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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Subayshi
Owner: meow_mix81
Breed: Gelert

About Subayshi:

She sits down on a bamboo chair. "My name is Subayshi, but all of my friends call me Subay, for short. I was originally going to be named SunBay, after the Mystery Island sunshine on the harbour. I guess the name was already taken, because here I am now, Subayshi!" She laughs and her jungle-green eyes seem to dance with merriment. "I'm sweet sixteen, in Gelert years of course, but some Neopians seem to think I'm a little immature. I wonder why they'd say that?" She wrinkles her nose childishly and several people in the audience chuckle.

Subay shrugs. "When I was younger, I was a little brat, let me tell you! I was always the one who was exploring and trying new things, and I still am. Once I even tried bungee-jumping out of a window, and I broke my arm because of it. I got a cast, but it was the wrong color and I was so unhappy!" The Gelert shakes her head, smiling. "I also had a funny experience with the Cooking Pot, but I won't go into detail, and you can guess why."

Laughing, she continues. "I have many friends, but not because I'm rich, or famous, or anything shallow like that. I'm just very social and and friendly, that's all! You can see all my friends on my petpage, so I won't take up your time trying to tell about them. Besides, I'd simply die if I accidentally left anyone out!" Then comes the most important part. "I live on Mystery Island, of course, and I love it there. GadGadsBogen is absolutely the best holiday in Neopia, don't you think?" She waits for someone to say yes, but nobody does, so she goes on. "Tropical Fruit, mmm, I could live off it!" She pauses and begins to look very sad.

"Then there's the not so good part, the part I really want to talk to you about. Tourists can trash the beautiful beach like you wouldn't believe, it's disgusting! It's also very depressing to take a walk around a litter-filled island, especially when a plastic fork gets stuck in your paw and you have to be rushed to the emergency room." She holds up her left front paw, which has a noticible scar, even from the stage. By now she seems very serious.

"And littering doesn't just hurt one person, like me. It hurts a whole bunch of Island dwellers. The plastic six-pack cola-can holders get stuck around a lot of poor little petpets' necks. One time a herd of wild Peophin washed on to the beach. They were very sick from eating plastic bags, because they thought the bags were kelp and seaweed. I even saw a Baby Blu that got stuck in a sports drink bottle and almost drowned because it couldn't go up for air." The audience has grown silent now.

"My own petpet, a Bowla, became sick from drinking out of a can of neocola that had been left there for a long time. She almost died. I was very afraid." The Island Gelert looks down at the floor, about to cry. "I just can't see why so many people are careless enough to leave their trash on our island. It's....it's where we live, and I just wish you'd all respect that." She sighs slowly and looks back at the audience again, beginning to smile again. "And maybe, just maybe, if nobody throws garbage around on Mystery Island, the beaches will stay white, the grass will stay green, the sea will stay blue, and we'll all live in peace and..."

A lupe guard grabs Subayshi's island-tattooed arm. "Come on, sister, we've got a schedule to keep." He drags the Island Gelert towards the exit door. Subay doesn't seem to mind and simply shouts, "Come to my petpage and visit sometime! You can see my friends, read about my adventures, and adopt a mini-gelert if you like!" She waves goodbye as she as dragged off of the stage. Just when the next Neopet is about to go onto the stage, Subay's head pops out from behind the curtain. "And don't you EVER forget, Save the Island! Don't litter!!" She is then pulled back with the strong arm of the guard.

A few people in the audience smile to themselves as they think about the slightly clumsy, kind-hearted and adventurous Island Gelert. Subayshi.

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