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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Cazalcido
Owner: roseofhyrule
Breed: Peophin

About Cazalcido:

"So you've come to learn more about me, have you?" asks a handsome pirate Peophin as he suavely flicks his mane out of his eyes. "Tenga por favor un asiento." He stares at you boredly before speaking again, "Oh. right... lo siento, I tend to forget that not everyone can speak another language... You can sit down and stay if you want to hear my story."

He flicks his tail casually behind him, looking oddly like a fish out of water. "Let's make it quick, okay?" he says, "I can't be out of the water for too long... I'm a water creature, you know."

Once he sees you've settled comfortably (or not so comfortably) in a nearby reclining beach chair, he begins to talk, "My name is Cazalcido and I am a pirate captain. I originally hail from Spain so I tend to speak in Spanish more often than not." He shrugs and continues, "Well anyway, I came to live with my current 'family' after a wild life at sea. I don't stay with them too often, of course, because I have a crew and a ship to manage. People to threaten, places to pillage, you know how it is."

"They're a pretty nice group of people... They're awfully kind to me, at least. I don't know whether it's sincere or if they're just scared that I'll run off with all of their doubloons and Neopoints if they don't please me... Either way, they let me stay with them when I'm not sailing. Leilanianah is a very good cook - she's an Island Chomby so she's learned quite a few cuisine tricks from Jhuidah at the Cooking Pot. Demtiri, her little brother is okay. He can get very annoying, but he likes to hear my stories. Lani lets me stay with them free of charge and I pay her back by telling pirate stories to her little brother. Normally I wouldn't have the patience to entertain a youngster, but he seems to think I'm... how does he say it? 'The coolest guy he knows.'"

He smirks, "Yeah, well, I'm not ever going to rob them or anything... they've gone out of their way several times to get me out of a sticky situation. Whether it's hiding me from other pirates, or even letting me store some treasure at their Neohome... No one would ever suspect an Island Chomby or Baby Tonu being involved with a Pirate, right? My plan is perfect if I do say so myself."

"They live right on the shore at Mystery Island so I can port my ship there and find them easily. Sometimes if I need to call ahead and let them know I'm coming, I'll send my petpet Theif to tell them. Then they can come to meet me and help me however I need."

"I repay them for helping me, of course. Not only by telling stories to Tiri, but I also look out for them. They're lucky to have a fleet of pirates as personal body guards, I tell you what. If anyone ever tried to cheat one of them in any way, they'd have about 20 armed men breathing down their necks..."

"Now, I'm not saying a life of piracy is a good path to choose. There are several dangers associated with the life of a buccaneer and some people just aren't okay with that kind of thing. Me? I love it. I love the thrill of a chase, the sea all around me, you never know what's going to happen next. I keep a journal of all the things I experience, of course. It's a good idea and an easy way to express my thoughts. Some day I'll publish all of my pirate stories - adventures I've been on, dangers I've faced. I mean to say... if a Baby Tonu likes my stories, maybe other Neopets would too."

He taps a hoof on the ground impatiently and glances towards the waves receding on the shoreline. "I'd better be off." He says simply as he worms his way back towards the ocean. "Been out of the water for too long and I've got a village to raid tonight. Thanks for stopping by... and adios!"

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