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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Krismaus
Owner: phoebemittens
Breed: Xweetok

About Krismaus:
Trudging through Happy Valley towards the Advent Calendar, you hear a small voice calling you.
"Hello!" it cries. "Hello! Hi, over here! Hello!"
Looking around, there's nothing to be seen. The snow lies crisp, white and still on the path through the trees. Overhear the sky is blue and clear, and all around you is stillness. Your breath comes out in front of you in clouds.
You hear the voice again.
"Over here! Over here, silly! Right before your nose!"
That's ridiculous, you think. Too much borovan, am I hallucinating? And then you see him.
An eye-level branch of the nearest fir tree is dipping and swaying alarmingly. As you approach, you see, precariously perched amongst the tip of the needles, a tiny creature, apparently made from snow. He has huge coal eyes and a thick snowy tail, and he bounces up and down delightedly, waving his forepaws in the air.
"Now you see me!" he shouts with glee. He seems very pleased with his joke, and you can't help but smile. He takes a flying leap onto the ground before you, and you bend down to say hello.
"Hello!" says the xweetok. "My name's Kris - Krismaus Mittens, in full. I hope you didn't mind me playing my trick just now. I only just got painted, you see, and I'm so pleased with my new look I couldn't wait to try it out! Don't you think it's exciting?"
You nod, but before you can speak, Kris begins to run in circles around you, still babbling with delight.
"I'm very new, you know, I was only born on the first of December. My owner, that's Phoebe Mittens, she saw the new species and immediately knew she needed a xweetok to complete her family. Xweetoks are very new too, you know, in fact I'm probably quite old already for a xweetok I suppose." He pauses for a second to consider this and blinks. For that instant, he is invisible against the snow again - in fact you find it very hard to see him clearly at all, since he's either camouflaged or in perpetual motion. He opens his eyes again and looks at you, a wide smile spreading across his face, and you can see him clearly at last. The thick snow is bluer-tinged in two stripes along his back and tail, and his tiny, twitching nose is coal, too. There is something freshly-fallen and fluffy about the snow of his ruff and tail, and something more velvety about his tiny paws. He really is a beautiful creature, but as soon as you have time to notice this, he begins to leap about again.
"Snow xweetoks are even newer, of course, and I bet I'm one of the very, very newest in Neopia! Phoebe was given a paintbrush by a kind person, and she painted me straight away. My new sister Gwyn wasn't totally happy, she's been waiting to be painted for ages, she says. Phoebe's got the brush in her deposit box and she was going to paint Gwyn last month, on her birthday, but then they agreed that Gwyn should go back to the laboratory until she gets 200 hit points. I don't know what hit points are. And I've never been to the laboratory, either. And I'm even luckier, because now I never will!"
He shudders at the thought and tiny sparkling snowflakes spray from his coat.
“I’ve got two brothers as well as my sister – they’re both kougras. People say xweetoks are frightened of kougras, but it’s not true. My brother Zee is the nicest pet you could meet, really gentle and kind. And so far my brother Ed just reads all the time, so I don’t see much of him. And a good job too…” Kris lowers his voice and creeps closer to you for a moment, “because his petpet’s got a flankin. Yipes! Wouldn’t want to get to close to him, would I?”
He leaps back into the tree and climbs back onto his branch. “Thank you for listening to me, I know I go on a bit. I’m just excitable, you see. And it’s nearly Christmas too! I love Christmas: all the presents, paintbrushes, and hot chocolate, and all sorts of things. I love presents!”
He is struck by a thought. “Are you going to the Advent Calendar, then? It’s good, I got a hat there the other day. You should probably hurry, actually, it’s getting late now and you don’t want to miss it. Oh, but wait – before you go…” he suddenly disappears, running up the tree to its topmost branches, and just as suddenly scampers back down, a green leaf held in his mouth. He holds it out to you with a grin.
“For you. It’s still green, you see. I thought that was special, so I was waiting to give it to someone as a present.”
You take it with a smile, and Kris suddenly covers his nose with his tail, a little embarrassed. In your pocket you remember you have some humbugs, and the xweetok accepts them in return. He loves sweet things, you can tell, because when you turn back to wave at him, you see his cheeks already bulging with the candy. Krismaus waves at you energetically, then bounds away, disappearing into the snow.

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