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Pet Name: Ryozine
Owner: draikplush
Breed: Krawk

About Ryozine:
There has been much speculation about the other side of Neopia, and now that exploration parties are emerging, one creature was feeling the push to make herself known. It was a very hard thing for her to do, because she was so used to a life lived on her own, ever since… the event. The event that changed her life. This is her story, as dictated to me, her caretaker. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.
Hello. My name is Ryozine. I am dictating my story to my caretaker, draikplush, for I have no skill at using those… keyboard… contraptions. These claws may be useful for many things, but mashing those keys they are not. As I was saying, my name is Ryozine. I am a krawk, but I am not like the other krawks you may see. I am from the OTHER side of Neopia.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I was born on the small island Hau’loki, which is located on the far side of the Neopian Planet. I was born into a small tribe of krawks that live there, and I was born into a hierarchy—I am one of the princesses of Hau’loki. No, don’t treat me differently because of my title. It isn’t all that important anyway. You may have been wondering about my clothing? It is the traditional garb of my tribe. I have the crown of blooms because of my status—our island is full of freshly bloomed flowers year-round.

I am rambling, however. Surely you do not care about the ways of our tribe? If you did, there would be time to speak of that later. I should get to the real point of my story, but it is… somewhat hard for me to tell. There are bad memories, you see. Memories of IT. The dreaded Pojh’tak.

The Pojh’tak is the spirit of the waters, and yearly he whips his wrath against our island. It is an unfortunate fact of life, and my people have long since learned how to deal with him. We travel inland for the week or two that Pojh’tak descends on us. I believe that here on this side of Neopia, you call what Pojh’tak does a… monsoon? Well, one year Pojh’tak came… early. He caught us unawares. This is how I came to your shores.

Many of my tribe were on the beach early one morning, collecting shells and other things that had washed up on the sand, to take back to our living quarters. One thing you learn to do on a small island is use everything that is given to you by nature. It was on that morning that Pojh’tak crept up on us. The skies suddenly began to darken, and the water curdled, boiling as if it had become very hot. The waves began to build up, and my people fled. I did not. To this day I do not know what caused me to stay there, staring at the rising waters, but they soon rushed around my ankles… and I was swept away.

For days I was carried in the water, only my strong swimming skill and a piece of driftwood keeping me afloat. I thought for sure that I would perish in the great ocean, but as my hope was drifting away, land appeared on the horizon. It was many more hours before I washed up upon Mystery Island’s shore, where I lay unconscious for what I assume was many more hours—my body was dehydrated and starved. It was on the shores that my caretaker and her family found me.

They took me in and nursed me back to health. I took them some time to understand the words I was saying, once I regained consciousness. In time, I learned to speak as they did, although I did so very badly for a year or two after I arrived here. In time, I told them my story, and now I am telling it to the rest of Neopia. The other side of the world has many dangers that you could not imagine.

I would like to offer my assistance to all up and coming explorers that are setting off for the other side. I feel that I could be of some use to the people of Neopia, if I combined my knowledge with your thirst for new things, new land to stake out. I also yearn to see my tribe and my family again. If anyone is interested in taking me along on their pioneer expedition, you need only contact my caretaker at the usual address. Thank you all for you time. You have been a great audience.
End of Dictation

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