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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Vaidao
Owner: o_tigerpawz_o
Breed: Korbat

About Vaidao:
Most neopians seem to think that the only sentient plushie in Neopia is the Malevolent Sentient Poogle. This is simply not true. There are many other plushie pets in Neopia, who I tend to believe have formed a secret society… only those in the KNOW realize they exist. Why else would there be such a thing as a Plushie Paint Brush?

Clearly those who don’t believe in sentient plushies have never met the Korbat Vaidao. I promise you that what appears to be a craftily (although somewhat worn) plushie is just as alive as you or I. How she came to be is an interesting, yet strange story. It has never been told before, and on today, the birthday of the Korbat species, I will tell it to all of Neopia.


The pages of the book swished through the air, releasing the dusty, familiar scent of a book that had spent a long, long time on the shelf. At last its pages settled, and if you were close enough to take a peek at the page it stopped on, you’d see hastily scribbled words, hand-written. Perhaps this was a journal, or a diary of someone long since past? On the opposing page, there were diagrams of needles and varying fabrics beside the painstakingly clear drawing of a Korbat. The book snapped shut again, and the person who had been reading it stood up, her white lab coat swaying around her knees.

“I’ve got it.”

She said, and she slammed the book down on a nearby table, turning and exiting the room. She jogged swiftly down a long, barren hallway that was lit with the cool unfeeling light that only comes from fluorescent bulbs. She paused only once, to pop her head into another doorway, speaking as if hurried and excited.

“I figured it out! I know how to bring it to life!”

Within the room, several other scientist-like people looked up, but by the time their eyes had focused on the doorway, the woman had already disappeared, now running down the hallway, skidding to a stop in from of what appeared to be a dark storage room. She pushed open the door and turned on the light, looking down at what looked like a lifeless stuffed sock. On closer inspection, you could see the intricate details that reveled the before mentioned stuffed sock was actually a plushie Korbat.

The woman looked down at the plushie, it was incomplete—stuffing hung from the carefully sewn together fabric, through a rip in the chest. There were patches in places where the woman had run out of the plush fabric that had been used on most of the Korbat, and now there was little work left to do to finish the plushie.

From a side table, the woman picked up a small, red satin pillow-like heart. She had sewn this up several days ago after reading in the scientific journal that she needed to, however until now she had been unsure of what to do with it. She held the miniature satin heart in her hand, and then looked down at the mis-matched button eyes of the Korbat. She had finally figured out what the last step was. She had finally figured out how to bring her creation to life.

She held the plush satin heart to her lips, blowing gently on it before whispering, quietly and carefully.

“Little plushie Korbat, I have put much work into you. Every stitch has been sewn with care. My choice of fabric was superb. I have high hopes for you and I know that you will enjoy your life to the fullest. With this heart I name you Vaidao, and I give you the greatest gift of all—life. Vaidao, my little plushie Korbat, I love you very much.”

She kissed the plush satin heart softly, and then reached down to the plushie Korbat, parting the rip in its chest and nestling the heart in the stuffing. She picked up a needle, threading it, before she stitched the Korbat up. As she tied off her thread, she placed her hand against the Korbat’s plush chest. To her surprise, she felt a soft but steady pulse beneath her fingers.

The plushie was alive!

A smile crept across the woman’s features. She knew it. She’d really figured it out. It had been so simple! All the Korbat had needed was one simple thing to come to life. All the Korbat had needed was love. And in loving the Korbat, and giving it its heart, the woman had given it life.

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