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Pet Name: Ecciecc1234yousilly
Owner: fishdoctor
Breed: Grundo

About Ecciecc1234yousilly:

Hi! I'm a sponge Grundo who shares this home with three other pets. My closest friend is IronicExcitment, who is standing right next to me. My name is rather complicated, but most Neopians just call me Silly. I'm sure that my intricate name is the result of my extensive royal background, where my full title would be Sir Illy, which shortened becomes Silly (IronicExcitement rolls her eyes). You may call me Sir or just Silly.

Grundos are rather unusual creatures in Neopia. We are the alien species that mad Dr. Sloth enslaved, but now we are free here on Neopia. In addition to being an extraordinary species from an outer world, I've been zapped by the Lab Scientist who operates the lab ray and turned into a sponge variety of Grundo. I'm sure that my special appearance and abilities are why Neopians often stare at me when I walk on the streets. (IronicExcitment stomps by and mutters, "They stare at you because they want to take you home to clean their toilets, Silly!)

Now being a sponge Grundo makes me different from other Grundos. For a secret reason, known only to a few, you should never get Grundos wet. However, since I'm a sponge, I'm naturally attracted to water, and can tolerate it very well without problems.

My friends and I like to do a lot of things in Neopia, but one of our favorite things is fishing at the Underwater Fishing cave in Maraqua. IronicExcitement ties a rope around one of my legs and lowers me into the water, and for some odd reason says things like "Ohh noooo, Mr. Bill is going into the water!". I swell up to lower the water level in the fishing hole, and then my friends can catch a lot more fish. Sometimes, I can catch fish in my pores, although mostly it's just a lot of old, rotten sandals. I think some of those sandals date back to prehistoric times!

One time though, our fishing trip turned into a bad experience. While I was soaking up the water, another Neopian came by and cast their line. They hooked into me and pulled me out. Before I could spit out the water and speak, I heard them say "Oh, it's just more spongy algae! Throw it back!" and back into the water I went.

My special abilities with water help me trick others at Gormball too. Should the Gormball explode on me, I quickly absorb the water and pretend that the ball was thrown over my head, far away. So far it has worked very well, as we get a new ball and continue on. I'm never called "out" in that game. Gargarox, who has the Grundo on steroids look going for him, is always amazed that I win every time. He thinks because he is soooo athletic looking, that he should win.

Grundos are often looked upon as not the brightest novas in Neopia, but that isn't always true. I've worked hard to develop my brainnotice my genius status? I soak up information easily, much like, well, a sponge. I even belong to the Grensa Society, which is a think tank for Grundos.

My favorite foods are nova sponge cake, chocolate coated holey cheese, sponge Korbat ears, gummy grensa, and double cream vanilla sponge. Sponge cake is especially good because it also substitutes as a pillow! Talk about breakfast in bed!

My special abilities serve me well in the Battledome too! Water attacks are not a problem. In fact, I think they're swell! Fire attacks are also ineffective against me because I don't enter the Battledome high and dry, and I can change size and shape easily without needing equipment. I really wanted to serve in the Maraquan War, but while I was trying to volunteer, IronicExcitement cut in line and took the role from me, but I'm sure she just did that to protect me from getting hurt. I would have really mopped up those pirates, and cleaned their clocks! (IronicExcitement snickers. )

I have a petpet named Funny. She is a snowbunny, and follows me everywhere, except into the water. She is named funny because she likes to have fun all of the time. Her favorite game is Pick Your Own, where she REALLY picks her own and eats it before we leave, but her favorite foods are hops and jumping beans. (IronicExcitment whispers "Notice how oblivious Silly and Funny are to the destiny of their names!).

Well, I hope you understand Grundos better now, especially sponge types. We can soak up lots of information, are holesome (at least the sponge variety), squeezably huggable, swell fighters, and we should always be taken seriously.



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