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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Seranotah
Owner: psychic_wave
Breed: Grarrl

About Seranotah:
Dawn had descended Tyrannia. The jungle was hot and humid, and a thick foggy mist covered the tree tops and jungle floor. On the other side of the jungle, lay a huge water hole, and a large waterfall. The waterfall came from the mountain and volcano of the Tyrannian plateau, which was cracked and filled with cliffs. Birds of every beautiful colour fluttered in an array of plumage and patterns. Snakes slithered through the rocky out-crop and lizards sunned on cliff faces. Larger than life bugs drank the beautiful flowers, whilst fish swam freely under the water. This was Tyrannia, and yes, there just wasn't a jungle and plateau, but there were villages, natives and ruins, of many shapes and kinds also. But just as the sun peeked over the rim on Tyrannia, a large and splintering roar shattered the jungle and plateau silence...

A huge blue foot stomped on the soil. The creature's tail thrashed about aggressively. It crushed a log, shattering it into hundreds of smaller pieces. Its huge taloned hands tore chunks of trees, leaving huge gashes. The creatures blue bulk, rammed down all the trees, and they toppled over.It crushed the shrubs and plants, and dust filled the air. Creatures big and small fled from the raging monster. It was a 15 foot tall grarrl, but one like no other.
Its eyes were not green, but they were a crimson, scarlet and maroon (purple-red) color, and small spikes came from the top of its sockets. It had storm blue markings, and a stripe went across its snout. Its teeth were as sharp as razors, and it had eye flaps that made it look angrier. It had a small horn on its nose, and storm blue stripes covered its body. Its muscles were strong and bulky, and its breath smelt bile. It was searching for food, but then, it thrusted its foot on a poisonous plant, some type of micro-palm. Pain traveled up the grarrl's leg, and he toppled over. He shook like a leaf, and he had a fever. A frothy foam gushed out of his mouth. He had Goosebumps, and everything went white, then he blacked out.

Hours had passed, even days, and the grarrl drifted into and out of a kind of dreamless sleep. He regained consciousness, and his vision cleared. "Where am I?" he growled. He felt light headed and his stomach rumbled hungrily. He was at the Neopian hospital! His leg was bandaged, and a small girl went to greet his eyes. "Hi, I'm psychic_wave, but you can just call me Rene." The grarrl tilted his head to one side. "I'm going to keep you," she said in a calming voice. "Don't worry, you're fully healed now". The grarrl just cocked his head to the other side and looked at her with dreary eyes. He was in a kind of trance. "You need a name," pondered the girl. "How about Seranotah?" The grarrl's eyes sparkled, and he nodded his head with satisfaction.
A week had passed, and the previous events tossed in Seranotah's mind, especially the plant he had stepped on. He stared into the ever changing sky, as dawn turned to day, and day to dusk, he saw a few flying faerie krawks. He longed to join them, to be able to fly, and escape all worries on the ground, like the poisonous plant. Rene came out to check on him. "Everything all right?" she asked. He gaze met up to where Seranotah was staring, and instantly, she knew what he was thinking. "Don't worry," she muttered. "I have BIG plans for you in the future too." Seranotah struggled to find the meaning of Rene's words, but then it came to him. "It will happen in time, don't you worry; now tea is ready, and we will discuss it further." Seranotah followed her, and took on last glimpse at the flying krawks. "I will join them one day," he thought, then he nodded in agreement.
Seranothorn was waiting inside and they ate tea hungrily. However, Seranotah said nothing about what he had learnt. "Let me guess, you ate food," said Seranothorn trying to guess what Seranotah was thinking. "Don't worry," he replied. "psychic_wave has BIG plans for you too."

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