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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Sweet_Baby_94
Owner: cherrypie177
Breed: JubJub

About Sweet_Baby_94:

You are alone at night sitting under a little tree gazing up at the shimmering sapphire sky. Suddenly you see a shooting start zoom across the sky.

"Whoa, beautiful!" you say.

"Yes they are aren't they?" says a little baby JubJub suddenly sitting besides you

"Who are you?" you ask surprised

"Why I am the little baby JubJub, and I am the gazer of stars. Who might you be?" he says.

You reply, "Well, I am . I was just sitting down gazing at this marvelous scenery!"

"Ah, yes. Might I tell you my story about the stars?" he says.

You nod, and start listening to his story.

"Well as you probably know there is a Virtupets Space Station in Neopia, that's where everything began for me. I was all alone, traveling space by myself, just gazing up at the beautiful night. I was just about to fly to Kreludor the Neopia Moon, but then suddenly I heard a big BOOM, CRASH, and SIZZLE In addition, I knew something wrong had happened back at the Space Station. I was floating around trying to see what happened, when suddenly out of the darkness Dr. Frank Sloth's head appeared. He was enslaving the poor old Grundo's and JubJub's. As people do not know, JubJub's were also in the Space Station when he attacked. He kept getting bigger and bigger as he was approaching. He soon was not very far away, so I hid inside a hallway that still looked safe from his now evil slaves. Then that is when I saw his evil ray gun that would turn these entire poor innocent pets evil, forever. I had to think fast, what could I do? I remember the other day how I was collecting Kreludor moon rocks, and soon I had a plan. Since as you know JubJub's do not have hands, so it is quite hard to throw anything, and if I got help from the other who were with sloth, he would beam us with his destroyer beam ray. That is when I had the idea to call for Jaimee my Miamouse. She was not too far by, as she has heard the crash also, and was trying to get a good view of it all. Therefore, I called her over, and told her about the plan. We started walking closer and closer to the yet to be evil slaves and Sloth, we suddenly, he blew the roof right off! The pets were not cooperating very well, and he was getting angry with them. Suddenly I gazed up at the stars, they seemed to be whispering something but no one could quite here it but me. They told me what to do, the only way to defeat Sloth. I had just finished telling Jaimee the plan, when I heard the beam ray zap. One pet had already turned evil! We had to hurry, and fast! We went down the hallway more to the supplies room, and found some good weapons that Jaimee and I could use. To my surprise, there was a space ship! We quickly gathered in it, with Jaimee steering and I getting the weapons ready We heard the beam ray go off a couple more times. We zoomed up in the air, to a point where we were in the star, and then I whispered something to them, they understood, and started falling from the sky! It was a very beautiful sight, but I know soon I would have to help them out with defeating Sloth. There were stars all around him. He could not move a muscle and either could the pets that he had turned evil. They suddenly started to drop, along with sloth, and their powers had turned the evil pets good again. We got out of the space ship and suddenly I could hear a song, a beautiful light melody that they were singing, saying, 'Thank You'." He concludes, "I still remember that day I will never forget it and the stars" He looks up at them peacefully, and then looks at you.

"I hope I didn't bore you with my story , as I tend to do."

"No, not at all, thank you for telling me that. I shall now go off though, as I am due to my pets. So long." You say starting to walk off.

"Farwell my friend, and just remember the story" Then he fades away.

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