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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: ObeliaElvira
Owner: o0bubbleblower0o
Breed: Usul

About ObeliaElvira:

Obelia Elvira, the world's biggest usuki fan, rolled out of bed with a 'bump!' The magical hair usuki doll in her arms landed on the floor and her deep purple quilt hung limply off the bed. It was not everyday that Obelia woke like this, and it took her a moment to remember why she was so excited. She looked around her room, and about a hundred pairs of eyes stared back at her, as if they were trying to tell her something. She thought for a moment then jumped up, her hand over her mouth.

"That's it!" she cried! "The usuki carnival! But I'm going to be late!"

She hurriedly pulled on a pink jumper and skirt. The jumper's fluffy purple collar tickled her chin, but she had more pressing matters on her mind. Her hair was as long and colourful as that of the doll still on the floor. It was, in fact, almost identical. And it had to look its best. It had taken ages to grow, and almost as long to persuade her mum to let her dye it green and purple. When she was satisfied, she picked up the doll and compared their faces. Perfect.

"Breakfast honey!" called her mother as she dashed downstairs reached for the handle on the front door.

"There'll be food there!" she yelled. But she stopped anyway and bolted down a pot of strawberry yoghurt.

"That jumper is a mess!" said her mother disapprovingly; "If you wait a moment I'll just iron it for you..."

But it was too late. Obelia Elvira was out of the door and off to the carnival.

The floats filled the street, and the noise shook the ground. Usuls of all ages were queuing up to buy usuki wigs.

"Ha!" said Obelia quietly as she paid for her ticket. "I don't even need a wig!"

"Welcome to the Year 6 usuki carnival!" said the tired looking green chia who handed her her ticket. "Here is your ticket and your stall guide! Toilets are clearly marked, and refreshments are available. Next please!"

Thirsty after her walk from home, Obelia stopped to buy a can of neocola. As she handed over the coins, the girl serving her said:

"Wow! Are you entering the fancy dress competition? I've not seen one that good for years!"

"Um, I don't know," said Obelia. I guess I'll just have a browse.

She had no plan of entering however. Her best friend's sister was entering and she was only four!

One balloon seller and candyfloss stall later, and Obelia decided it was time to do the thing she knew all along she would be doing. The real reason she had come to the carnival. The shop! The shop selling the rarest, most sought after usuki dolls in the whole of Neopia! She checked her guide and turned left, and her heart gave a giant leap. There it was! Up high on a shelf, the one, the only, bat thing usuki! It would finish off her Merridell collection perfectly. She elbowed her way over and began to queue for the desk. The usuls, unis and kacheeks in front were all placing their orders. A faerie queen usuki, and alien usuki, a bride of Frankenstein, prom date usuki, usuki dream castle and mermaid usuki. There was just one usul left in front now. Obelia pulled out her purse, unzipped it and-

"That bat thing usuki?" said the usul in front of her. "How much is it?" With a sinking heart, Obelia watched as the bat thing came down and was put in a bag. She held back tears as the smirking usul handed over the cash and wondered away. And when the lady at the desk asked her what she wanted, she muttered something about forgotten money and ran off. There was nothing left to do, she decided. It was pointless to stay.

As she trudged home, there was a sudden shout through a megaphone.

"Last call for the dress up competition!" cried a booming voice.

"Why not?" she muttered to herself, and headed towards the stage. Heads turned to see this real live magical hair usuki doll climb up and write her name down.

"I thought she was an entertainer!" whispered one woman.

"Mummy!" cried a small usul, "Mummy, it's magical hair usuki! Look!"

All too soon, the judges had decided. And of course there was no doubt as to the winner. The beaming judge placed a medal around Obelia's neck, shook her hand and handed her a box.

"Your prize," he cried out, "Is the one and only bat thing usuki! Not only that but bat thing is accompanied buy a 1000np voucher!!! So get down to that usuki stall Obelia Elvira!"

That night, Obelia hung her medal up on the end of her bed and placed her bat thing usuki with all the others.

"It's been a long day," she muttered to her mini-self. And with that she put her head down and went to sleep.

And from then on, Obelia Elvira became famous for her usuki style. And that is her most special story, so I hope you enjoyed it!


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