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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Wakka276
Owner: tundrawolf41
Breed: Ixi

About Wakka276:

In a bamboo shed a island ixi wearing a green cape stands over a simmering cauldron. She examines a old book and says "So we added the slorg slime and negg nector... Now we need some purple juppie juice and set the potion to a boil..." the ixi says to a red Anubis who is sitting on a table not far off. The ixi looks up from the book and glances in your direction casually. Suddenly she whirls around staring at you. "Who are you?! What on Neopia are you doing here?!"

"...Oh, I see, Tundra entered me in the pet spotlight... Well then I suppose I should talk about myself then, right? Well my name is Wakka. Excuse me for one moment please." Wakka grabs a bottle of purple stuff and pours it into the cauldron which causes it to make a sizzling sound.

She quickly puts the bottle down again and says "Where to start... Well I guess I'll start at the begining. Here goes..." she says taking a deep breath.

"So I was born in Meridell. I was not an island ixi then though, I was a yellow ixi. I never really had a mom or dad, I did have a gaurdian though. Well, I had one until I was old enough to do things on my own at least. So there I was: on my own and quite happy. I'd started working for Illusen too, so I was doing quite well. Then one day a bunch of humans and neopets I never saw before came. It was amazing to me that there were diffrent things outside Meridell. I was so excited I went to a boat on the shore of Meridell where all these people and neopets were going. I wanted to see the world! The boat ended up taking me to Mystery Island. Unfortunetly I was not used to tropic places and got extremely sick. A kind faerie called Jhuidah gave me a special potion which quickly healed me. She allowed me to stay with her in exchange to help her get work done. After a few months Jhuidah and I were very close friends. Jhuidah taught me all she knew about potions, and taught me a great deal of other things too. Well I did not know this before, but pets who are ownerless are supposed to be in the pound in Neopia Central. So that was that. I said a depressing good bye to the faerie who I had grown so attached to, and left on a boat back to Neopia Central; to the pound. Despite what I here nowadays about plain pets lingering in the pound forever, I was quickly adopted by a nice girl named Tundra. She had two other pets too, my brothers Dragon the fire lupe and Lex the green cybunny. They were very nice to me, they let me play with them, and Dragon lent me his books.

"Well everything was going so nicely a few months later. My family helped me build a shed for making poitions in and we planted some tropical fruits for me to use in my potions. Then one day I got a package and letter from my friend Jhuidah!" Wakka smiles and says "It said 'My dear friend Wakka, I heard you were adopted! What great news. I miss you so much, won't you visit soon? It's going to be your birthday soon, you told me a long while ago, so I got you the best presant I could find! Love always, Jhuidah'. Wasn't I surprised to find a actual Island Paint Brush in that package! Tundra rushed us out and I got painted in my new 'Island style'. I was so delighted! The next day we went to visit Jhuidah. She was happy how ell I was doing. I began visiting Mysery Island every few days to help Jhuidah with her work. We had such fun- it felt like we were still living togther... Anyway I've been making potions ever since then. I've even advanced beyond Jhuidah's potion skills. Now all I have to do is beat Kauvara!" Wakka finishes smiling. She glances at the cauldron that is now fizzing at the top with rainbow bubbles. "Oh!" she cries leaping up. "Umm good bye now! You may want to leave before-" *SPLOOOOSH!*

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