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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: brenda913
Owner: gryffinrose
Site: Brenda913 & Cuddles
Breed: Kacheek

About brenda913:

"Happy Kacheek Day!" greets a smiling Plushie Kacheek as she waves at you. "I'm so excited! This is my third time celebrating Kacheek Day - and what an honor it is to be chosen as the Pet Spotlight!"

"I have an exciting story to tell, too, so I hope you'll stay and listen. I wasn't always painted plushie, you know... But, before that, I suppose I should introduce myself, shouldn't I?" she giggles and continues, "My name is Brenda913, but I like to go by just 'Brenda'. I was adopted from the pound over three years ago by GryffinRose, my owner. She was wonderful to me and I was always very grateful to her for taking me into her family. "

"Of course, being adopted by Rose, I was also adopted by her three pets at the time: Godric, Simon, and Sirius. They're now my little brothers and, even though they can be so hard to stand some times, I love them just as much now as I ever did. Simon's the second oldest after me and he's always causing trouble, chasing the Pant Devil and whatnot. Godric, our Eyrie brother, is pretty much our 'family guardian' as he fights for us in the wars and in the Battledome. And Sirius... well, where do I begin on Sirius? Sirius is a Gelert and the youngest. And, though he's over three years old, he still acts like a pup all the time. "

"But it's fine with me, I don't mind looking out for him. It's usually something easy like telling Simon to stop throwing his food at Sirius or trying to get Sirius to stop chewing on his plushies. "

"Sirius and his plushies... they're his favorite thing and he's always got one with him. It's usually a Headless Vonroo Plushie, which I can't really understand. Why would anyone want a headless plushie!? Much less, why would they prefer that over a nice, unchewed toy with a head?" she sighs. "I've tried to talk him into playing with one of the nice plushies that Rose bought him, but he simply won't have it. It's Headless Vonroos or nothing at all. "

"But then... I got an idea..."

"I decided one day that, since he wouldn't play with anything but his vile plushies, maybe I could fix them up for him. Just a few stitches here and there should do it, right? I mean, most of them are just missing a head and have a few tears; I would be able to get them all done in one night. Or... so I thought. "

"That night when I snuck into Sirius' room of our Neohome, I was nearly knocked off my feet - there were over six HUNDRED plushies in there! I guess I'd lost track of how many he had because I never go in his room, but six hundred Vonroo Plushies!? What would anyone do with that many?"

"But I had made a resolution and thus, I went to work. I really wanted Sirius to be happy - and I wanted to fix up his tattered Plushies. So I stitched and stitched all night long, mending tears and fixing their exposed stuffing. I poured my heart out, but I could barely make it through the entire collection. I was exhausted by the time the sun began to rise the next day, so I left Sirius' room with dark pink circles under my eyes and pricked paws from the sewing needle. "

"That wouldn't stop me, of course, and the next night I was back in his room again, stitching while he slept. I'm sure anyone else would have just given up after the third time they pricked their finger, but not me; I was determined. "

"For seven nights I stayed up and mended plushies, for seven nights I endured many stitches, but it was worth it. On the final night I was down to only twenty plushies. I was on the last one and had barely tied the string when I fell asleep. All of those nights staying awake had made me too tired to even finish the last plushie. "

"I was woken up in the morning by a slight nudge on my shoulder. Sirius had found me in his pile of fixed plushies. "

"'Did you do this, Brenda?' he asked, wagging his tail. "

"'Yes, I did. ' I answered him with a yawn. 'I wanted to fix your plushies for you - I know you love them so much. '"

"'They're great!' he said, 'But... look at you!'"

"Sure enough, I looked down at my paws and they had changed. My feet, my tummy, my tail too! I had turned into some giant plushie!!"

"At first I thought it was a dream, but after Simon pinched me to check, I realized it wasn't. I don't know if Rose came and painted me in my sleep, or if the Fountain Faerie came and blessed me while I was dreaming. Or maybe it was all of my devotion to the betterment of Neopian plushies that simply morphed me into one. "

"All I know is that I love my new color. And I'm still pink, so that's a bonus! And, one thing's for sure, I'll never have to suffer over pricked fingers again - plushies can endure anything!"

The small Kacheek winks and gives you a quick plushie hug before running off, "Thanks for coming and listening to my story! Have a wonderful Kacheek Day!!"

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