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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: King_____Skarl
Owner: brats817
Breed: Skeith

About King_____Skarl:
A frightening Blue Skeith takes a step forward and says evily, "Why, hello there my sweet! My name is King_____Skarl, named after King Skarl of Meridell. And yes, I'm a Blue Skeith. Sorry if I sound evil. It's just that I'm hungry right now and you know Skeiths will eat anything. Even yummy tasty people! But, I will resist eating you." But King_____Skarl continues to approach you menacingly. You back up until you touch a wall. The Blue Skeith comes up and puts a clawed paw on your shoulder and says, "Perhaps I could tell you a little about myself instead. And we can also become friends."
You are unsure but when the Skeith sees your frightened face, he turns his normally menacing face into a sad pathetic looking one. He begins to shed some false tears and then you say, "Alright. Maybe we can be friends and you can tell me about yourself. "King_____Skarl's face becomes joyful looking as he thinks, "Hehe. That face gets everyone every time." Then the Skeith sets his menacing look back up again and says, "Well, as you may already know, I am a piggy eater. I loooooove to eat absolutely anything, at least I would if my owner gave me other things to eat besides just food. She doesn't let me eat anything other than food because I ate her Faerie Queen Doll last month. She was steaming and said I can't eat items anymore." King_____Skarl licks his chops and looks at you hungrily. "But she didn't tell me I couldn't eat people or neopets." The Skeith leans in toward you, but when you tried to flee, the Skeith grabbed you in a vice-like grip and held you.
You didn't dare move an inch in fear now because if you did, the Skeith's claws would go into your flesh. "I thought you wanted to get to know me and become friends," said the Skeith with a disappointed look on his face. You tried to reply but all you got out was, "I......Uh." King_____Skarl said, "Eh, let's just put that behind us now. I want to move on. I love playing Gormball, it's one of my favorite games. Oh, and I also love Skarl's Scramble and Hungry Skeith. Speaking of Hungry Skeith..." The Skeith looks at you again hungrily and says, "I want to have you for dinner tonight!" You tremble, but you can't make out a scream. The Skeith replied, "No silly! I mean I want you to come to my house and eat dinner with me!" You sigh, but still tremble. King_____Skarl wraps his tail around your leg as soon as he realised you were trying to leave. Then he moved on.
"I love going to Mystery Island for vacations. Oh, and I also love Meridell. Lots to do there. I made friends with King Skarl. Easy freind for me to make since he is a Blue Skeith like me, even though he's a grumpy guy. One of my favorite places is Faerieland. It is so beautiful. Oh, and I love going to the Kelp restauraunt to stuff myself. Oh, and whenever my owner scolds me, I give her that pathetic sad face I gave you earlier to deceive her. That face gets everyone." He looks at you menacingly and you think he can't be trusted because he TRICKED you with that face. You try to get away, but the Skeith's tail tightens around your leg. "Wait! I'm not done yet," he said. "I want to tell you of the time King Skarl got mad at me. I won the Beauty Contest because I dressed up to look exactly like King Skarl. I told him about it but had no idea he would get mad at me. He said HE deserved the trophy because I looked just like him in the BC. He didn't like me copying him. I tried to trick him with my sad face, but it had no effect on him! I was shocked! King Skarl is the only one my face doesn't work on! But at least we are still friends."
You try to jerk your leg from his tail, but it failed. He tightens his tail grip and says, "But wait, One more thing, one of my favorite dailies is the Giant Omelette. Mmmmmmmmm. Oh, and the Giant Jelly. I also love getting Neopets Islandberry Crunch Cereal. Ahhhhhh..... food! I love it so much!" The Skeith pauses and thinks about food for a few moments before he quickly turns his head at you and makes you jolt in surprise. He stares at you with the same evil look and unwraps his tail from around your leg. "Well, that is all I have to say about myself," he says baring his sharp teeth and raising up his claws. You were so scared that all you could do was stand there, helplessly...

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