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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kormapolitan
Owner: y_car_y
Breed: Korbat

About Kormapolitan:
The Tale Of Kormapolitan The Korbat And Icycle II

The story I tell you today young Neopians is one of courage, faith, hospitality and is most of all true. And it begins, like this:

High up on Terror Mountain, a young Korbat was battling his way through an unmerciful blizzard. Having been separated from his Keeper, Kormapolitan the Korbat had been traveling all night against raging winds, hard icy snow and bitter, shardy rain. He was heading for the valley, Happy Valley, for that was were Carla would be heading too, yes she would have carried on, and have faith that I would too, Kormapolitan thought flapping feverishly against the gale.

His vision impaired by thick snow, Kormapolitan could see but a few yards in front of him, yet in the distance, he spotted a large brown shape! What could it be? he pondered. Beating his wings harder than ever, he fought to get nearer this thing. Brown on the outsides, white on top... what was it? A log cabin! "Shelter!" Kormapolitan gasped. Flying up to the window, he could see an old, graying Lupe gazing into the crackling warm fire, and a little Petpet under a blanket on the armchair. He banged hard on the glass, alerting the Lupe who came over to the door as quickly as his rickety old legs could carry him.

"Come in you poor dear you must be wasting away outside like this," said the Lupe giving him a blanket and pulling a chair near the fire for him. "You can stay here for the night young one, were are you heading in this dreadful blizzard?" asked the Lupe handing Kormapolitan a warm cup and then returning to his seat.

"Happy Valley" replied Kormapolitan, "my owner and I were separated in the storm, I know she will continue on to there, for we are to catch a boat back home to Mystery Island tomorrow afternoon." The Lupe thought for a moment, peering over his cup at the drenched little Korbat before saying -

"You and she travel often do you?" Kormapolitan explained they did, they had seen all of Neopia with Rudian and Syruss too, the other neopets. "You're jus' what I've hoped to come across young one. You see this little creature here?" indicating the sleeping Petpet, which Kormapolitan could now see was an Abominable Snowball. "He was my brothers, but my brother has been prisoner the Darigan Citadel for as long as I can remember. I don't even know the poor things name" the Lupe said pointing at the figure under the blanket again. "Sadly I think my time is passing before me, and I jus' want to see this little one go to a good home before I go. He's always said he'd love to travel Neopia but I've never been fit enough to take him. He's traveled as far as the Ice Caves and that's it. So whad'ya say then? Will you take him in?" Kormapolitan gazed at the sleeping Petpet. It looked so peaceful, no cares, no worries. Having no Petpet of his own, naturally Kormapolitan accepted.

Kormapolitan woke the next morning feeling refreshed and energized. Within the hour, the new duo was on their way. The wind had dropped and the air was clear. Kormapolitan could see Happy Valley from the cabin now that he didn't have a great mass of snow blocking his seeing. Going down the slope, Kormapolitan told his new Petpet about hi name ideas. "I used to have an Abominable Snowball for a Petpet some time ago, he was called Icycle. How about Icycle the Second?"

"I sound like a duke!" he replied not quite understanding dukes and other important members of society's titles. " Icycle II for short I think."

Half an hour of easy flying and sliding later, Kormapolitan and Icycle II were passing the welcome sign to Happy Valley ("Great depths of Happiness!") It was quite a small town, filled with neat little houses and shops, all painted a light tan colour, with leaded glass windows and wooden brown front doors. Where would she be? The dock? Kormapolitan looked out to sea. Would he and Icycle II be sailing over those icy depths that afternoon? Or would they still be asking the citizens of Happy Valley if they had seen Carla? No time to waste...

The vessel that was to sail to Mystery Island that afternoon was being commandeered by a very looking Jetsam. He was no help at all, just like the Buzz in the cafe, the Eyrie in the gift shop, and the Techo in the cake shop and the Bruce at the skating arena. The pair sat down to rest by the ice statue in the centre of town. It has been made very clumsily Kormapolitan thought looking up at the giant Wocky's blunt looking ears, and uneven legs. Something beautiful could have been put here like... well a statue of a Korbat obviously. Just about to sit down on the giant paw, Kormapolitan was swept mid-air by a .... very relieved owner! And then he told her the story, the exact same story I just told you young ones, of how Kormapolitna met Icycle the Second, before sailing lazily home to Mystery Island.

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