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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Olivenin
Owner: star_liev
Breed: Gelert

About Olivenin:

Star woke up with a start. Rubbing her head in pain. "Mom?" she asked. The last thing she remembered was opening a website called 'Neo-pets' and seeing a glowing portal. Star sat up looking around, she heard footsteps.

"Who's there?" she yelled, looking around nervously. She wished she had something to defend herself with. A dark shadow! It was getting closerand closer! She screamed and kicked at it. She heard a yell and a light turned on. She had kicked an adult! She turned red and went to help the man up. But, surprisingly he already was up. He smoothed out his blue Polo and looked at her.

"Hello neopian" (neo-whatin? Star thought) "What's your username. Your pet's must be worried. " He said. Star shifted her feet.

"Ummm, sir? Not to sound rude. But what are you talking about?" she asked. Her mind wandered about the man's sanity. The Man smiled wildly before turning around and muttering to himself.

"Ha! Finally I get to welcome a new neopian before Donna! Muwuhahaha!" he cackled. Star waved her arms at the man, to get his attention.

"Hello! Sir, I'm right here, I can hear everything your saying!" He stopped and looked back to the confused new user.

"Oh right, I'm sorry!" he held out his hand to shake, "I am Adam. Creator or CO-Creator of the site neo-pets dot com!" he exclaimed merrily. She nodded blankly. He muttered something and papers appeared in his hands. "Alright Star_Liev. Welcome to Neo-Pets! Do you have your pet yet?" she blinked. Adam cleared his throat and led her twords the creation agency.

"Now, normally I would recommend adopting your first Neopet. But, we have a new gelert just perfect for you!" Star nodded, still confused and not meaning her nod at all.

"Wow! That penguin had wings!" she exclaimed. Pointing at the faerie Bruce in the air. Adam chuckled and led her along to the adoption agency. Rambling on about odd neopian facts and currency. He handed her a moneybag. It reminded her of an old spending game where a guy held a giant bag. He also handed her a belt, explaining still as he went.

"Now. Hook the bad on the belt. " He said. Star did and gasped as it shrunk and got lighter to a useable size. He led her into a large building.

"This is the adoption agency. " He nodded to a pink unicorn and a yellow, "slightly" creepy looking anthro lizard that glared at her. Adam smiled at The Unicorn. "Rose? This is Star, she's here to adopt a pet of her very own!" Rose nodded and clapped excitedly. Adam turned back to Star. "This is Rose, the pink adoption Uni. " Star fallowed Adam into a room where there was a large device that looked deceivingly like a computer.

"Welcome to the Neopet adoption and creation machine. Please press the buttons I mean, create your pet!" Adam said pushing her into a seat. Star glanced uneasily at the screen and pressed the large button marked "CHOOSE YOUR PET"

"Oh My gosh!" she exclaimed. "There are so many. I can't choose!" Adam shrugged and scratched his head. Star rolled her eyes and did a blind point to a random pet. It was, of coarse, a gelert.

"Well, ciao!" it exclaimed indignantly as it was shot out of the machine, and on to it's new owner who was now almost passed out on the ground. "Adam. Why did you put me in that macchina!" she exclaimed. Star, now awake by the prospect of a talking dog, noticed the gelert was red and wearing a grey sweatshirt. She was also carrying a purple moehog plushie with a tag on it featuring the Italian flag.

"Oliv! This is your new owner. Star!" he said cheerily. "Star. This is Oliv. She is a red gelert, as you can see, her English is a little mixed" the gelert snorted, "she's from Italy. Don't ask me how, but she is. " He coughed and pushed Oliv back on Star, nearly injuring the human again.

"Here is your Newbie Pack!" he exclaimed. Star looked at the items in the NEW bag he was giving her.

"A goat stuffed animal?" she exclaimed in confusion. She glanced at the book to before her new pet exchanged the... tailed? Book with her purple toy and opened it. Star squeaked as it vanished in a puff of purple smoked. Oliv stared at it in disappointment.

"Welcome to Neopia!" he exclaimed, pushing the odd pair out the dooralone and unguarded. In order to help a new visitor. Star looked at her new pet, who looked back up at her.

"Welcome to Neopia. " She muttered.

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