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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kiki5726394512
Owner: neoprincess11273
Breed: Koi

About Kiki5726394512:

You are a neopian times photographer and reporter. For the next issue, your boss wants you to make an article on the Koi Dance Festival. You take a submerine to the clear waters of Mystery Island where your guide will meet you. You put on your wet suit and your air helmet. You step into the releasing chamber. The door behind you closes and the door in front opens, letting cool water in. You swim out to the kelp grove where your guide is waiting.

Your guide is a beautiful island koi. "Hello." she says, her voice as smooth as a spring stream, "I am Kiki, your guide." "Hello." you say, and introduce yourself. The koi nods and flips one of her face fins out of the way of her eye. "Now to start the tour." she swims to the center of the kelp grove.

"First I will show you all the places in the Koi waters and tell you about them. The kelp grove is where the Kelp farmer grow the kelp for your window blinds, and the seaweed in your pot. They also supply their crops for food. Now lets move on"

She swims to the underwater town square. "These houses are traditional Koi houses." the house walls are made of light yellow stone, with roofs of pink oyster shells. "Most of the kois live in them, unless they live with their owners in their neohomes."

She swims to a coral reef where there are many, many tunnels. "This is where the dance is held. It is called Koeikoiyo. The kois all hold hands in several circles. They each have their own tunnel to dance through. It is very fun to do, and from what I hear, beautiful to watch."

She swims back to the square, with you behind her. The whole time she has been giving you the tour you have been snapping pictures. "Now I will introduce to you the three villiage elders. You can interview them on the history of the dance.

You go into a small house. Inside there are bamboo mats covering the floor. There are candles floating around. They are magically lit to burn underwater. Kiki bows low to them, and they nod their heads to her. You do the same and recieve a nod. Kiki speaks to the old, wrinkly island koi. "Grandmother Ashara, this is the reporter." She turns to you. "This is my grandmother. She is a villiage elder." She smiles at her Grandmother, and the old one beams at her.

"Elder Khorn," Kiki speaks to the old split koi, "This is the reporter. Elder Jemkian," she turns to the old spotted koi. "The reporter." she points to you again. The elders nod. "Start." Kiki whispers.

You press record on you tape recorder. "Who started the dance, and kept the tradition?"
"My great, great grandmother Stinha started the dance." says Khorn. "She had the young ones learn it and they continued it"

"Why is the dance held in the coral reef, and what does it's name mean?" Ashara speaks this time. "My great grandfather Hatolt discovered it. He thought it would be wonderful to hold the dance there that year. Everyone else loved it so much that they kept the dance going there. The name has the word Koi written twice, with letters added in. Other than that, no one really knows why."

"How long has the dance been a tradition?" "Oh," Jemkian says, "many hundreds of years. Thats another thing we aren't sure about."

You take several pictures of the group, and of Kiki. You go back to the sub, develope your pictures, put in more film for the dance, and rest.

Later Kiki comes for you. "Time for the dance!" she calls and you swim off ro the reef. All the kois hold hands and wiggle themselves to the beat of the elders drums. They go through the tunnels, and circles overlap. Kiki joins them in the beautiful dance. As she goes by, she smiles at you, and waves her tail.

At the end of the dance, you have many pictures, and interview, and an awesome article. Your boss is very happy, and gives you a certificate for your fine work, but not even a certificate is worth the thing you have seen.

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