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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Aigoma
Owner: twink_lingz
Breed: Ixi

About Aigoma:

It's been a really bad day for you but you still need to make one last stop at the Meridell Foods Shop before heading home. As you stroll along down a rocky path, you notice a rather large crowd has gathered. Curious, you decide to approach the crowd and see what all the commotion is about. You try to catch a glimpse of what's going on and you finally manage to do so by standing on top of a nearby rock. You see a beautiful Faerie Ixi, standing on top of a grassy hill, throwing beautiful flowers at the audience. She gathers a bunch of flowers in her arms and then jumps up and tosses them. Sometimes, she even flies around the audience, personally giving out flowers to some Neopets. You manage to catch a Star of Paradise Flower and you smile as the Ixi glides past you. Soon, the Ixi runs out of flowers. You wonder what she could possibly do next. The Ixi sits down and starts to speak.

"Hi everyone! My name's Aigoma. I hope everyone is doing great today! I'm sorry I ran out of flowers a bit early. I'll try to bring more for everyone tomorrow. Well, now that that's settled, I guess we can start. Who would like to begin?"

She looks out eagerly at the audience, waiting for their response. A large Skeith grunts to get her attention and then says, "Yes, I have a problem. I've been having this terrible burning feeling in my stomach and throat all day. Do I need to go to the hospital?"

Aigoma smiles gently and says, "Sir, I do believe you have heart burn. Were you eating a lot of Intergalactic Spiced Beans again?"

"HA HA! Why yes I was!" chucked the Skeith.

"Okay then. Eat light foods today and for instant relief, have some Milk. But not too much k?"

The Skeith thanked her and suddenly dozens of hands went up, waiting for Aigoma to pick them. Just then, a male brown Ixi starts speaking to you.

"Great isn't she? She comes here everyday, giving away free flowers and trying to cheer people up."

"She comes here EVERY day?" you ask surprised. "Why does she do all this?"

"That's a good question. Let's ask her!" The brown Ixi slides underneath you, placing you on his back. Then he climbs up a small mountain of rocks and yells out, "Hey Aigoma!!! How did you start doing all this anyway?" He had yelled so loud that everyone stopped for a moment. Then, they too started asking Aigoma the same question.

"Oh," blushed Aigoma shyly. "You really want to know? Okay well, it all started a little over a year ago. I was a red Ixi back then and one of my greatest dreams was to become a Faerie Ixi! I begged my parents, twink_lingz, to buy me a Faerie Paint Brush but they told me they didn't have enough neopoints. So I decided I wanted to help them! I played lots of games with them and spent many days gathering items to be sold in our shop. Finally, one rainy afternoon, I had just finished playing three games of Warf Rescue Team and I managed to win 3000NP, just enough to finally purchase a Faerie Paint Brush! I trotted home as fast as I could when I suddenly slipped and fell into a large, muddy puddle. My whole body was covered in sticky mud and I was so upset! Then I noticed that I didn't have my neopoints with me! I was so worried! I started searching through the mud but I couldn't find them. After about an hour or so of searching the area, I began to cry. I couldn't believe it! A whole 3000NP! What would my parents think of me. Just when I thought there was no hope left, I noticed a bright light shining from behind me. I turned around and saw that the one and only Queen Fyora was there! She held out her hand and helped me up.

Then she spoke to me and said, 'Aigoma, don't cry. If you are searching for your neopoints, I know where they are. Look over there.' She pointed at a very thin, yellow Moehog. He was picking up my 3000NP! I was so happy! I was about to yell out to him when I saw him place the neopoints in his pocket and walk away. I gasped and realized, he wasn't going to give them back, he was going to keep them for himself. I became very angry and was about to get up to go after him when Fyora again spoke.

'You should think before you act Aigoma. Notice anything about this Moehog? He is very thin and doesn't seem very happy.You see, he was abandoned by his owners three months ago and he is very hungry. He's so scared and confused that he doesn't even have the strength to play games to get money. Your 3000NP will provide him with food for a few days. Do you still want to go and get your neopoints back?'

I was shocked. How could I not have noticed his sadness ... his need? I felt so horrible and selfish that I began to cry. I had become so consumed with the thought of becoming a Faerie Ixi that I didn't even stop to notice the world around me. So many Neopets need help. Some are sick, others are lonely. Who will take care of them? I realized then that what I wanted even more then becoming a Faerie Ixi was to help others. I turned to thank Fyora when I realized that she was gone..

I slowly made my way back home, not feeling bad at all about having lost the neopoints. When I reached home, twink_lingz were waiting for me and they looked so happy! I ran up to them and before they could ask why I was so muddy, I asked them what they were so happy about.

'Aigoma, look at this!' Twink said as Lingz took out a Faerie Paint Brush from our Safety Deposit Box!

'We bought you a Faerie Paint Brush Aigoma! Isn't this great?!' Lingz said excitedly.

'But ... but HOW did you get this??' I asked astonished.

'It was so great! A yellow Moehog came to our shop today and bought 3000NP worth of food! That was all we needed to get you the paint brush, so we went to the Hidden Tower and purchased it for you!'

From that moment on I realized that not only does helping people and Neopets make you feel good about yourself, it really does make a difference in our world.

In the end, I did become a Faerie Ixi, as you can see, but I'm a helpful Faerie Ixi," she giggled, as she sat up and stretched.

With that, the crowd began to applaud. You get off of the brown Ixi's back and say goodbye to him. With your Star of Paradise Flower still in your hands, you smile and head for home, feeling quite happy.

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