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Pet Name: maremly
Owner: dlppy
Breed: Draik

About maremly:
Look at that smile, how could you resist? This is Maremly, known by friends and family as Remmy. Remmy here has been through many, many changes in his life here on Neopets. Truth is, he didn't even start out with me as his owner! Nope. I, Dippy, adopted him from the Neopian pound one lovely day as a Halloween Gelert.

Remmy was downright spooky, with fangs and a cape. He tried to scare me when I took him in by letting out a growl. But it didn't phase me. I knew by the look in his eyes he just needed a friend. And I was ready to be just that.

We got to know each other over the months. He became friends with all of my Draiks. Soon, they looked at each other as brothers. But, like with every good story, there was a problem. Remmy was a Gelert...in a family of Draiks! I could tell her was unhappy. So I decided to change that.

I woke up, stumbled to my bank, where the nice Skeith greeted me ( As always. :) ). When I looked at my amount, I couldn't belive my eyes! Just enough for little Remmy to become a stunning Draik, just like his brothers. I qickly took all the points out, and scurried to the auction house.

It seemed to take forever waiting for the auctioneer to set the Draik Trans potion on the shelf. But when he did, my paws flung up in the air. Just as I had worried, though, I wasn't the only one interested in purchasing it. Go figure, huh? One by one others stood, also wanting to turn their pet into a Draik. But I wasn't going to make Remmy be the only Gelert in a family of Draiks for not a day more. So I stood, arms crossed, as the price rose.

I was getting worried. The price was almost up to more than I had...but to my surprise, everyone else sat back down. I was the only one standing. The auctioneer's voice echoes over the bulding "Going once....going twice... SOLD! To the lady with that funny rainbow shirt on!"

I rushed to him, handed him the last of my neopoints, and rushed back home to tell Remmy the news.

When I got there, Remmy and Mimiraphy were playing a game of Kacheek Seek, put quickly stopped when they saw me jolt through the door. "REMS!" I called to him. He trotted over, bat-shaped tail swaying behind him.

"Yes, Mom?" He asked, looking down at the sack I was holding.

I reached in the moderatly small bad, and carefully pulled out a jug...a green jug with the markings of a...could it be? A draik! A mutant Draik!

Remmy gasped, his paw covered his mouth as he backed into a sit. "Mom!" He finally said. I handed him the potion, gave him a nudge, and told him to drink up.

He did. And within seconds...the Halloween Gelert with glowing red eyes started to mutant. All my Draiks and I watched, wide-eyed. And then, right before us, stood just what Remmy wanted to be. A Draik.

But---mutant? Now he was creepier than what he looked like before! Rotting flesh? Swampy Green? And...is that Brains I see leaking from his head?

"How do I look?" He asked, running upstairs to his room, where his mirror was.

This wasn't Remmy at all. And, just as I felt before, I didn't want him to stay this way. Over the days, I saved more. Playing games and selling everything I owned. Remmy and I both decided he would look mighty spiffy with Stripes, so Striped he would be.

About a week past, and it was time. I began to search for the Striped paint brush. In time, I found someone willing to sell. And moments after I bought it, I painted Remmy with it.

His green, torn flesh was now pink! Floresent pink...with baby blue striped. I gave him a huge hug, and he smiled. "Thanks Mom. I really like this one. It is definatly me."

I took him back home, to show all his brothers. They clapped their claws together with glee, all happy that Remmy was now a Striped Draik.

I trained Remmy. Read him books, got his stats up and made him strong. Every day, we got more and more close to each other, just as a mother-and-son bond should be.

But now, everyone was contect with their species and color... I had nothing else to save for. I grew bored, my Neopoings grew in the bank, and I had millions again.

The day I adopted Remmy from the pound as a grouchy Halloween Gelert wa just around the corner. We both agreed that would be Remmy's birthday, since thats the day he came to live with his new, perminate family. I spent weeks thinking about what to buy him. I wanted the perfect gift.

One morning, sitting at the breakfast table with my Draiks, I was in a daze. Remmy's birthday was two days away. I still hadn't gotten him a thing.

But, just as a Nimmo jumps onto a lillypad, a throught jumped into my mind. "WINGS!" I shouted.
My family looked at me funny, wondering where the random shout came from.
"Thats it! Wings!" I said again, and stood up. "I'll be back!"

For the first time in a year, I returned to the aution house. I had finally found the perfect gift for Remmy.

I bought it, very stealth like, and snuck back home to wrap it in the best birthday wrapping paper I could find. I stuck it in my closet, and waited for the big day.

Just as any other day, Remmy's birthday came. Everyone gathered in silly hats and streamers were hung. I had the perfect present in my hands.
There was cake, games, and lots of fun at the party. Soon, it was time to open gifts. Remmy tore through the paper, thanking everyone as he saw what he got. Then, he reached for the gift labled "To: Remmykins. From: Mom."

With a quick smile to me, he shredded the paper. And inside, sparkeling and humming quietly, lay a Faerie Paint Brush.

His pink eyes filled with delight. And he looked over at me. "No way!" He exclaimed, and rushed to me. "Thank you mom! Its what I've always wanted to be. A Faerie boy!"

Laughter arose, and everyone came closer. Young Neopets asked if they could see the Paintbrush, some asked if they could hold or touch it. Remmy gladly let them, but I could tell he was ready to go become what he would be forever; a Faerie Draik.

Once again, we took off to the pool. He hopped in, holding the paintbrush, and just like that, wings sprouted from his back. His lovely stripes remined, though his ears seemed a bit more spiraly.

He fluttered over, spun around, then landed on his blue Draiky feet.

"Thanks for giving me a great life here on Neopets. I know I'll be with you forever." He announced, with a shy nod.

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