comfortably chewing the edges of the manuscript.
"Uggghhhh..." You can barely make a sound as your throat is so dry. The Baby Kau looks around and smiles sympathetically. She jumps off the chair and kindly pours some water down your throat. Wringing her hooves nervously, she starts to explain.
"I'm so sorry...just so so sorry. When I knocked you over one of the books must have gotten caught at the edge of the hill...and well, just as I realized it was missing, it came out of no where and well...hit you in the head." You see the amusement dancing in her eyes and anger surges in your chest. You have a good mind to tell her exactly what you think of her, but something about her stops you. Something is just so different about her, compared to other neopets. And you just can't put your finger on it.
"Is there anything I can get you?" she asks politely. She smoothes the blanket over you and lights the fire at your feet. As a gentle warmth spreads around you, you feel hungry. When you tell her this, she whips out a variety of foods, breads, cheeses, pastas and allows you to eat to your heart's content. Slightly ashamed of your gorging and deciding that while you won't be moving around for some time, you're not reading to try and sleep yet, you ask her about herself.
"Well. What can I say. I like to read. A lot. I love books...there's just something so...adventurous and clever about the way they're constructed. I don't know how else to put it." You look at her for a long time, trying to figure out what it is about her that's catching your attention. It certainly isn't her beauty, there are far more beautiful pets than her. She continues:
"I also like to write...you know, short stories, a poem or two. Only when I'm in a creative mood...I don't jump when I'm told to!" She laughs and it's like a silver bell ringing. Her eyes light up and you realize what it is about her that has won you over.
She possesses a charisma that is different to that of other pets...all her feelings, intelligence and friendliness shine through her eyes. It's almost as if she can speak and light up a room with her eyes alone. Underneath her bubbly and pleasant nature lies a a driving force and a feisty spirit that makes her beautiful in ways different to that of the conventional. Curious, you ask her why her owner chose a Baby Kau as her species.
"Oh, she wanted something she could live with, something special yet independant and confident...something strong, sensible and practical. Nothing airy-fairy for her." She giggles as her plushie yullie crawls up her leg to sit on her shoulder. Further curious, you ask her about her name.
"Oh...I forgot to introduce myself! I can be such a scatterbrain...you should try talking to me when I'm reading...I'm a thousand miles away and can't hear you! Oh, right, my name...lil_lois. Obviously the first bit is because I'm a baby, but because I love to talk and read and write, my owner calls me Lois for short. Such a pretty, uncommon name, don't you think?" Seeing your face, she continues: "Oh, but goodness, I hope you won't think me vain..."
The dulcet tones of her voice fade into a blur...sweet sounding yet incoherent. As you rest your head back onto your cool pillow, you listen to her prance merrily about the room, playing with her plushie yullie, Clarkie.
lil_lois. Now there's a name you won't forget in a hurry.

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