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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Arrowtak
Owner: aiyakiu
Breed: Lupe

About Arrowtak:
"Hello pups," said a grinning, overly-confident Fire Lupe, walking into the room with pride. He glanced at the others in the room - far removed from being the age where one could call them 'pups' - and sat down as if he were about to lecture a class.

"I'm going to tell you a great story about one of Neopia's greatest heroes," the Lupe said, assertively. "It's a tale of adventure, of excitement, of glory to the species that are Lupes. Please keep an open mind, pups - this story may frighten you."

The Lupe didn't even notice that the other pets in the room - arms loaded from a day of shopping, as they were right in the middle of the marketplace - were whispering frantically and wondering what was going on. The Lupe continued on as if he were weaving one of the greatest tales of all time.

"A long time ago," said the Lupe drastically, "there was a great power in the land. Any of you who play Neoquest will recognize the name - the beast called the Guardian of Fire Magic!
"Now he was a fearsome creature, and many sought his wisdom. One day, however, he was slain in battle, and all the power that he held gushed out onto the plains, setting fire to anything his might touched.
"You might say this could have been the end of Neopia! Oh no, for the Faeries knew exactly what to do. They harnessed the wildfires and the flames, and using all their magic, sealed it up so that it could no longer destroy the world. But the real question was what to do with this power - after all, all the Fire Faeries knew the Guardian's magic wouldn't want to be sealed up for long!

"So many, many ages later, they sealed this power inside a newborn Lupe. I know what you're thinking!-" cried the storyteller forcefully, "how could a mere Lupe control the power?
"Well, this was one of the great abilities that Arrowtak - the great Fire Lupe and heir to the Guardian of Fire Magic's power, had inside him. He grew up not knowing anything special about himself, until one day, the whole world was in danger!"

By now, the room was restless and wanting to empty, but the Lupe storyteller was blocking the door. He grinned wider as the shoppers came closer, walked over, and put two heavy paws on them to sit them back down on the floor.
"I know you're eager!" he cried, "but you must hear the end of my tale!"

Everyone murmured angrily.

"Anyway," continued the storyteller, "this great Lupe, Arrowtak, had to save the entire world from many different evils! Evils that you haven't even heard of! Because he beat them all! That's right, he was that amazing! But you know what he did after he saved the world?"
The storyteller looked hopefully at the crowd, but no one looked him in the eye except a few defiant listeners.

"He sealed up his abilities and decided to live his life as a normal Lupe! He loved his family so much that he didn’t want to put them to any danger. Now, isn’t that amazing?”

The crowd angrily began pushing past him, but the storyteller was far from unnerved. He kept smiling and nodding at them, and asking them if they thought it was the best story as he did.

“FOR GOODNESS SAKES, ARROW!” cried a human voice, “will you QUIT bothering the restockers?!”
A late-teenaged girl was standing in the doorway, arms folded, glaring at her Neopet angrily.
“Well, they needed to hear my awesome story,” said Arrow quietly, shrugging. “After all, you have to wonder if it’s true, eh?”
The girl rolled her eyes. “Let’s just go home, ‘kay?” And she grinned and messed up the hair on top of the Fire Lupe’s head.

Arrowtak laughed. “The thing is, none of them will think I’m in my right mind - I mean, yeah, you’ll say I’m not,” he said, grinning at his owner knowingly, “but… You know.”

The girl laughed. “Only you, Takky, would hold a group of restockers hostage. Only you.”

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