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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: BlueThunder_II
Owner: qwx1155
Breed: Jetsam

About BlueThunder_II:

An electric Jetsam shuffles onto the stage, a Tyrannian Narwhool following closely behind. He waves nervously, and begins to speak.

"Hey, my name is BlueThunder_II, and I guess I'm here to tell you about myself." The audience shifts around in their seats. "You see, I wasn't always an Electric Jetsam, and Luke wasn't always my owner. In fact, I started off as a blue Meerca. I can't remember my old owner very well; all I know is that they obsessed with the battledome. They trained me all the time, and soon, I had grown to love the battledome just as much as they had. Sadly, my owner grew tired of me and put me in the pound. I thought that no one would ever want to adopt me again, but I was wrong. It turned out that Luke, also known as qwx1155, was looking for a pet like me at that very moment. "Awesome!" he exclaimed when he saw my battledome statistics. Soon, I was in Luke's neohome, happy as could be, with a new petpet, Wary the Narwhool."

"It turned out that Luke was also a big battledome fanatic. He showed me to his sister, Amber, also known as snachicat. (She drew that cool picture up there!) "Isn't he the coolest?" Luke asked, holding me out to Amber. She shrieked loudly. "HE IS SO CUUUUTE!" she exclaimed, hugging me tightly. "And his battle stats are the bomb!" she added cheerfully, setting me down. Luke grinned. "Could you lay off on the screaming, I think BlueThunder_II would like to keep his hearing for at least the first week he lives with me." Luke is the greatest owner. He trained me almost non-stop the first five weeks he had me. Later, the training slowed, but it still happens every week or so."

"One day, Luke decided to do a Snow Faerie quest. Usually, he did Jhudora's quests, but after the first few junky prizes, he decided that they weren't worth the effort. All of the items Taelia asked for were only worth about 750 neopoints, and he could use the shop wizard. Soon, he returned with the items. The faerie thanked him and gave him a Red Jetsam Morphing Potion!"

"Luke didn't even stop to think. He ran back to the neohome and shoved the potion at me, jumping up and down with excitement. I eyed it suspiciously. "What is that thing?" I said, stepping back. "Drink it and you'll find out!" said Luke, struggling to keep still. I shrugged and gulped the red drink down."

"The potion was nasty. It tasted like rotten fish. I was about to spit it up when my tail disappeared! I tried to turn around to see what happened, but I couldn't move! Luke jumped back in surprise. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, though it was only about eleven seconds, as I changed form. When I finally was able to move again, I had fins and red scales! My teeth were pointed, there were rows and rows of them, and my tail was a huge flat paddle. Luke yelled for Amber. She ran down and shrieked. Her shrieking always confused me. Luke said it was a girl thing. Anyway, she shrieked, and ran up and hugged me. "HE IS SO CUUUUTE!" she exclaimed, stepping back. "I wasn't really going for cute." remarked Luke, patting me. "Man, Blue Thunder, you look even cooler than I had imagined!" I grinned and flexed my tail. "Can we go swimming?" Swimming had always been my favorite thing to do, and now I would be able to breathe underwater! "Sure." said Luke, and we wandered down to the ocean."

"Even though I was the coolest pet on the planet, Luke still wasn't satisfied. "You need to live up to your name." he would always say. "Some day, I'm going to paint you Electric." I wasn't sure what being painted electric had to do with being named BlueThunder_II but I went with it."

"Finally, Luke saved up enough neopoints to buy an Electric Blue Paint Brush! He found a good offer in the trades, and before I knew it, I was an Electric Jetsam! Luke also painted Wary Tyrannian. He called Amber over after the painting was complete. Amber shrieked, again, said "HE IS SO CUUUUTE!", again, and hugged me, again. Girls are weird..."

"The next day, Luke and I went to visit the Fruit Machine. It's our favorite place to visit. We waited as each of the Desert Neopets flipped over a card. It turned out to be three pictures of funny brown melons that were cut in half. They stepped forward to give us our prize:15,000 neopoints, a Fire Muffin, AND AN ELECTRIC BLUE PAINT BRUSH! Luke and I couldn't believe our eyes. We're currently wondering what to do with it at the moment, in case any of you are interested." The Jetsam winks and shuffles back off the stage with his Narwhool as the audience applauds loudly.

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