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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: SpankarooniesToe
Owner: Missko
Breed: Kiko

About SpankarooniesToe:

First of all, I'd like to apologize for writing this Pet Spotlight entry on a piece of snotty tissue. Thanks to SpankarooniesToe, the last few pages of my Scorchy Notebook were slobbered on, consumed, and then regurgitated! But that's okay, as my devotion to this stinky, sticky, slimy Mutant of a Kiko is far stronger than most people could ever imagine! That's right, despite his revolting appearance, despite the stench of rotting Neggs that seems to linger from his oily flesh ... no one will EVER replace my 'lil Dumpling! No way!

I'll never forget the day I first encountered the little tyke. I was giving his older brother, RamoneII (pronounced "Ramone the Second") a bath when I noticed a foul odor permeating from the Tyrannian Techo's right ear. I inspected the poor Techo's eardrum with a flashlight, and noticed quite a bit more earwax than usual. I grabbed my handy pair of tweezers and pulled out what appeared to be a ball of pulsating wax! That's right, the ball of wax had a heart-beat! I was mortified! Plugging my nose in one hand, and holding the tweezers in another, I rushed to the nearest bathroom in my Neohome so that I could flush it right down the toilet. Then the oddest thing happened. I could have sworn I heard the little ball of wax whimpering like ... like ... like a baby!

Fortunately, I had a magnifying glass in my pocket (long story) to further inspect the waxy substance being pinched between the tweezers. To my fascination, the 'creature' had two red eyes and two tiny nubs that I assumed were either his arms or legs. By the way it twisted and turned, I could tell it was in pain so I put the creature in a glass jar (poked holes in the lid of course!) and placed it atop my toilet. WHATEVER this thing was, it sure had feelings, that's for sure. I threw in a few scraps of cold Island Meatloaf and a petri dish filled with water, in hopes of nourishing the ball of wax.

The following morning, I inspected the jar. The meatloaf had dried and hardened, and the petri dish still had water in it. At the time, the stench of this tiny little creature was simply unbearable, yet it still worried me that the poor little fellow wasn't eating nor apparently drinking. "Mummy, let me out?" it asked. I couldn't believe my ears! The thing could talk! Why even RamoneII wasn't old or smart enough to do that yet. I carefully placed the jar sideways onto the floor and slowly unscrewed the lid, then ran for the door and closed it behind me. Curious as ever, I crouched to my knees and watched its every move by peering through a crack beneath the door. "Yippeeeeeeeee!!!" it shouted, as it rolled along the ground until it reached the base of my toilet. It then appeared to graze along its porcelain surface, absorbing the mucky substance Ramone was responsible for scrubbing (he never did like doing his chores), and I could have sworn the creature began to grow in size! My heart swelled as my newborn mutant Kiko matured before my eyes.

To this day, SpankarooniesToe continues to grow bigger and stronger than ever! He's a wild one alright, as his hobbies include slobbering on anything that crosses his path, and snuggling with me while I read him bedtime stories (he's got an intelligence over 700 points!). You can often find him hanging around Meridell's Kau pastures devouring pound after pound of Kau dung while entertaining the locals, or relaxing under a tree re-reading some of his favorite books (his petpet Babyca has to turn the pages of course). That's right, while most Neopets refuse to re-read a book, Spanky is more than happy to revisit a favorite story from time to time. My mutant Kiko also seems to have a passion for exploring the landfills of Neopia with his adorable petpet and it's closest buddy, Arnie the Candy Vampire. Ever hear the catchphrase "One Neopian's Trash is another Neopian's Treasure?" That's our motto alright! Every room in my Neohome is stacked to the ceiling with all sorts of loot these kiddies bring back to me on a regular basis. Anyhow, it appears I have hogged up quite a bit of your time, so thank you for making the effort to read this entry, and I really appreciate you considering my mutant Kiko in this week's Pet Spotlight Competition. Is he worthy of such an honorable award? You know it!

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