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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Your_Daddys_Daddy
Owner: dayw_alkers
Breed: Grarrl

About Your_Daddys_Daddy:

My story begins several months ago. My owner and I were out playing some games trying to build up our wealth so that I could afford codestones to become stronger. It is my dream to someday become the strongest neopet in the Battledome. My owner's computer was messed up at the time so that meant we could only play a few games per day. This of course resulted in us being very poor. While we were at the money tree something happened that change my life. Out of nowhere I saw a yellow flash, then BAM!, next thing I knew I went from being a fearsome blue grarrl...to a wimpy baby grarrl. I was devastated. "There goes my hopes of being a champion," I thought to myself.

I was in as much shock as Your_Daddys_Daddy was. I could hardly believe what had happened. My champion, the blue grarrl was now nothing more then a mere baby! All this time I had been training him to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents, but now what was he going to do? Annoy them to death with his crying? Even though I was depressed, I did my best not to let him see it. I could tell that he was upset about the event, so I decided to try and find out how much a blue paintbrush would cost. Nearly 50,000 neopoints!!!!! There was no way that I could afford that at the time. Because of computer problems, and me being a newbie, I was only able to acquire about 1 or 2 thousand neopoints a day. So I talked it over with Your_Daddys_Daddy and we struck a deal. If he would continue training then I would do what I could to fix my computer and would earn enough neopoints to change him back.

"Of course I will continue my training!" I told my owner, "I may be down but I'm not out!" I knew things would be harder from here on. Before I could scare my opponents with a mighty roar, but now it just sounded like a whimper. Fear was no longer an option, so I had to find another means of attack. And I did just that....

My grarrl had finally caught up with that swine pant devil. It was time to prove himself to the Defenders of Neopia. I was a little worried about him at first, this was his first fight since the "incident." When he entered the match he was so sweet and innocent looking that pant devil began to laugh and mock him. He picked him up and said "This has to be a joke." Your_Daddys_Daddy's eyes turned red, and then he attacked. Pant Devil didn't stand a chance. I was shocked, my grarrl was actually using his appearance to gain the upper and on his enemy. No one ever suspected the strength that this little baby grarrl had.

Pant Devil wasn't the only one who fell for my trick. Ghost Lupe also fell for my ploy as well. I was making quite a name for myself at the Defenders Headquarters. Then the time finally came, we had enough neopoints to buy the blue paintbrush. But as my owner and I stood at the shop neither one of us felt easy about buying it. The truth was, I really wanted to be an Electric Grarrl.

I felt the same way about the paint brush issue. We had searched through the different colors and Electric was the one we both liked the best. In fact it was the only other one that either of us wanted. The problem was, an Electric Blue Paint Brush cost at least 300,000! That was quite a bit more then 50,000, so we sat and discussed it with ourselves, and with my other neopets, and we all decided that it would be best to just go ahead and save up for the Electric paint brush. We worked hard at earning neopoints, and he continued to train. After several months of hard work we had earned enough, now was the hassle of actually trading for one.

My owner and I tried the auction house for a while, but it was just too hectic. Just as soon as we thought we had won it, we got outbid at the last second. So we tried the trading post next, but most of the prices there were about 50,000 higher then anything in the auction house. This of course meant more work. We had to earn more neopoints. But by this time I was determined, nothing was going to stop me from becoming electric. So I worked hard and saved enough money. Then the moment of truth came, we received the message that our trade was accepted. I was overjoyed! I couldnt wait to get to the Rainbow Pool. As I walked up my spine began to tingle, my throat was dry, I was to excited, and nervous, to explain. This was it, I would finally be an adult again. Finally my opponents would fear me again.

I watched as Your_Daddys_Daddy emerged from the pool. He was quite a site to see. I remember the first thing he did was let out a monstrous roar. LOL, Everyone at the pool turned and looked. I could see fear in their eyes, it was as if Grarrg himself was the one who let out the roar. My grarrl had a fearsome look in his eyes, and the first thing he said was, "Lets go teach Cave Chia a lesson." Up to this time he had been unable to defeat him. But this time as my grarrl entered the Battledome, I could see Cave Chia shivering with fear. This time my electric grarrl was really letting the "sparks" fly (sorry for the pun). When he walked away we had a new trophy in our cabinet, one that was well earned.

Looking back on this endeavor I have to say that I couldn't be any more proud of Your_Daddys_Daddy. Even when all the odds seemed to be stacked against him, he never gave up. He continued to fight on when others would have quit. Neopia truly is a safer place with my grarrl patrolling the streets.

Yup I do what I can to protect those weaker then me here in Neopia. Nothing makes me madder then those who take joy in harassing the weak. So watch out evil, I'm coming for you. Oh, and by the way, Meuka your next!

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