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Pet Name: Yondera
Owner: pansyparkinson14
Breed: Eyrie

About Yondera:
Rarr! Greetings, my name is Yondera. As you can see, I’m a rather awesome looking Eyrie, if I do say so myself. Nice, handsome plumage, sharp claws, a rather deadly beak and entrancing, glowing red eyes. Yep, I’m Darigan, and I’m proud of it. However, I didn’t start life this way…I didn’t even start life as an Eyrie, to be frank. Indeed, you’ve guessed it—I’m a Lab Pet. Not anymore, though. I’m much too good-looking for zapping anymore. *grins and preens feathers*

It’s hard to remember what I was before all this zapping business, but I have recollections of a long tail that I used to curl up around my face when I slept, so I’m guessing I was a Kougra or a Lupe…. My owner, Pansy, swears I was an Ixi when she adopted me, but Ixis don’t have floofeh tails, so I think she’s just pulling my leg. Heh. Anyways, after Pansy brought me home and fed me some nice milkshakes, she asked if I would mind being “zapped”. Now, I was a bit apprehensive, but scared? Pfft, I’m not scared of anything. So, I agreed in hopes of gaining vast amounts of strength and to please Pansy, because she’d been so kind to me.

My first days of zapping were, I admit, slightly intimidating. The zaps don’t hurt, I assure you, but they are uncomfortable…. sort of like being doused in ice cold water and then yanked out again. It was worth it, though, for I gained a lot of strength and speed. There were downsides, though. Many downsides.

It was about a month into zapping when I was zapped into a Bruce. Bruces…they’re cute, and all, but not very powerful-looking, like I wanted to be. I also wanted to be able to fly, because flying had always been a dream to me…simply soaring in the air—the thought was just enthralling. Bruces are, sadly enough, quite flight-free, and they…waddle. I didn’t like being a Bruce overly-much, but I gritted my teeth and bore it without complaint. Pansy offered to quit zapping me and offered to buy me a morphing potion as well, but I declined. I wanted to get my wings, and I knew I’d get them eventually.

I was only a Bruce for a few days. The next species I changed to was an Aisha, and boy, was I an Aisha for a looong time! Aishas don’t have wings either (darn, I know!), but they are very fast and very clever. I didn’t mind being an Aisha that much—besides, I was also zapped so many fancy colors, such as Purple, Split, and Spotted. DracoSlyther, my older brother, had always teased me for being plain, and finally I could show off some fancy coats.

Well, it was nice being an Aisha, but when you’re getting Labbed, you don’t normally stay the same forever. I became a Skeith next, and I didn’t like it. I was always hungry, it seemed, and I got tired quickly. Only a few days later, I was turned into a Quiggle, which was actually rather amusing. I had an uncanny desire to laugh all the time, and I was always hopping about and seemed to be a good mood much more than usual. I also got painted Snow, which was—er, cold, I guess, and Pansy hoped I’d get painted Island so she’s get some Avatar thingee, whatever that is, but I didn’t. Too bad—hahaha! I mean *looks around shiftily*…too bad.

The next species I got zapped into was a Grarrl. Being a Grarrl made me hungry a lot too, but I got to stomp around and look down on all those wee little pets, like Kacheeks, so it was sort of fun. I also was able to roar really, really loud, which I used to wake Pansy up with when she overslept. However, Grarrls are pretty flightless too, so I wasn’t satisfied with merely a loud voice and the ability to stomp very hard. How I wanted wings!

Well, I missed wings again the next time I changed species. I was turned into a blue Chomby. Well, Chombies are rather cute and limited edition too, but…well…you know why I didn’t want to stay as one. By this time, I had already become considerably stronger and faster, so I wasn’t especially worried about that issue. I continued zapping, though, in hopes that I would change into a Pteri, Eyrie, or heck, anything that could fly. I got my wish soon.

Finally, after months of zapping, I got turned into an Eyrie. I distinctively remember dancing around with joy before experimenting with my new wings. I was a bit clumsy at first, but I soon became a graceful flier. I was pretty content, but Pansy really wanted me to be painted something fancy. She said I didn’t have to keep zapping if I didn’t want to, but she was just so…nice. I agreed to keep zapping, but each day, I’d be so afraid of losing my wings. They were just too great to lose.
It was a miracle, though. Only three zaps after my turning into an Eyrie, I got zapped Darigan. I didn’t jig this time, like before, but I was really happy, just like Pansy was. She took my siblings and me all to the Kelp as a celebration, and I got double helpings of dessert…yum! It was a memorable day, and my very last day of the Lab Ray. I’m a lab pet no more.

Nowadays, I spend my afternoons flying and hanging around with my siblings. I’m trying to teach Darkvampslayer how to fly, but her wings are too small for her to fly long distances. I like racing with Dracoslyther, because we’re both fast fliers. I try racing with Suakinn sometimes, but he’d rather primp his plumage than race, heh. I’m one content Eyrie, you could say. After all, I’ve earned my wings.

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