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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Yrili
Owner: _darkprincess_
Breed: Aisha

About Yrili:

It was the first day of neoschool. Yrili was very excited to get to the school and meet new pets. Yrili was a green aisha splashed with white spots. He gathered up his notebooks and pencils and put them all into his backpack. He swung his angelpuss shaped backpack onto his back and called out, "Sam, I'm leaving for neoschool now!" The white back pack stood out from his bright green fur.

Yrili walked to the front door of his neohome and pulled it open. The cheery morning sunlight made him smile. He stepped out onto the sidewalk and began to march down the path, egger to get to school. But when Yrili turned the corner he saw a group of pets. A fire lupe, a darigan uni and a mutant shoyru were gathered at the end of the street. Yrili kept walking but now he was a bit nervous, the pets looked very tough and he wasnt sure what they might say to him.

The shoyru turned around first when he heard Yrili's footsteps on the pavement. "Look you guys!" he said pointing at Yrili, "It's a spotty aisha!" The group of pets began to laugh. Yrili felt a blush rising to his cheeks. Why couldn't Sam have left me painted shadow, Yrili thought to himself. Before he was painted speckled he was a dark and mysterious shadow aisha. He had no choice but to walk passed the group of pets. He hurried passed them but even after he was around the next corner he could still hear them laughing at his spots.

Yrili could see the school building now. It was a squat brick building with big concrete stairs leading to the front door. Yrili was now a little less enthusiastic about going to school. If the pets outside of school were mean did that mean the pets at school would be mean too? He climbed the steps and walked through the door. The main hallway was a larger open room; on either side were tables where class lists were being handed out. Yrili stepped up to a table and got his list. He looked at the sheet of paper; it told him he had art class first.

Yrili wondered down the halls until he found the art classroom. The door was wide open so he walked in. Yrili looked for a spot to sit. He immediately noticed that no one in the room looked like him. Sure there were other aishas but there wasn't one speckled pet. Yrili quickly slid into a seat near the door and put his backpack on the desk in front of him. More pets filed into the room and to Yrili's dismay he realized many pets were staring at him.

But Yrili was saved, the teacher, a tall blue lupe walked into the classroom. "Please take a seat everyone," he told the class. Everyone obeyed. "I am Mr. Lupid, your art teacher. I'd like everyone to take out a piece of paper and sketch a quiggle." The room was filled with the sound of shuffling paper. The teacher sat down at his desk.

Yrili was in the midst of doodling a quiggle on his paper when he felt something hit his head. A folded up piece of paper fell onto his desk. He looked up to see who had thrown it. The yellow yurble next to him giggled. Yrili unfolded the paper and looked at was it said. "You're funny looking" was all it said. But as Yrili looked further down the page he saw a very sloppy doodle of an aisha with the word "you" under it. Yrili crumpled up the paper and put him head down on the desk. The yurble giggled again. Why was everyone making fun of him? Did his spots make him that different from other pets?

The teacher looked up from his desk, he had heard the giggles. "That doesn't sound like drawing to me," he said to the class. Mr. Lupid walked over to Yrili and took the crumpled paper from him and unfolded it. He glanced from the paper to the yurble who had drawn it. He set the paper down on Yrili's desk and grabbed a paintbrush that was full of red paint from a table near the door. The teacher walked over to the yurble and dotted her with the tip of the paintbrush. She was now covered from head to toe with red spots. "Now you know how it feels to be 'funny looking'," he told her.

"But that's not fair!" she protested.

"You should be happy, you just saved your owner thousands on a paint brush," the teacher joked. The entire class let out a laugh. The yurble blushed. "Settle down, class," Mr. Lupid said. He was walking back to the table full of paintbrushes. He selected several brushed covered in various colors. He began to pass them out to the students. Everyone looked at him in puzzlement.

"Class, your next assignment is to paint yourself speckled!" he told the class. The students hesitated but Yrili, who was already speckled, smiled and stood up.

"Done!" Yrili called out. Several pets turned around to look at him. The teacher walked to Yrili and put an arm around his shoulder.

"Now the rest of you do as Yrili has done," he said to the class. This time there was no hesitation. Each pet spotted their self with their paintbrush. One by one they each stood up when they were finished. The group was laughing again but not at Yrili this time. They were laughing at how funny this assignment had been. "Now Yrili isnt the only one who is speckled. And I am sure none of you will make fun of him now that you see he isn't so different from you all," the teacher said as he walked back to the front of the room.

The yellow yurble, who was now dotted with red turned to face Yrili, "I'm sorry I made fun of you," she said. "Actually, speckled is a very cool color." She put her arms around Yrili to give him a hug. The not quite dry paint rubbed off on Yrili's body as she hugged him. He laughed as she pulled away.

"Thank you for apologizing. But now I'm not only speckled, I've got yurble pox too!" Yrili joked. The yurble started to giggle and so did Yrili.

"Okay class, back to your quiggle sketches," the teacher said as he sat back down at his desk.

Yrili sat down too. Be picked up his pencil and went back to work. Neoschool had been exciting after all and he did meet some new pets. Yrili could not wait for his next class because he was sure that there were more pets to meet and new adventures to come.

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