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Pet Name: Akalea
Owner: scottiepug
Breed: Bori

About Akalea:

On Terror Mountain a race was starting. The beginning of the track was Happy Valley and contestants would have to climb up to the top of Terror Mountain. The first one to the top wins! The prize was a mystery.

And guess who happens to be in that race? You!

Though you know this climb will not be easy, you are determined. Once it started, you were already in the lead and the only one who managed to pass you was a small Ice Bori who seemed to know the mountain well. This does not discourage you though.

You focus completely on climbing and not the other climbers. Soon, suspense overwhelms you and you turns to see that the Bori is gone. Smiling, you continue.

Later, a cold wind blew across Terror Mountain as you climbed up the steep, icy mountain. Other climbers are even farther behind making you proud that you have climbed so high.

Seconds tick by and soon they turn to minutes which change to hours and you realize that a break would be nice. You come up to a huge, strong piece of ice that is jutting out of the side of the mountain. It holds you up and you decide to take a bite of a sandwich you packed.

But when you pull the frozen, plastic bag that contains the sandwich, you find that it too had been frozen. With no food to eat, you know that your chances of making it up to the top are slim.


"What?!" you yell startled. A familer face peeks out through a hole in the mountain. It was the Ice Bori! "What do you want?" you mumble grumpily while staring up at the sky. She doesn't answer right away. Instead she waits until you get bored of staring at the sky and look at her. "Well, I noticed that you had a delicious sandwich there," she gestures toward your icewich. "And I was wondering if you'd like to trade." You're about to refuse her offer when she takes out a fresh sandwich exactly like yours except it isn't surrounded in ice.

"So," she says so suddenly that you get a fright. "Is it a deal?" Nodding, you trade with the Bori and watch as she devours the sandwich you just handed to her. "Delicious!" she yells so loud that it could have caused an avalanche. Then, she turns to you and puts out her claw. "I'm Akalea." she says smiling. You shake hands with her and tell Akalea your name. "Delighted to meet you." she says then disappears into the hole.

You suddenly remember that you are apart of a race and quickly stuff your food into your mouth and start climbing. An eager Red Techo managed to pass you while distracted and as soon as you pass him you realize why Akalea disappeared. She knew the mountain so well that she knew of the secret passages like the holes she was using. When she disappeared, she had gone into a hole.

Then, you see a bunch of neopets, a green flag, and (uh oh!) a hole! You start to climb faster and in your hurry you don't completely grasp a chunk of ice and slip. At the same time, Akalea appears through the hole and doesn't waste any time running toward the finish line.

When you slipped, your legs slammed against the mountain and went numb. One hand tightly grasped an ice block that jutted out the side of the mountain but you were going to soon lose your grip on it.

Yelling at the top of your lungs was your only option.

Almost to the finish line, Akalea's heart pounded. Every year something had happened causing her to lose the race, but not this year. Then, a scream interupted her thoughts. It was just a little too familer. The helps continued and then Akalea realized that she was the only one who was close enough to save them.

She stopped and hoped that someone else had saved them and when she heard nothing, she continued to run.

"HELP!" you yelled. Your lungs were tired and your mouth was dry. Nobody was coming. Akalea had probably already won and was celebrating, not even thinking of you. That's when it happened. Your fingers slipped and you screamed.

Eyes closed, you waited until you hit something. Then you opened your eyes and noticed that you were floating in mid air. Looking up, you saw that a claw made of ice had a tight grasp on your arm. Smiling at you was a beautiful Ice Bori. "Akalea!"
"Did you win the race?"
"Of course not! I turned back to save you." Akalea pulled you up.
"So, what are we going to do about the race?" you asked.
"Well, I have an idea." And then after explaining her idea, the two of you ran together to the finish and the judges declared the race a tie.


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