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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: __Scyther
Owner: team_rocket_avenger
Breed: Ruki

About __Scyther:
I looked up at the giant, sleeping petpet. Turmaculus was as big as any petpet comes. I heard, once, about my cousin's petpet waking him and his little Anubis, Tut, grew a level. I patted my Wuzzer, Beedrill, on the head and wished him luck. It was December 26th and I thought getting something nice from Turmaculus would be a great late Christmas gift. Avenger smiled at me, and nodded, as I pushed Beedrill forward and told him to yell loud at Turmy. Beedrill smiled his big, cute smile that always melted my mutant heart and began howling at the top of his tiny, little lungs. My heart began to race as Turmy's eyes fluttered open! All was quiet as Turmy stared at Beedrill. Beedrill had stopped howling, now, and was gazing, wide-eyed, at Turmy, then he smiled, sweetly, and chirped. Then, before I had a chance to react, Turmaculus scooped up my little Beedrill in his enormous claws. I could only watch helplessly as my little Wuzzer cried out to me. Turmaculus raised Beedrill to his giant mouth. I could only turn away and pray that it would end well. Silence. I turned back again. Turmaculus yawned and turned around again to sleep. I glanced around. Beedrill was nowhere to be found. I looked at Avenger, hopefully. She said nothing. Just shook her head as a silent tear fell down her cheek. That's when I knew I had lost my best friend.

It hadn't been too long when Avenger came back home one day with a gift-wrapped box. "I've got a surprise for you, Scyther!" She said happily, holding out the box. "What is it?!" I shouted out in excitement. "Open it and find out!" She said. I peeled off the ribbon and popped the lid off the box. There, inside, was a tiny Anubis pup. He looked up at me and squealed with delight. I have to admit, I wasn't too thrilled. "What's this? An Anubis?" I looked over at my brother, Meowth, who had helped Avenger pick it out. "Yeah! We figured since you lost Beedrill, you might like a new petpet." He said. "Yeah," I responded, "but he's not Beedrill." "I know," said Avenger, "but no petpet out there can ever be Beedrill. You'll learn to love your new Anubis! What will you call him!" Well, I'm not heartless! I gave him an appropriate name, Houndoom, but I wasn't happy with an Anubis.

I have to admit, I wasn't too good about playing with Houndoom. I spent more time playing with my brother's Mazzew, and my sisters Snowbunny. I just couldn't bring myself to get used to an Anubis. One day, Avenger sent me off to my homeland in the Lost Desert for a vacation and instructed me to take Houndoom with me as a travel companion. "...besides," I still remember her saying, "it may bring you two closer together." Well, I didn't argue, Houndoom and I were off. While on our journey, we were to stop along in Tyrannia to pick up the paint brush Avenger had bought for Meowth. A sort of gift for his efforts. We were on our way home. I had, on me, some delicious Pyramibread (my favorite), Pyramicake (another favorite), a few Tchea Fruits and omelettes, my favorite plushie, my trusty sword, and my brother's Tyrannian Paint Brush. Suddenly, I heard the sound of cackling behind me. Houndoom turned and started growling. I spun around to find myself face-to-face with none other than the Pant Devil!

He cackled and reached into my bag. I backed away only to notice he had his hands on something. Hoping for the best, I pulled open the bag. There was the Pyramibread and cake. All Tchea Fruits and omelettes were there. My plushie was safe and my sword...but my brother's paint brush was gone! I cried out loud! How would I get that paint brush back?! That's when I heard Houndoom let out a shriek as he leapt into the air and tackled the Pant Devil. He howled as the sneaky ghost squirmed, trying to escape, but my little Houndoom was just too strong for him! I watched as Houndoom sunk his teeth around our paint brush and dash back toward me. As the Pant Devil raced toward Houndoom, I pulled out my sword and struck at the Devil knocking him back. Realizing his defeat, the Pant Devil took off and disappeared over the Horizon. I glanced down at my little Anubis. He was looking up at me, tail wagging, with the paint brush hanging from his jaws. He gently dropped the paint brush back into my bag and squealed happily. I smiled down at Houndoom, took the hood of my cloak off, and placed Houndoom atop my head. "Give your feet a rest, Houndoom. I'll carry you the rest of the way." With that, we continued home.

From that day on, Houndoom and I have been the best of friends. Though, Beedrill still rests in a special place in my heart, I will love Houndoom to the very end.

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