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Pet Name: Artorio
Owner: gwynnevier
Breed: Scorchio

About Artorio:

This Scorchio is named Artorio he likes to wander around Neopia looking for fun new things to do. Art likes to play all the different games, he practices and tries hard each every time he plays. His goal is to win a few trophies in the games, though he has only one in Cheat he has faith that one day he will accomplish this task.
He is not alone, for Gwynn keeps him company as they travel all over and play neat new games together. Together they search out for the funnest things to do. They have went through every land they could, learning where things are located. They have become best of friends.
Art is proud of his home, its is growing bigger all the time. He can't wait to finish furnishing it with all the nice stuff he can find in stores. His Garden he has worked hard on with the help of Gwynn by his side. When he is alone he takes the time to write poems and stories. He has asked me to please put this one in for him.

Deep in the night the Scorchio walked through the woods looking for the lost sword. He knew it was out there somewhere. He had been told by the old man in the village. This sword wield mighty blows to help win only true battles. The sword itself will not fight for the dark side, it will not fight for evil. Artorio has such purity running through him, the sword would come to him if he proves himself worthy.
Wandering around through the trees Art came to a clearing in the woods, yellow light shined all around it but never penetrated the dark that was behind the trees. As Art entered the light got brighter till it was pure white. It was so bright that Art had to close his eyes. When he reopened them the sword laid flat on the ground at his feet. He went to reach down to pick it up when something caught his attention.
Red eyes peered out from behind one of the trees. They watched him intently as he straightened back up and began to walk toward the eyes. He knew the sword was there but was this a test to see if it would be used on first change. Maybe this is what I have to do to prove myself worthy of this wonderful sword. As he got closer to the tree a Draik jumped out, laughed and spoke, "Hello there, I am Draiken."
"Hello Draiken, I am Artorio. You just about scared me when you jumped out like that."
"By the look on your face when I did, it seems I did scare you." Draiken laughed harder this time at the thought of the look. He stopped when he looked over at the sword. He started to walk around Art to walk over to the sword, but Art turned and walked over to it before he could. Art stood looking down at the sword along with Draiken. They stood there for what seemed like minutes but only a few seconds passed before Art started to reach down for it again. Before his hand touched it Draiken said "Have you proved yourself worthy?" With no expression on his face he looked up at Draiken and said, "Your still alive aren't you?"
Again Draiken laughed and nodded his head. Arts' hand touched the hilt of the sword and it began to glow a bright blue. The draiken watched in awe. Art stood straight up and scanned the sword from tip to hilt. The hilt was adorn with blue gems and silver wrapping itself around like a snake. It was beautiful Art thought. The blade itself had something engraved on it, the light was shining so bright that he could not read it.
"What are you going to do now?" Asked Draiken.
"I guess I should go home first and then figure out what I should do next." Art looked at Draiken and seen that he wasn't heading off towards his home, nor did he even know where his home may be. "Where is your home?" Asked Artorio.
"I am not from around here, when you found the sword you find me too. I am here to guide you in what you need guiding in." The Draik began to laugh again. He seemed to laugh at everything he says and he is not to clear with what he is saying.
"I need guiding, may I ask in what I need guiding in?" Art didn't like playing this game and he didn't think he would get a straight answer to begin with. He watched the Draik as he began to think. When he gave his answer he thought he would chop that poor Draik in half. "You know, just the every day guiding stuff." With the look on Artorios' face the Draik could not help but to laugh as hard as he could. Art was not happy with the out break and demanded answers.
"Come, follow me, I will explain on the way." Draiken turned his back and began to walk towards the town where Art lived. Their journey would take them a few hours till they reached the town, but with the Draik, it seemed to take them longer. The Draik didn't volunteer any information and Art had to ask and do some prying. He was very frustrated when they arrived and he still didn't know a thing.
When they entered Art's home, they were both very tired. Art showed him to a spare room and told him to rest there for the night and they would talk in the morning. It still seemed a little strange to have this creature in his house whom he knew nothing about. He knew the sword would do him no wrong, so he left all his trust in it.
