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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Chrone1
Owner: Fuzzy_Blue_Elf
Breed: Bruce

About Chrone1:

As we walked up to the Shrine, Chrone1 says to me, in a worried voice, "Are you sure you want to do this? Gormball seems like it would be fun. Why not we go play that?"

We got closer to the Shrine. Then there was a soft wind picking up. Then a voice. A very deep but pleasant voice. "Thank you for coming young Neopet." Chrone1 was looking around for who ever it could be. And then, Chrone1 felt his body turn warm. He felt stronger, braver, than he did a few minutes ago. He gained a level, and he was so happy and proud about it.

"Thank you Coltzan," is what Chrone1 said to the Shrine, for Chrone1 could feel the spirit of Coltzan within the air, circling around the shrine.

A few hours later, Chrone1 felt so brave that he wanted to venture into the Snowager's lair. He said to me, "Come on. Lets go see if he is awake. I'm not scared." I myself have encountered the Snowager, awake with my other pets, Taranee2, Energyfrost and Cellyon. He is one scary creature, and you wouldn't want to be around him when he is angry.

I hesitated at first to go to the Snowager, but after Chrone1 assured me that he would take care of the Snowager if it was a wake, I gave in.

As we walk slowly into the ice caves, I began to shiver (not only because it was very nippy noodles a.k.a. cold) but because I was scared. Scared of seeing the Snowager face to face. As we turned each icy corner, getting closer and closer to the heart of the lair, I could hear the ice snake breathing, getting louder and louder as we went. Then as I turned the familiar corner to the entrance to the Snowager's lair, my heart began to beat like a hummingbird's wings. I looked to see Chrone1's face. He had no fear on it. He was ready to go in. And then I slipped. I slipped, and fell over. I began to slide into the belly of the beast (metaphorically speaking). I slid into the middle of the lair. And when I looked up. I saw the Snowager, asleep, on all his treasures. Chrone1 quickly followed. What luck we had to get here while he was sleeping. Chrone1 silently crept up to the Snowager's treasures, and took something. We quickly ran (without slipping) out of the ice caves. When we got out to the fresh icy air, Chrone1 looked up to me with a big smile on his face, and said, "I was able to get a Scratchcard."

Chrone1 decided to go to the Neopian Bank to deposit his newly acquired scratchcard into the safety deposit box.

Afterwards, we left to take a vacation up to fairyland. We did some site seeing, and games. We bet on some Poogles, and won. Not a lot though. Then we passed the Wheel of Excitement. Chrone1 looked up at me with is cute blue eyes and said, "Can we give it a try?" With the luck he has been having today, I gave in. Who knows he might be able to win us some Neopoints, perhaps 500. Who knows.

So we went up, and gave it a spin. As it span around, and around. We were looking at it. It began to slow down, then as it went even slower, Chrone1 looked at it all happy. As if he knew his luck would help him get, at least 200 NP. Guess where it landed? 2000 NP. Chrone1 began to jump up and down with joy. He began to shout, "We won! We won! WE WON 2000 NEOPOINTS!!! WOO WHOO!!!"

We made a quick stop to the Healing Springs before we returned to neopia to deposit Chrone1's winnings. (He graded it, making sure no ghosts came and stole it from him.) When we reached the Springs we asked the Water faerie to heal my pets. She recited her little spell, then, Chrone1, Tareen2, Cellyon and Energyfost, felt the healing. The water faerie said, "All your Neopets have gain 13 health points."

We thanked the Faerie for blessing my Neopets, then returned to Neopia. We deposited the neopoints, and then decided to play some games, we played potato counter (and won 150 neopoints) then we did the Fruit Machine (and won 1000 neopoints) and many more. After playing games, we decided to go to Mystery Island, to look around. As we were walking along the sand, we passed the Tambola. We decided to have a bit of fun, and try our luck.

We walked up to the Tombola and the Tiki Tack Man said, "Welcome to my Tombola! Great prizes to be won, just put your hand (or paw) in, pick up a Tombola ticket, and see what prize you win. Anything ending with a 0, 2 or 5 is a winner!" Chrone1 stuck his hand in and grabbed a ticket. He gave it to the Tiki Tack Man. And as the Tiki Tack man looked at it, I thought to my self, I think Chrone1's luck has run out. Then the Tiki Tack man said, "You WON! You've won 113 NP and a Bottled Dark Faerie and a Code Stone."

We both began to jump up and down, screaming, "We won! We Won! WE WON!"

At the end of the day we went to the Bank to deposit our winnings. But the Chrone1 said, "Don't deposit 100 neopoints." I wondered why he didn't want me to deposit it, but I kept 100 neopoints. The he said, "Follow me." So I followed him. He walked down the path to, none other than, The Money Tree. "Lets give this, so that some other Neopet can gain the luck I had today." So we gave it and left.

Then we watched the sunset, while we ate the omelets we got. The Chrone1 said to me, "Are you happy we had so much luck today?"

I swallowed the piece of omelet that was in my mouth and the looked at Chrone1, "I'm lucky to have a wonderful Neopet like you Chrone1, because only a few would wish to give to others, rather than keep it for them self's."

Chrone1 then looked up at me and gave me a hug. "Thanks for being the best master ever!"

I said, "Don't think of me only as your master but also your friend." Then he squeezed me even tighter. "Uh. Chrone1 Chrone1 Chrone1 you're choking me eugh Chrone1 eegh."

And that's the story of Chrone1, the Lucky Bruce of Fuzzy_Blue_Elf.

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