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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Spacemania
Owner: tilasfox
Breed: Kyrii

About Spacemania:

As you walk along an old trail through the forest you have never been in before, you get the feeling you're being watched. Yet the forest is quiet, aside from the faint whistling of the wind through the trees. However you still cannot shake the feeling you're being watched, so you stop and look around. Looking up at the tall trees, which surround you, you see something strange above you. Looking harder, you realize there's a small lookout hidden high amongst the leaves. You see a small creature then look down at you. Then, without warning, it jumps over the rail and plummets down. You step back in shock, thinking this small creature is insane, and could kill itself in the fall. Instead, it lands softly on the ground at your feet. Slowly it stands up, dusting itself off as you look at it in surprise. It looks up at you, an in a calm, yet commanding tone it asks you,

"Who are you?"

Stating your name, it looks you up and down, as if to size you up. Finally it speaks again.

"What are you doing in my forest?" it looks at you, an emotionless look upon its face. You now see that it's a Kyrii, a male Christmas Kyrii, but oddly, he has black stripes all over his body. His tone turns sharp.

"I ASKED you a question." You look at him, and then you give your reply, that you were going for a walk. You then for his name, to which is calmly replies.

"I am Spacemania. I am guardian of this forest." You look at him puzzled, but before you can ask, he answers for you.

"I live here with my owner. This is our home and I am the guardian of it, no one passes without my knowledge." He sees your now curious face, and continues. "People may come and enter our forest is they wish, but only if they mean no harm, those that do are dealt with, in a swift and just manner." The Kyrii turns and begins to walk down the trail, and you follow behind. Looking around, you realize just how lush and beautiful this forest truly is, so vibrant with life. The Kyrii looks around calmly. He flicks his hand as a flocks birds flying overhead land in the soft grasses and take their rest. You watch in amazement, as the birds seem to obey him, as he slowly moves his hand, directing the flock to a small pond nearby. Almost sensing your thoughts, the Kyrii speaks once more.

"As Guardian, I watch over all those who come here. The animals, insects, fish I watch them all, keeping them safe from harm. I ask nothing in return, other then everyone lives in peace." Puzzled, you ask about his owner, and where he or she may be.

"My owner Tilas is at our home. She tends to the sick or the wounded that come to the forest. When she is not doing that, we train together, or we relax and focus on our art. We enjoy drawing the animals that live in the forest, or sculpting them." You smile at this, but are suddenly startled as a barking and growling is heard. Looking around, you pause and see a Christmas Gruslen run up to the Kyrii, and he pets it gently.

"This is Sniper, my loyal companion. He acts as my second set of ears and eyes, patrolling the forest. Do not let his tiny size fool you; he is a vicious and powerful fighter." The Gruslen looks at you and growls lightly. You stand still as it then comes closer and sniffs you. Finally, it seems satisfied and then sits obediently at its master's side. The Kyrii watches, and then smiles lightly.

"He likes you. You are fortunate; he does not care for most strangers. However, since he approves of you, I shall trust his judgment, as he has never done me wrong before. You are free to visit my forest whenever you wish... but be warned... I will be watching you...farewell." without another word the Kyrii flicks his hand as he turns and walks away. The Gruslen follows him closely. Suddenly a gust of wind picks up, blowing so hard you must turn away. When you look again, both the Kyrii and the Gruslen are gone, so you continue down the trail, though you still cannot shake the feeling you are being watched...

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