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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: poogley11893
Owner: robandlenanavy
Breed: Poogle

About poogley11893:

On the first day of spring, I jumped out of my bed and ran to the window! It was a day full of sunshine and warmth. I ran over to SunKist's little bed and woke her up! "SunKist, Wake up Wake up! Today we can have our first real outting! Its been so cold since mommy brought you home to me we haven't been able to go out and play.... lets go!" SunKist chirped delightfully and jumped outta bed almost forgetting to get dressed!

I ran to mommy. She was busy feeding my other brothers and sister.

"Well hello you two sleepy heads. Do you want any breakfast," she enchanted to me.

My mommy has the voice of an angel and I love to sit by the fire and listen to her sing... we all do. I ran by her side and looked up at her batting my eyelashes.

"Mommy can I take SunKist out on this beautiful day for our first real adventure out and about, please Mommy!" And with that said, my mom looked down at me and said, "Honey of course you may. Just be home by dark and don't venture out too far... you know what happened last time. "

Hmmm last time. I almost forgot. I don't really wanna think about it. Lets just say in involved the symol hole, some prickly vines I got caught up in and my mommy worrying about me for hours... she didn't think I'd ever go as far as I did... OK enough of that... I'm not gonna get myself down... we get to go out and play!!!

Bursting with excitement and joy and anxiety, SunKist and I run out of the house skipping and running and twirling. Out in the field behind our little home, we played tag, hide and seek, and just about every other game you could imagine!

Then we found this tree. Hmm a sign that says:

"Do not dig here"

Well thats like bringing me into the candy store and telling me I can't have any candy! So SunKist and I start digging, fast, making sure we're not seen doing this. We come to this chest looking thing. It's not locked! We opened it up and there was a note. It said,

"To whoever finds this it means that it was meant for you. I know the sign says not to dig, but I knew the person it was meant for would go and dig anyway and it looks like you did. You see, I'm Illusen and I hid some of my treasure for some young and grateful child to find and live in amazing wealth and never have to worry about another thing! Sincerely, Illusen"

"Is this a dream," I asked SunKist.

SunKist looked at me, smiling from ear to ear and was singing with excitement. She's still learning how to talk. I teach her new things everyday. Then she pinched me! "Oww that hurt!" I'm assuming she did that to make sure we weren't dreaming.

So, we took the treasure chest and we weren't very far from home so we took it there and hid it in the backyard. Our day wasn't done so we didn't wanna tell our mommy yet as she'd make us come inside and talk about it and decide what to do with it. So we took it to the backyard, dug a hole and left it there, but before we closed in the hole, we took out a little bit of neopoints so we could go buy pizza! Of course we made sure to not leave a sign saying not to dig there... didn't want anyone else to be as smart as us! :)

Our little trip to the pizzaroo was a great walk and talk. We sang and had so much fun on the way there. Knew we couldn't be long as the sun was starting to set. MMMMM Jelly Bean pizza I thought to myself. We placed our order and waited. They called our # after what seemed like forever of waiting and the nice lady looked at me and said,

"There you go sweetie... you just look like the happiest little lady in all of neopia!" And I was thinking to myself... if you only knew.

So we carry our pizza back to the field behind our house. We find a blanket to sit on and start munching away on our pizza. Wow... our first day out. Could it get any better? I don't think it could. SunKist looked up at me with her sparkling little eyes and smiling... then she layed on me as if giving me a little hug... I knew at that moment we were definitely going to be together forever. And that pizza was really yummy.

We then brought the chest inside, and brought it to mommy, with the note in hand of course so she wouldn't expect the worst right off hand. Her eyes started glowing and got as big as golf balls. She started crying! How could she be upset?

I then inquired about mommy's feelings, "Whats wrong, mommy? Are you not happy? We don't have to worry about anything anymore" Then she explained to me, "Poogley, these tears are those of joy. This treasure was meant for you and SunKist. Its for you to use however you want. And I'm so glad you're happy. Just remember, money can't buy everything!" Then I looked at mommy and said, "Mommy, you know I wouldn't have this treasure and never share it with you or my other brothers and sister. You are all the best to me... "


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