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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: russbunny
Owner: atarijen
Breed: Blumaroo

About russbunny:

Russbunny is a common species of pet, but there is nothing common about him. I will let you in on a big secret... he loves to cook. He has even tried his hands at a few gourmet foods.

Russbunny also loves to eat, however, so he never let anyone know about his special ability. When atarijen comes home from a long day of playing meerca chase and dubloon disaster she often smells cookies although Russbunny claims that he doesn't know why. The truth is that Russbunny isn't greedy. He has a big heart and his neofamily comes first. The problem is that he is the first pet in a family of four and he simply can't put the effort into feeding all of his siblings, especially a tonu and a jetsam.

One day Russbunny was window shopping in neopia central and came across a young pink blumaroo. She left the chocolate factory crying and very hungry. Russbunny bounced over to her curiously. "What's wrong? *boing*"

She lifted her big puffy eyes and started sobbing. "My owner got robbed by the pant devil and we can't afford anything to eat. I have been going around to shops trying to grab a rare food to sell that can support us... But it is impossible to get anything in this swarm of customers. "

Russbunny pondered for a bit. "I think I can help you... You see, I haven't told anyone, but I am a master chef. I do believe that I can make you a dish so rare that no one else in all of neopia has ever seen it. "

The young blumaroo wiped her eyes and smiled at russbunny. He told her to meet him back in neopia central the next day. Russbunny hopped off quickly in search of special items that would make a tasty meal. While he was searching he came across Jhudora. She cackled and asked Russbunny if he could collect a green mirror for her. He grabbed one from his backpack and handed it to her without hesitation. "I have helped you Jhudora, but I need your help too. I need to make the most rare gourmet food ever. I need it for a friend. " Jhudora looked at Russbunny in amazement for collecting her item so quickly. "I suppose I could help you. " She pulled a vial out of her cloak. "Here. This is a very special concoction that I brewed myself. Put no more than 1 drop in your food or it will be ruined. No less or it will not work. " Then she zipped off into the distance.

Russbunny went home and spent all night making his best creation. He mixed toadstools and fungus and omelettes and jelly. He threw in some fresh pears and asparagus. To top it off he added EXACTLY one drop of the dark faeries mysterious potion.

The next day russbunny took his dish to the same spot in neopia central. He saw the young blumaroo waiting for him. BUT right before he could hand the food to her the pant devil leaped out and took the rare dish. "Ooooooh. Thanks again!" He gobbled it down quickly, laughing. Russbunny was about to run away and cry but something strange happened. The pantdevil started to sweat. his skin started wiggling like jelly and he transformed into a brick of cheese.

The pink blumaroo started laughing. "I guess its a good thing I didn't take your cooking after all. " Russbunny blushed, his cooking skills seemingly nill. Right then the soup faerie came by. "Free food for the poor!" Russbunny scratched his head... "Oh, I forgot about the soup faerie. She will feed you and your family for free. " The two blumaroos waved goodbye and Russbunny went home.

Back at home, Russbunny's 3 brothers and sisters were waiting for him. "We know your secret. Now WE WANT SOME COOKIES!!!!" Russbunny sighed, but he was glad. He was glad that he could help someone and that he had a wonderful family that cared so much about him. Besides, he could make delicious new dishes for his siblings to enjoy. Because, afterall, Russbunny has a very big heart.

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