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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Symarilliona
Owner: elbereth_ancalima
Breed: Wocky

About Symarilliona:

The Wocky stalked into the middle of the room, and with a swish of her tail, did a pirouette.
"Hel-lo Neopia!" she declared dramatically. "Greetings! I am the one—the only—Symarilliona!" Ignoring the muffled snickers coming from the corner where her siblings sat, she turned to her owner and proudly asked "How was that for an intro?"
"Very nice," Nibs replied sarcastically, putting her notebook down. "If you’re doing a circus act, that is." The snickers grew louder. Symarilliona cast them a glare, then turned back to Nibs. "Well then, what am I supposed to do?" she huffed.
The dark-haired teen sighed. "I don’t know...just try talking about yourself a little?"
"Allright already," Symarilliona grumbled, plopping down on the rug. Curling her tail around her, she declared: "Hello everyone! My name is Symarilliona, and I’m smart, strong and beautiful, and the future winner of this week’s Pet Spotlight!"
Nibs dropped her notebook, and all but fell off her chair. Kalica and Maeglin went into paroxysms of laughter.
"Auditioning for a beauty pageant, Sym?" Kalica chuckled.
Symarilliona gave the Kougra a glare, then continued. "I enjoy sports, outdoor activities, and I have two very annoying siblings...an over-intellectual, smart-alec elder sister who thinks she’s the ultimate know-it-all, and a bratty little brother who’s only pastime is irritating me. Oh, and my owner is a psychotic teen who named me after a book by Tolkien and is a rabid fangirl of Jhudora. And that’s my lovely family."
"Why you little—"
"Nibs! Tell Sym not to be mean!"
"Oh, so I’m a know-it-all, am I?
"Moving right along!" the Wocky said cheerfully. Kalica sighed, and put her head down on her paws. After a quick curious glance at his sisters and owner, Maeglin copied her actions.
Still grumbling under her breath, Nibs picked up her notepad once more, and scanned the writing. "Fine then...okay Sym, what’re your hobbies?"
"Finally," groaned the Wocky. Clearing her throat, she paused for dramatic effect...and then declared proudly..."Battling!"
A muffled something that might have been an "Oh, puh-leeze," came from the corner.
"And?" prompted Nibs.
"And battling!"
"Yeah, you kinda mentioned that. But you’ve barely been in ten fights, so how about you give us some other hobbies?"
"Well..." Symarilliona scratched her head with a paw, looking thoughtful, then perked up. "Training! For battling!"
Nibs put down her pencil and took a deep breath, looking like she was resisting the urge to break something. "Sym," she said patiently. "Please. This is the Pet Spotlight we’re practising for. Try NOT to act dysfunctional?"
"But I love battling!" protested the Wocky. "You know I do!"
"After spending thousands on your training and weapons? Why no, I never knew that." came the sarcastic retort. Kalica snickered, earning herself yet another dark glare.
"Fine," Symarilliona growled. "Can we move on now?"
"With pleasure," Nibs muttered. The teen flipped the page of her notebook, and chewed on the end of her pencil for a moment before answering. "Okay then...favourite places to visit?"
"Oooh, good question." Symarillona thought for a minute before answering "Well, I’d have to say the Ice Caves. With thick fur like mine, it’s really the climate that suits me the most. And the games are excellent, as are the shops. I still remember the time Maeglin slipped on the ice and went crashing into the shelves in the Ice Crystal shop—"
"Hey!" the little Gelert protested, raising his head.
Nibs laughed. "I remember that incident too. Allright, then?" I don’t believe this, she thought. She’s actually speaking properly and normally...and not mentioning battling...
"Hmm. Well, I also love Mystery Island. The Tombola is super fun! Then there’s the Lost Desert...Sakhmet City is a place I never grow tired of exploring."
Nibs cheered mentally, as she raced to note down Sym’s words. Yes! Keep going! Oh, this is great! If she can talk like this in the real thing, she’ll win for sure! She’ll be sure to—
"And of course, the BattleDome!"
With a moan, Nibs covered her face with the book. I knew it was too good to be true.
"Face it, Nibs." Kalica said lazily. "It’s a lost cause. Sym’ll never win. After all, the Spotlight is for NORMAL pets..." Symarillona growled at her.
"Why me..." Nibs moaned.
"Enough dramatics!" Symarilliona growled at her owner. "Just go on to the next question, already!"
"Yeah. Sure. Of course." the teen said dully, picking up the notebook. "Whatever you say." She leafed through the pages till she arrived at the right one. "Oookay...name some of your favourite games."
"Allright!" the Wocky perked up considerably. Leaping to her feet, she began to pace around the room, swishing her tail to and fro as she talked. "Well, let’s see...Mynci Beach Volleyball!"
"And she has the bumps on her head to prove it," muttered Kalica.
"Chia Bomber!"
"Took forever to get the mud out of her fur."
"Freaky Factory!"
"And the paint."
"Though the only thing she ever won was a Mud Snowball."
"Pouncing on my irritating, smart-aleck, bugging-comment-making sister Kalica!"
"Yes, and we all—" Kalica stopped. "What was that—"
She never got to finish her sentence, because Symarilliona leapt on her with a battle-roar. Within minutes, the room was a melee of flying cushions, red fur, and howls of "Gerroff me!" and "You started it!" With a startled yelp, Maeglin leapt out of the way.
"I give up," Nibs sighed, dropping her pencil. She leaned back in her chair, and looked wearily at the jumbled mass of notes she’d taken. "Maybe I should just submit this for the Spotlight. If nothing else, TNT will get a laugh out of it."

And if you’re reading this right now, I guess that was exactly what she did.

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