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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: ms__TAYLOR
Owner: rawr_immapenguin
Breed: Bruce

About ms__TAYLOR:

All this shaking made you drop your pen and pad of paper. As you walk toward the house with different colored flowers and sparkling windows, you hear loud disco music playing. The song was "Staying Alive" by the Beegees. You hear a young lady's voice saying, "LOWER THE VOLUME OR THE NEIGHBORS WILL COMPLAIN!" A little Bruce pops his head outside the windows and yells, "WHAT NEIGHBORS?!?!!"


You can hear the volume lower, but still feel the ground shaking and shaking. While you stroll towards the rainbow sidewalk, you admire the bushes that are shaped like a star. You walk to the door and ring the doorbell. It sounded like it was ringing out some Christmas song you couldn't put your finger on. The door slowly opens and you see a young asian lady smiling towards you. "Oh, hello there! You must be the interviewer," greeted the lady, "My name is Abigail, ms__TAYLOR'S mother." You smiled and greeted her a hello. While entering the house, you see vibrant colors everywhere, on the walls, furniture, etc. The 70's music becomes louder to you. A bit too loud! You cover your ears, because you are sensitive to the sound. "TURN IT OFF! The interviewer is here!" Abigail said.

The music suddenly turns off and you hear footsteps beyond the stairs. The little bruce you once saw popping his head out the window comes down the stairs. "Son, this is the interviewer I was talking to about," said Abigail,"Here come follow me and I will show a place you both can sit down and talk."

You and ms__TAYLOR follow dear Abigail to a room that seems to be the dining room. You sit down at one end of the table and ms__TAYLOR sits at the other end. Abigail leaves and you say,"So... ms__TAYLOR, I'm just going to ask you a few questions and then I'm going to go. It will only take about a couple of mintues." The bruce nods, so you started asking away.

"ms__TAYLOR seems like a girl's name, because of the ms like MISS. How come your name is like this?" you asked.

"Oh.. It's just a nickname really. The M.S. stands for Michael Samson. So my real FULL name is Michael Samson," he replied. You nod and write it down on your pad of paper. "You sure really listen to that disco music. Why?"

"Well, I started listening to it while I was young. You know? It stuck on me. The fast beats makes you get into it; you know? I'm just hoping we can get enough neopoints so we can buy a Disco Paint Brush for me. My mom is saving up."

"Hmm.. interesting," you scribbled really quickly so you can get that down. "What are your goals?"

"Errr.. let me think. To get that Disco Paint Brush, of course and... and well... I don't really know. I haven't really though about it."

"How would you describe yourself?"

"Friendly. Umm.. really clumsy. I always trip and drop things on accident a lot. Dorky. Hyper sometimes. I like to dance. Actually, I LOVE to dance. Oh and handsome!"

You laugh. "Well, that's it."

"That's it? That is ALL you are going to ask me!" ms__TAYLOR said.

"Told you it would be only a couple of minutes," you replied.

You and the small bruce walk out of the dining room and see Abigail reading a book. "Excuse me, Abigail dear, I'm going to leave now. I've got all the stuff I need."

"Oh really? Wow. Okay then... Here..." she points to the plate of cookies by the door,"Take one for the road."

"Sure will!" you said happily,"Thank you for letting me interview your son and this cookie." You walk out of the door whistling the tune called "Staying Alive."

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