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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Alymis
Owner: fortune_ate
Breed: Wocky

About Alymis:
'Twas the night before Wocky Day and all through the house,
Not a Neopet was stirring - except for Alymis and her sister's Miamouse...

"Please Flutter - wake up!" I whispered urgently, glancing nervously at MelMel, my sister Missyish's Miamouse. Unlike Flutter, MelMel was awake. And looking particularly annoyed at me for waking her up in the middle of the night. Even though MelMel is a sweet little furball generally, she's touchy about her naptime. Then again, if someone crashed into my room and spilt Sparkly Blue Paint all over me at 11pm, I wouldn't be too happy either. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It all began last night when my sister Missyish snuck past the dozing Snowager and stole a dazzling Red Koi keyring. She was very proud of herself because this was the first time she'd gotten something from his lair other then a Wet Snowball. Missyish gloated over it for the whole of today and by lunch no-one in my family wanted to hear another syllable about icicles, sleeping hoarders and Missyish's tip-toe technique. So I figured, maybe if I, uh, borrowed it for a while, she'd forget all about it and finally stop jabbering on about it. But no. Missyish wouldn't even let me look at it!

"You're still a baby," she said calmly, placing the box that contained the precious keyring inside her Slorg Wardrobe. "A significant symbol of a Neopet's bravery, such as that keyring, should not be left in the care of minors. Besides," she added infuriatingly, "you might break it."

Baby?! Minor?! I felt insulted. After all, Missyish is only 29 days older than me. As I stormed out of her room I yelled over my shoulder; "That TRINKET's not worth my time ANYWAY!" So maybe that wasn't too mature. "But Missyish started it," I attempted to explain to my older brother Mysticole. He sighed and reminded me that he only asked me to pass the Pressurised Water, not ask about who started the fight.
Brothers. They can be annoying simple sometimes.

I spent the rest of the afternoon convincing myself that I didn't give a single Whoot's hoot about Missyish's pathetic attachment to the plastic coin. I focused solely on completing the "HAPPY WOCKY DAY" banner I'd been working on for the whole week. I was almost finished and had completely forgotten about Missyish when I realised that I had to repaint the letters h and w in my banner because my uncoordinated petpet Blorpulous, Flutter had left a trail of messy white pawprints. I also realised that the Sparkly Blue Paint was in the Slorg Cupboard where Missyish had stashed her Red Koi Keyring.

Being the mature-beyond-my-years Neopet that I was, I only had a tiny peek at the keyring. Just to be safe, I'd waited until everyone had fallen asleep and told them I'd be finishing my banner. Well, I was going to. Eventually.

Then it happened. I loosened my grip on the Red Koi Keyring so I could reach for the jar of paint. I leant forward too far and fell off the Harris Chair I'd used to climb to the top shelf. The Red Koi Keyring slipped out of my hands and slammed into my brother's Clay sculpture.
"Uh-oh..." I practically squeaked, in my terror. The lump of moist brown clay that the keyring had disappeared into was Mysticole's contribution to our family's Wocky Day celebrations. I told myself to stay calm. Then I ran out of the room, the jar of Sparkly Blue Paint still in my hand, and ran into the petpet's beds. Luckily, three of the petpets remained snoring contentedly.
Unfortunately, the one family petpet who'd woken up was MelMel who was looking quite meepish. Meepish is in relation to Meepits, meaning that MelMel somehow mangaged to look cute and world domination-ly evil at the same time.

I highly doubted that I was going to get out of this situation without the help of Flutter. I'm sure Flutter has the potential to be a great fighter, but like most petpets, that remains to be shown because Flutter certainly never helps out in the Battledome like he's supposed to. But anyway, by this point in time I was happy to get any kind of help at all.

Miraculously, Flutter woke up after I used a Turmaculus waking technique and sang a loud screechy Sticks 'N Stones number. He was kind of unsteady as he pulled himself up, but that was very, very good as he bumped MelMel pretty hard while he staggered to his feet. With one problem solved, it left me with one messy plastic-and-clay structure that somehow had to turn back into a spotless Red Koi Keyring and a clay figure of some sort.

By morning, I was exhausted but silently proud of myself. My banner was footprint-free. I'd smushed the clay into the vague resemblance of a Meturf and saved myeslf from buying Mysticole a Christmas present. Now he had a Clay Meturf petpet!

As for the keyring, you ask? Well... Missyish isn't the only one in our family who can get past the Snowager now. Did you know that Red Koi Keyrings are really, really common in the Snowager's lair?

So. That's why I, Alymis, think I deserve the Pet Spotlight. I mean, how many Neopets do you know that can deal with a deranged Miamouse, a paint problem, a bossy bragging sister, the Snowager and a very slimy lump of clay all in one night?

As my banner proudly states, HAPPY WOCKY DAY!

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