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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: o0_Twinklette_0o
Owner: farore_pearl
Breed: Poogle

About o0_Twinklette_0o:

Ah! So, you wanted to hear my story, eh? Gather around the fire, so that you may be warmer! That's it. Well, here it goes.

Once, when I was still a young Poogle, I was amazed by the night sky. The shimmering stars, the ultramarine sky and the beautiful moon. For hours on end, I would gaze up at the starry night sky and fall asleep on our front porch.

Then one night, I had a very strange dream. I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. I was standing next to the pond in front of our porch. I could clearly see my reflection in its crystal clear water, as well as the reflections of the stars. As I was admiring my reflection in the water, I heard a small chuckle, far in the distance. I paid no attention to it at first. But the chuckle soon grew to laughter. I turned around to see a young Starry Poogle of about my age, sitting on a pastel pink cloud! Strangely enough, in my dream, I did not find this to be out of the norm.

"Hello! My name is Xoraxia! Please come play with me!" said the Poogle.

"But where? If we play here, we'll wake everyone up!" I responded.

"Of course we can't play down here silly!" said Xoraxia, refraining from giggling. "We can go play up there!" cried the Poogle excitedly, pointing at the sky. Wow! I thought, a trip to the sky!! A huge smile appeared on my face as I thought of all the wondrous things I would see up there.

I quickly climbed on board the pink cloud and, sooner than I could say "Jack Poogleson", we were already speeding away into the night sky. I looked over the edge of the cloud and saw my Neohome growing smaller and smaller, until I could no longer see it. Xoraxia tapped me on the shoulder. When I looked up, I was awed by the view I had. Thousands upon thousands of stars were shining and glimmering all around me. There were blue ones, red ones, yellow ones and some were even rainbow-colored! As I was gazing at the stars, my friend clapped her paws and a long path of different colored clouds appeared in front of us!

"Let's go!" cried Xoraxia. She bravely jumped off of the pink cloud and onto the next, blue one. I followed her example, wondering what it would feel like to jump on clouds. Upon contact with the next cloud, I was immediately propelled into the sky, then fell back onto the cloud with an almost silent thud. I smiled excitedly, then jumped onto the next ones, trying to catch up with my friend, who was already a few clouds ahead of me. A few minutes later, once I'd caught up with Xoraxia, I watched as she jumped off the last cloud! She landed on what looked like the longest slide I've ever seen! I reluctantly jumped off the cloud on which I was standing, not wanting to be left alone. I landed right next to my friend.

"Ready, set, go!!" yelled the Starry Poogle. We both started sliding downwards, faster than the fastest roller coaster I'd ever been on! I could feel the cool, night air rush into my face. We spiralled down, until I could see a small speck way, way down. I grew bigger and bigger, and I realised it was my Neohome. I was so busy watching my Neohome grow, that I didn't notice that we'd already landed on the ground. Xoraxia turned to face me and held her paws out with a beautiful crescent-shaped bracelet in her hands.

"Here! I want you to have this, to remember the fun we had in the sky!" said Xoraxia with a smile on her face. Once the bracelet was in my paws, Xoraxia clapped her paws three times, and everything went dark.

I heard the sound of an alarm clock. I opened my eyes and saw that I was back in bed. I remembered the dream, looked in my paw and saw the bracelet that Xoraxia had given me.

To this day, I still don't know whether the visit to the sky was real, or merely a dream. It's all up to you to decide.

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