Artorio woke to a crashing sound coming from down stairs. When he entered the kitchen he was greeted by a white Draik. For the first time Art started to laugh uncontrollably. Draiken had managed to dump the flour jar on his head, covering him from head to toe. Art couldn't stop himself, he hit the floor laughing so hard. Draiken looked at Art, thinking he would be upset by the broken jar and when he seen him start laughing he could not help but to join in.
"So you do have a sense of humor. It take me breaking a jar over my head to get you to laugh."
They began to clean up the mess together. When they were done they made themselves something to eat. Draiken was more than happy to explain everything to Artorio this morning."I am going to tell you this all Artorio, so please don't interrupt me and hear me through."
Soon as he agreed Draiken began, "The sword was forged by the Faeries long long ago. I can't even begin to tell you how long it was ago. It was made for a special person, I am not going to name names, so don't even ask. The sword was made to battle against evil in the world. A lot of evil monsters controlled this land before we were even here. The land has been clean and clear from any evil monsters, they were slayed in the war of Good Vs. Evil. So we thought anyways.
Many people think these are just stories to be told, but they are true and real. As you know from the sword you found. The man who told you where it was, he didn't just tell you a story, you were chosen to find that sword from before you were born. He has lived here since the day you were born. He was sent here to watch over you to make sure no danger comes of you. He has done his job well. I am sure you will want to see him before we set out. You will be trained to wield that sword you now carry. From this point forward you will keep that sword on you at all times.
Let me tell you a little about the evil we now face. It seems after the war, when we thought all evil destroyed we were stricken to find out that some survived and hid themselves so well that they began to grow larger in numbers. This is where you come in, you hold something inside you, something that is very rare. I can not tell you what it is, it has no name, it is just there. Your purity will help us against this war we will be fighting again. Are you ready to take this on?"
Artorio sat there looking at Draiken like he had lost his mind. He wasn't sure what to say. It didn't take him long to figure he has nothing left here and that a new adventure is what he was looking for. Isn't that why he went in search of the sword in the first place? Art agreed and he went upstairs to pack a small bag while Draiken packed some bread and meat for the journey.
Before long they were out the door and on their way. they stopped by the old mans house before they left. It surprised Art that he was joining them, seeing as he thought he would be going his own way. It was nice to have him along with them. Art came to know the man better and found out that he wasn't old at all. It was his cover up while he was in town. Their journey took them many of weeks of walking through woods, plains and the small of a mountain area. It gave Art time to get to know his companions and to find out just what he was needed for. He did not know that his training would start as soon as their feet hit the road. His newest companion taught him swordsmanship, he was tough to beat at first but as Art got more and more experience on the sword the better he got. It didn't take him long to defeat his friend.
They were walking through a dense forest when Draiken told them to stop and for Art to close his eyes. When he did he heard Draiken speak a few words in a unfamiliar tongue. When Draiken told him to open his eyes he was facing stone doors with large round iron handles. Artorio was so entranced with the doors that he didn't even hear what Draiken said to him. When he was pushed forward he heard Draiken speak. "You must take the handle and knock it against the door five times to enter. We will be separated but I will see you again. Remember to stand tall and proud and to use your inner strength. Your tests and trials will be hard at first, but endure them and you will be raised high in the eyes of these races you stand before."
Artorio turned to speak to Draiken but when he turned around he watched him and their other companion disappear in thin air. Fear did not rise in him, he walked up to the door and knocked five times. The door began to open and the yellow lighted spilled out. As he began to enter the light got brighter and brighter. Arts eyes could not adjust to the light. He could hear a voice, a soft female voice calling to him telling him something.
Artorio..... come one Art. The voice it sounded familiar.
Art, come on now, please wake up.... With a jerk and a start the voice became a picture in his mind, there stood Gwynn standing over him. "Come on sleepy head, lets go play some games." She laughed at the look on Art's face. "Was the dream that good?"

I hope you enjoyed Artorios' story. He wanted to show you all how much he loves to write. Artorio is ready to go play some games. He doesn't do much batteling in the Battledome, but he is strong and ready to fight when needed. His mind is strong, he loves to read books besides writing them. Please stop in and see Art in his home any time.

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