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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Dilliie
Owner: sparkly_fairy_dust
Breed: Wocky

About Dilliie:
You look up to the Pet Spotlight platform as the deep red curtain opens with a 'swoosh'. A small fat Wocky is centre stage, the spotlight highlighting the rugged contours of her face. The Wocky is a Pirate – and you admire her majestic look and fine clothes, despite the fact that she seems uncomfortable on the stage.

“I’m not too good on me feet,” she comments in a rocky voice that cracks constantly, “As yer can tell” (here she pauses and points to her wooden leg) “and me voice ain’t really the best for singing – except sea shanties, that is. I put it down to too much rum! Aye, I don’t have many talents; how about I tell yer my story? Arrr that would be best. I’m Dilliie, by the way. Cap’n Dilliie.”

The Pirate Wocky clunks off the stage, and you decide to follow. If her story is good, you may choose her to win the spotlight trophy! You are lead to the beaches of Krawk Island. As you step onto the sandy shore, you are slightly afraid of the dodgy looks you’re receiving. The locals don’t seem too happy to have strangers on their turf. However, you stick with Dilliie and you know you won’t get any trouble. The Wocky (even though she is small) is very feisty and hisses at the few Krawks that scorn her for being a female Pirate.

To avoid the nasty stares, you turn your attention to the vessels moored on the beach. Most are small and shabby – but there are a couple that impress you. These ships are large and well-kept (or shipshape, ha-ha)! There is one boat that particularly catches your eye. It isn’t the biggest ship – but it is certainly the most striking. It’s deep black in colour, with large luxurious sails. Everything about it is perfect.

“This is me boat! Aye, she’s a beaut.” Dilliie stops at the boat you are admiring. “Come aboard … though I must warn ye, if ye scare easily I would back off. Me tale is a fearsome one.”

Frightening images of vicious pirates flash into your mind, but you are spellbound by the Wocky so you step on board. The boat rocks with the waves and you hope you will not suffer from sea-sickness! You are offered a plush seat next to Dilliie’s. You clear the plethora of pirate goodies off the cushion and sit down.

“Settled comfortably? Aye? I shall begin…” Dilliie scratches her chin. “I became a pirate many years ago. I was a lubb- sorry; I lived on land like ye do, with me family and me friends. I was happy, aye, but I always admired the ocean. It is so wild, so free – I knew inside my heart of hearts that one day I would live upon such a glorious beast. So I began to save up my dubloons. I helped my brothers and sisters out and did jobs for other land-dwelling Neopians.” Dilliie stopped to offer you some rum, and the carries on with her exciting story.

“I finally had enough dubloons to purchase a vessel. But where could I get one from? All the Pirates ridiculed me. A female Pirate? This was unheard of on such an unruly Island like Krawk Island. I asked around, but as ye would have guessed, nobody would sell me a ship. I didn’t understand back then – but now I do. Ye ship is something you love; it is part of you as much as your family is - ye can not give it up for a bit o' loot! After a few days of parading the sandy terrain of Krawk Island, I knew I would not be able to purchase a ship. Arrr. The sly underhand way of the area was something most Neopians disapproved of – but I found it enticing. I wanted to live the pirate life more and more. I was sadly paddling among the alcoves of Krawk Island beach, watching thee ships sail past, when I saw the topmost point of a sail poking above a rock, with the sea a-swish-swashing over it.

“Sail ho!” I cried.
I dug away at the sail, until I came across the crow’s nest – and then more of the sail. I carried on digging until I had unearthed the whole ship. As ye can imagine, this was a huge job. It took me into the best part of thar night. I could tell the ship had once been a beaut – but now it was dilapidated; broken into pieces. It would bring a noble pirate to tears, aye!

That is when my task began. I would repair this majestic ship with me bare hands! It would be my vessel! I would sail the briny deep (that’s the ocean, to ye) and be proud of my boat! After several months I had completed my ship. I called her ‘The Silver Cutlass’. It is what you see here today – a magnificent vessel, strong as a Grarrl. Ye may think this is where me story ends, but ye would be wrong. I thought my woes where over…

But as I was about to weigh anchor upon my adventure, I saw out of the corner of my eye a formidable-looking creature coming towards me. A Krawk, he was: a common creature upon the Island.
“Ye are on me boat,” he told me, “Get of me boat, ye land lubber!”
“Arrr, no, this be my vessel! I built her with me bare hands!” I retorted.

After a lot of quarrelling, the situation became clear. This Krawk was named Swashy Pete. Arrr, he is bilge - and I know bilge when I see it. He had once owned the ship, but during a terrible storm he had been shipwrecked. He abandoned his ship and bought another – was such a ramshackle ship worth repairing? Swashy Pete didn’t think so. I was appalled! This was not the way a true pirate thinks! A true pirate would nurse their beaut to shipshape condition.

Swashy Pete saw how marvelous The Golden Cutlass looked and wanted her back. I was not about to give my pride and joy up, however! Swashy Pete and I are sworn enemies. We sailed the seas fighting on and off for years – and now I am back. I be looking for a crew to help with me fight … Goldy needs more hands to tend her needs. I am sure this will be a battle that lasts a lifetime – but it’s a pirate’s life for me, the life I always wanted! Are any of you willing to be me crewmembers? You? No? Well, once a land lubber always a land lubber…”

Cap’n Dilliie pauses and you realize the story is over. Shocked, you sit back in your seat. Ooooh, what a thrilling tale that was! You shake Dilliie’s hand, and leave her boat. Walking back to the Pet Spotlight headquarters, you think about how pleased Dilliie will be when she hears she has won the first prize!

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